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  1. DiggingDogFarm

    Black Garlic

    OMG! It also makes your eyes water. The housemate is bitchin'! LOL
  2. DiggingDogFarm

    Black Garlic

    Another failure—it goes bitter. I thought a shorter cook time would make a difference.
  3. If I wanted to, I could access all recipes on a $49 Amazon Fire tablet. Lickety-split!
  4. DiggingDogFarm

    Black Garlic

    Two hours of pressure cooking wasn't enough. I'll cook it for one more hour.
  5. My maternal grandmother cooked on a wood cook stove most of her life. My grandparents didn't drive, they relied on family to take them to town for necessities once a month. My grandmother began every shopping list as such...sugar, flour, coffee, tea, soap (laundry—Fels-Naptha), soda (baking), matches (strike-anywhere)...
  6. I grew-up fishing brook trout in tiny brooks in north-central Pennsylvania. It's surprising how they're able to survive in such tiny brooks, maturing to no more that 6-7 inches in that sort of habitat.
  7. Yes, there are several ways to do this in Windows/Linux.
  8. I think I could handle one! LOL
  9. "Native brook trout populate many of the innumerable streams that flow down both sides of the Appalachian Mountains. Now protected, the fish at one time likely provided food for Cherokee and European families alike." Tullock, John. Appalachian Cooking: New & Traditional Recipes (p. 136). Countryman Press. Kindle Edition. The only place in Appalachia where native brookies are fully protected is most of far eastern Kentucky. He recommends farmed fish, which can be nasty!
  10. DiggingDogFarm

    Black Garlic

    Just freezing and pressure cooking this time. I'll try the freezing and soda ash (at a lower temperature) in a couple days.
  11. DiggingDogFarm

    Black Garlic

    Quoting Chris Young from the Chefsteps forum: "I've been thinking about this a bit lately, and I'm eager to try pressure cooking for four to eight hours. I think it will create sonething like black garlic in a fraction of the time." My first attempt at pressure cooker black garlic (noted above) was a failure—bitterness. I'm going to try it again—incorporating a pre-freeze and cooking for ~2 hours. I picked-up a couple heads of garlic at Wegmans yesterday.
  12. Google Docs also has version control. I like using Google Docs because recipes are automatically uploaded to Google Drive—no extra steps. When I do use a word processor it's open-source LibreOffice.
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