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  1. DiggingDogFarm

    Making Bacon

    This is certainly possible, and it's led to many arguments, over many years—I won't argue. It's 'warmed-over' flavor, which many don't seem to notice, but some of us certainly do!!! Hence, my preference for true cold smoked bacon.
  2. DiggingDogFarm

    Strange Pizza Toppings

    Tuna is a thing is Spain!
  3. DiggingDogFarm

    Gluten -free meatloaf

    Right! My maternal grandmother was of Scottish descent. She and my mother put oatmeal in meatloaf, meatballs, and the like—and lots of other stuff!!!
  4. DiggingDogFarm

    Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    Thanks! Got it!
  5. I've had them all, NY style, custard style, dense, light, Japanese. This is truly unique. I really don't know how to describe it. It's sort of NY style but with an amazing texture.
  6. Yeah! That! Well, I do think there are reasons that may make sense. If it's something that's a cornerstone of a business. I wouldn't expect the recipe to be easily shared. Or, if it's a favorite at a family or or a community gathering, and it's a real stand-out. I suppose the holder of the recipe wants to maintain their celebrity. Such is the case with a unique cheesecake recipe that I'd love to get my hands on. But the holder refuses to share. Said person does like booze at times and I'm waiting for a moment of weakness!
  7. Yes, they set-up poles with a platform on top—close to lakes— for them to nest. ETA: Some photos my aunt snapped. Here, here, and here.
  8. It certainly looks like a juvenile osprey to me. We have both osprey and bald eagles around here.
  9. They look amazing!
  10. DiggingDogFarm

    Madeleine Kamman dies at 87

    Her recipe for Beef Bourguignon may be one of the most unique, if not one of the most detailed or complicated.
  11. DiggingDogFarm

    Madeleine Kamman dies at 87

    Very sad news. 😓
  12. Good job! Keep it up!!!!!
  13. What a total bummer! I wanted to come visit sometime!
  14. Yeah, they're also sometimes called daisy hams. I make them all the time—smoked.
  15. FWIW, 5 oz. French-style jars in bulk with cap.