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    Try them roasted together with some root veggies (carrots, parsnips, celery). And some balsamic glaze
  2. Update on my Vac Star Chef II: I am receiving a new one in a couple of days. Apparently, the unit failed due to bent motor axis that is causing too high friction on the pump. They had quality issues with supplier that were not detected during final check. I hope this is resolved in the new batch of units, mine is probably one of the first ones that was produced and this issue was not detected then.
  3. I also used mine daily since end November and it worked fine until it just stopped yesterday. I will update you when I hear about why it broke. Previous one had issues with friction on the pump, something I did not fully understand. Now the second one breaking, I am worried that it may be a faulty pump design but let's see.
  4. My second sous vide circulator broke after less than a month of use. I am not amused!I wrote to the company to ask for the explanation, I will keep you posted but it seems they have done too quick of a job in redesign and the quality suffered.
  5. How about modernistpantry.com for powdered glucose? Unless i am mistaken and powdered is not the same as atomised.
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    Recently I tried a microwave method for sticky rice. 10 mins upfront soaking and 8-10 mins in microwave and the result was way better than when i steamed it. But still not as good as what i remember eating in laos, steamed in some kind of leaves...
  7. I swear by Jeni's splendid ice creams book. Great texture, not too sweet and exciting combinations. There are several recipes online, try it and buy the book if you like it. I especially like that her recipe does not use eggs, you get much cleaner taste.
  8. I have been using two Vac Star circulators for a couple of weeks now. On the positive side, after the initial breakdown that was quickly repaired, they have been performing well. Quick, silent and stable temp. Happy in that respect. Negatives: first unit broke after only 30 mins of usage, is that a sign of poor quality in general or ws it just bad luck? Also, the end time signal does not work, so I use other timers. Overall, happy so far for the pricei paid, just hope it will not break soon.
  9. Bojana

    Dinner! 2012

    I.Want.This.Lobster.Now! Looks fantastic!
  10. Made two more recipes yesterday: the creme patissiere and pork belly adobo, this time sous vide. I liked the creme, the consistency was soft and silken but even cold it did not hold shape as well as the traditional one. I would not use it as a straight replacement, especially in applications that need to "stand tall". Pork belly was a big disappointment. I have made it twice in the pressure cooker and loved it, hence had high expectations of the SV one. I cooked it at 62C as recipe said, for 48 hours. In the end, it was very dry and mealy. My meat was very meaty piece of pork belly, with fat only on top under the skin but I cannot help thinking that 62C was perhaps too high. Would I have had a better result at 60C or maybe 62 for 24 hrs?
  11. MC@H says not to use ziplock for long cooking times. I solved the problem: around the corner from my house there is a 2** restaurant. I just went there and asked if they would seal it for me. They were so kind to even top up my bags with jus de veau!
  12. I am concerned that your edge sealer is much better than mine and pulls close to vacuum. Mine is really crappy, visible air pockets, I bet the whole thing will float.
  13. I am helping my mother in law, who is one of the worse cooks you could encounter, not go through Xmas cooking stress this year. Her kitchen is way less equipped so I am making lots of shortcuts while taking some of my portable tools with me. Menu is a compromise between how much work each of us would like to put in the prep. We will have: Starter: Scallop and foie grass on the bed of caramelised apple puree and morcilla (adapted from the book Fire) Main:Beef Wellington (from serious eats) and a bunch of condiments traditional for the netherlands - cranberry sauce, poached pears, chestnuts, brussel sprouts (may deepfry some as I love that method from MC) Dessert:Toffee shortbread topped with caramel foam, sweet bitter orange sauce and orange segments in jelly
  14. I got some gorgeous Wagyu shortribs last night that I was going to vacuum seal and cook for 72 hours as per MC recipe. Now my crappy edge sealer has not been able to create vacuum, not even close. I see pockets of air in the bags. Can I go ahead and cook them still? Can I ruin them because of some air presence? Alternative is to go beg in the neighborhood someone with chamber sealer (butcher, fancy restaurant around the corner etc) if they would seal my bags for me. Your advice much appreciated, Bojana PS I have never made shortribs before, where I live that cut is very uncommon so I already went through a lot to get them, I really do not want them ruined.
  15. It was delicious! Meat tender and succulent and the skin crispy. I separated the two and baked skin in the oven, meat SV at 57 for 2 hours.
  16. Dry plates, 8-10 mins at 1000W microwave, works like a charm. Need oven gloves to take them out
  17. Smoked chocolate mousse cake, mmmm
  18. Not sure, nothing I did. I cooked salmon at 45C for 30 mins and then turned temp up to 65 to cook eggs. When I opened it, it looked like a small piece of plastic has melted in the ring that holds the propeller in place. I hope it was just this one unit and not a more widespread design/material problem.
  19. I have received mine about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, it broke after 30 minutes, the propeller that circulates water and the temperature reading went off. Vac star has been very quick to arrange DHL pickup and hopefully I am receiving a new unit today. In the meantime, I have been using the unit I my friend ordered, and it seems very temp stable, fast and silent.
  20. Thanks all, I will do as advised, taking the skin off and will try 58C as well. Will post the pics after Monday.
  21. Thanks so far. I actually make a killer duck breast, with brown crispy skin and moist pink meat, first in 70C oven (vacuum packed) for an hour, then finish in the pan. My duck may have a very thick fat layer bc rendering takes me forever, even scored. 30 mins is maybe too high of an estimate but it takes long. I was hoping to get sous vide to give me this flexibility with the timing of the courses plus a new experience. I could also do jaccard after dry rub and before sous vide. Nick's method is probably closest to what i need but i am still curious about browning meat and fiishing in sous vide later (day later)
  22. I plan to serve duck breast for dinner I have in few days. Was wandering about the right sequence of events - does anyone have advice? Sequence: Whole duck breast Day 1: Jaccard+ Dry rub (spices + salt), 24 hours Day 2: 30 min pan to render fat under the skin, cool, vacuum and back to fridge Day3: Sous vide for ~60 min at 60C, then quickly pan sear I am unsure about the rendering step before sous vide - effect on final taste but also food safty. I am trying to avoind 30 min rendering after sous vide on the night of the dinner. Any suggestions?
  23. I also live in NL. If you can get access to Hanos, most modernist ingredients are available there. I can also recommend modernistpantry.com, even wider choice, small consumer sized packages and good inernational shipping rates. Veel kookplezier!
  24. The photos do not look very elegant but do convey the chocolateness of this grand dessert I hope.
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