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  1. Thanks @Anna N, but that doesn't show the straight on side view, which is what I'm looking for. You can sort of see the profile in the video. I wish I could see the spoons firsthand. I wish their shipping charges weren't so outrageous. I'm currently not willing to pay ~$12.00 per spoon!
  2. If someone has the time and inclination—would you please snap a pic of the Ruhlman-Dalton basting spoon(s) side profile? I'm curious! Thanks! ~Martin
  3. Is it this one with convection, Norm?
  4. Urban honey

    Yep!!!! That'll definitely do it too!!!
  5. Urban honey

    Yeah, they're relatively docile most of the time—but wander near a beehive (or an apiary of 25 to 35 hives) the day after a skunk or the like has scratched at the entrance of the hive overnight and it can/will/may lead to an eye-opening experience. I've experienced issues like that many times when I was beekeeping heavily!
  6. Urban honey

    Especially the Buckfast strain developed many years ago by Brother Adam. They're very mild mannered and not prone to stinging in a way that some other strains are. ETA: I just recalled that there used to be a strain called Midnite that was very gentle—but it appears that strain has disappeared or at least isn't readily available.. "The late Dr. G.H. Cale, a leading authority on honey bees and a honey bee geneticist with Dadant and Sons was responsible for producing a hybrid line of honey bees bred for gentleness and high honey productivity called the “Midnite."
  7. Gardening: (2016 – 2017)

    Yes it is, grew it last year but not this year.
  8. There's this burner which seems to have a decent orifice pattern. Mr. Heater 15,000 BTU SINGLE BURNER ANGLE IRON STOVE
  9. Kitchen Cleanup: sponges and alternatives

    I think I'm going to get one of those scrapers and give it a try.
  10. Yes, of course, there are topics on this forum specifically devoted to the subject!
  11. Bacon Bits

    Hmmmm! I am a bacon fanatic! This is a tip I MUST remember! Cheers, peace and bacon grease!
  12. Kitchen Cleanup: sponges and alternatives

    I use the Scotch-Brite green and blue (non-scratch) thin scrubbies all the time and I don't sanitize them. I think that bleach significantly shortens the life of my bar mops.
  13. Lucky you! I would LOVE to have an upright!
  14. More chicken leg quarters being par-cooked in the sous vide setup this morning! I'm proud of myself!