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  1. DiggingDogFarm

    The AeroPress Coffee Machine

    I generally use the inverted method but I'm constantly experimenting with different parameters for different coffees—the grind, amount of coffee, the temperature, the timing, filters, etc. Unfortunately, I'm notorious for keeping poor records—unless some magic combination of the above really stands out. What's working good for you?
  2. DiggingDogFarm

    Home Winemaking....

    I will try to do this.
  3. DiggingDogFarm

    Home Winemaking....

    Okay, this is a weird one!!! The homebrew/winemaking shop is dangerously close to my house! Just 273 steps away! LOL I stopped in the other day for some wide mouth gallon jars for vinegar making. I started a conversation about cooking wine with the very nice young lady who was working there. After discussing dry reds and whites (in general)―she said "Onion wine is the best cooking wine I've ever tried." Huh?!?!? Well, I'm going to keep a very open mind and give it a try. She didn't suggest a particular recipe, and I haven't found one that looks good to me, yet—so I'll probably just 'wing-it.' We''ll see!
  4. DiggingDogFarm

    Cheese with rennet

    IMHO, and to my taste, vegetable rennet—the one I tried, anyway—has a nasty bitterness to it that's not present in animal rennet. But I haven't tried ALL vegetable rennets—and surely never will. FWIW, the vegetable/animal rennets (recommended amounts) were used in home cheese making—all else being the same.
  5. That was a very good deal! I paid $51.99, when on sale last year at this time!
  6. DiggingDogFarm

    The AeroPress Coffee Machine

    A couple AeroPress tips: I use my Aeropress(es) 10 to 15 times per day—yes, really! The rubber plunger seals on both AeroPresses had shrunk making for a poor seal. I considered buying new seals, but then I ran across this (his description is definitely worth reading): I tried it, but in my own way—because I never follow directions properly. I put the seals in a vacuum chamber pouch, added some mineral oil, sealed the pouch in the vacuum sealer, placed the whole deal in hot water from the tap to warm it all up. Then I heated water in the microwave to boiling, poured it over the pouch—repeated this a couple times and let sit for a few hours. It worked!!! Both seals have been restored to be as if new! I also have Able Brewing Fine Filter Disks For the AeroPresses. They work well, but plug-up after much use. Mine were 1/2 to 2/3 plugged! I tried to unplug them, but without much luck. Then I read this: "Soak it in vinegar and then boil. This usually clears it up for me." I thought that sounded like B.S., but decided to try it anyway—in my own way. I soaked the disks in white vinegar for 10-15 minutes, removed them from the vinegar, heated the vinegar to boiling in the microwave (cough, cough cough) then soaked the disks in the near boiling vinegar. Repeated soaking in the near boiling vinegar a couple times. Then I gently brushed them with a stiff bristled tooth brush. And rinsed and rinsed. It worked!!! Both disks are now just like new! Coffee is a TERRIBLE addiction!
  7. Nothing for "xmas," and probably nothing for Christmas. Oh, maybe some prime rib, if I can find something good. I do want one of the 10.25" Lodge L8SKL Cast Iron Pans—but I'll wait for a price drop. It should fit nicely in the Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro which is the only oven we've had since I tossed the evil GE range outside back in July! Wow! They're now $53.00 more than what I paid!!!
  8. DiggingDogFarm

    Koji and Garums - NOMA guide to fermentation

    Thermoworks Dot "2 x AAA, 5000 hours (1 year typical depending on alarm use)" and some simple time-lapse software preferably run via a laptop so you have a built in camera and battery backup in case of a power outage.
  9. DiggingDogFarm

    Why Northern biscuits suck

    Your comment brought a HUGE smile to my face! Thanks!
  10. DiggingDogFarm

    Why Northern biscuits suck

    It is, or was, available at Dollar General stores here, in the North!
  11. DiggingDogFarm

    Cheese I can’t do without

    Yes, I love the stuff! I love all blues! Good cheddar! Brie and Camembert! I love almost all cheeses! I'm an umami addict! I adore Limburger! Limburger, anchovies, and onions! Magic!
  12. DiggingDogFarm

    Why Northern biscuits suck

  13. DiggingDogFarm

    Why Northern biscuits suck

    It is genius. Ateco makes them. Here and here.