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  1. I think very few are aware of this... "All SNAP retailers, including Farmers’ Markets, can sell seeds and plants to SNAP participants."
  2. LOL My sister makes a sells a lot of radish pickles. Boy, do they stink, but they sure are tasty
  3. I have hundreds that were collected by my Grandmother Brown during her almost 92 years.
  4. The friend mentioned above is one of my ex-partners — so I'm tough on him! The problem is that he drinks Dr. Pepper and complains loudly that he's getting fat and he doesn't have enough food. I point out what a horrible choice it is and what a terrible money manager he is — tough love!!! LOL Truth is, if SNAP didn't cover the Dr. Pepper, he'd pay for it with his SSI funds.
  5. Another way I save on SNAP is to almost never buy packaged drinks of any type. I drink water, coffee, and tea, 99.9% of the time. I installed a six-stage reverse osmosis water filtration system with a permeate pump (conserves water) in 2010 when I bought this place. It's been an excellent investment — $200 — I've recouped that MANY times. The water it produces is just like premium spring water. The filtered water goes to the cats too! 😺 A friend drinks mostly Dr. Pepper — one+ 2 liter bottle(s) every day. One of the reasons why his SNAP runs-out long b
  6. Find a restaurant/institutional supplier that sells products "Cash & Carry". My local one has just a $50 minimum order.
  7. DiggingDogFarm


    Oats were our go-to for decades. Now I make tender and creamy risotto porridge. With whatever favorite accompaniments. ETA: It's real good dressed like rice pudding.
  8. Here's our regional food bank https://www.foodbankst.org/ They distribute food to most of the area's community food banks. It's a BIG warehouse that was donated to them — it's about a 1/2 mile from my place.
  9. To those who are poor (able-bodied) and think they can't cook or don't have the time, at least get a CrockPot!!! Taking advantage of the food bank here REQUIRES cooking! Dry pinto beans, dry great north beans, dry red beans, split peas, lentils, rice, pasta, meat, raw potatoes, etc. That stuff makes up at least 75%-80% of what's available at the food bank.
  10. My great friend Mary, who came here from England in 1957, has treated me very well. She has a sheep farm. Years ago when I was flat broke I'd go to Mary's and she'd find some work around the farm for me to do. She says "Being broke teaches you to be frugal." It's true! I've been broke enough to learn to be REAL frugal! LOL
  11. Prior to the pandemic I was getting $145.00 — now I get the $204 I'm frugal, I can make money go a long way. I received $204 on the 4th. Current EBT balance, $657.59
  12. We can purchase at farmer's markets too. The closest food bank is just a block away. It's at the United Methodist Church. Staff or patrons will help with transportation. This is a tight-knit community.
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