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  1. Sous vide and deep fry?
  2. I gave up on newspapers of any form years ago when upon reading multiple—MULTIPLE—articles of which I was privy to the facts, the reporting didn't come close to accurately reflecting the facts. Some very serious facts, not just the trivial. I've been a stubborn and ornery newspaper hater for years!
  3. Aldi

    Yeah, the Byrne UP cream is usually ~$5.00 at other stores. Unfortunately, the non-UP cream is only available at Byrne stores.
  4. Aldi

    What are the prices in your area @MelissaH?
  5. Aldi

    Byrne Dairy stores are sort of a convenience store, hence the high prices. Their cream is usually priced less elsewhere.
  6. Aldi

    We do the same.
  7. What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 3)

    That app is still alive but it was never/hasn't been brought to Android—a serious misstep!!!
  8. What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 3)

    FWIW: "Perfect" rapid sous vide egg.
  9. Aldi

  10. Aldi

    "Switch to Aldi Exclusive Brands and save up to 50% on groceries." That's non-sense. Wegmans beats Aldi on several products I regularly buy. Too bad the quality of Aldi's products is generally low–I only buy a few products there. Check-out is extremely rapid because there is no bagging!!!
  11. Best Flour for roux

  12. Best Flour for roux

    FWIW: You can make your own 'instant roux' by browning flour in a skillet. Something I would use on occasion back in the days when I used roux.
  13. Curing Chamber Development

    I plan to get my set-up back up and running soon.
  14. Getting Rid of Mice in the Kitchen

    I can hear a mouse messing about in the wall right now!!!
  15. Curing Chamber Development

    Do you still have this running, @Chris Hennes?