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  1. Very sad news! She was very good to me. She'll be sorely missed!
  2. What a loss! The Roux brothers were always interesting.
  3. That seems very reasonable. I'm trained in cattle artificial insemination, I would have expected it to be more.
  4. She wouldn't give enough milk to make here a good dairy cow, but she'd make an excellent calf-rearing mother in terms of the amount of milk she'd give. She's worth most as a mother of a 3/4 Wagyu calf — it wouldn't make sense to send her for beef. If the F1 calf is a male, it's a different story — he'd likely be castrated, to become a steer, then raised for beef. I hope that answers some questions. Happy to answer more.
  5. My paternal grandmother cooked/baked via one for decades. We had one at home, a Pittston — made in Pennsylvania. I had a small wood cookstove in my cabin.
  6. I think very few are aware of this... "All SNAP retailers, including Farmers’ Markets, can sell seeds and plants to SNAP participants."
  7. LOL My sister makes a sells a lot of radish pickles. Boy, do they stink, but they sure are tasty
  8. I have hundreds that were collected by my Grandmother Brown during her almost 92 years.
  9. The friend mentioned above is one of my ex-partners — so I'm tough on him! The problem is that he drinks Dr. Pepper and complains loudly that he's getting fat and he doesn't have enough food. I point out what a horrible choice it is and what a terrible money manager he is — tough love!!! LOL Truth is, if SNAP didn't cover the Dr. Pepper, he'd pay for it with his SSI funds.
  10. Another way I save on SNAP is to almost never buy packaged drinks of any type. I drink water, coffee, and tea, 99.9% of the time. I installed a six-stage reverse osmosis water filtration system with a permeate pump (conserves water) in 2010 when I bought this place. It's been an excellent investment — $200 — I've recouped that MANY times. The water it produces is just like premium spring water. The filtered water goes to the cats too! 😺 A friend drinks mostly Dr. Pepper — one+ 2 liter bottle(s) every day. One of the reasons why his SNAP runs-out long b
  11. Find a restaurant/institutional supplier that sells products "Cash & Carry". My local one has just a $50 minimum order.
  12. DiggingDogFarm


    Oats were our go-to for decades. Now I make tender and creamy risotto porridge. With whatever favorite accompaniments. ETA: It's real good dressed like rice pudding.
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