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  1. Rotus, If you'd care to PM me I'd be happy to forward my honey whole wheat bread recipe to you. I tried to send it to you but your email is marked private. Linda
  2. I make all of my own bread and now that I'm widowed find that making one loaf at a time is more than adequate for my needs. I use the newer Zo bread machine (two paddle) for kneading and then remove the dough and bake in my oven...I've never liked the way these machines bake; It doesn't make sense to me the one-temperature, one-length-of-time fits all kinds of loaves. The bread machine makes such easy work of the kneading and the clean-up is nothing. Currently I make a whole wheat loaf that I've tweaked over time so that it is just perfect (it makes a 10" loaf). And, for toasting, I make a recipe from KAF that is their Oatmeal Toasting and Sandwich Bread (with raisins); arguably the best toast ever! This recipe is not to be confused with their "Oatmeal Toasting Bread" which is a different recipe altogether.
  3. lindag

    Mushy Ground Beef

    Had the ground beef been frozen? I've found that thawed gb won't hold together properly. Linda
  4. I remember years ago hearing a warning (can't remember where it came from) to never buy ground beef in the supermarket that was packaged in the tube....supposedly it was an inferior product. Linda
  5. I was just happy to see that one of the few who took the high road and didn't try to back stab his/her comopetition was the winner. I couldn't help noticing, even on the reunion episode, the eye-rolling still going on with Heather, Sarah and Lindsey whenever anyone complimented Bev. How small. Linda
  6. Okay, I'll admit it; I'm not a fan. I am somewhat suspicious of the timing of her big diabetes announcement. Did she wait more than three years after hearing the diagnosis just so it wouldn't affect the sales of her last huge cookbook? Just sayin' that it seems fishy to me. Linda
  7. I've been using my Breville now for two months nearly every day. It is a product that (assuming it lasts) was well worth the cost. Using it for toast, bagels, reheating pizza slices, braising, etc. I've only found a couple things that it doesn't do well. The broil unit doesn't get hot enough to cook salmon, I've had to return to using my oven broiler for that...it takes much, much longer in the Breville. Also, the breads I make are of the 9x5" loaf variety as a rule and get too tall for the height of the Breville resulting in overbrowning of the top. I have coveed the loaves with foil for the last minutes but prefer the consistency of my range oven for that task. Also, I like my toast quite brown; and even on the #7 setting it doesn't always get dark enough for my taste, not a really big deal as I can always re-start it and let it go another minute or two. All in all, I am really thrilled with my oven and have learned to rely on it for daily use. I only wish I had bought it sooner.
  8. I had never used a pressure cooker before I bought my Kuhn Rikon a couple of years ago. I was AMAZED at how useful and versatile it is...as well as beautiful to look at.
  9. Call Foodsaver Customer Support at 877-777-8042. If this product has a moedel number it should be on the bottom of the unit. I have a Foodsaver Professional II model that needed new gaskets (upper and lower). Their response was exceptional, parts were cheap, and they shipped to me at no charge. And their agent was REALLY pleasant and helpful.
  10. Opened the bag of Vital Wheat Gluten to fill my canister and dumped the excess into the sink. Didn't realize that powdered gluten when mixed with water turns into CEMENT PASTE. Took forever to clean up the sink and had to throw out the sponge.
  11. lindag

    Crock Pot Cooking?

    Coincidentally, I made Beer Braised Short Ribs in the crockpot yesterday....WOW!!! they were good. Short ribs, sliced onion, Newcastle Brown Ale, a little tomato paste, soy sauce, thyme, bay leaf, pitted prunes and a little Minute Tapioca to thicken.
  12. Haven't done it in a long time but used to stop for a Sausage Muffin on the way to the slopes....it'd really hold you over til lunchtime.
  13. lindag

    Tuna Noodle Casserole

    The one I've been making for years and years: Two cans tuna minced celery minced onion 3-4 cups egg noodles 1 can cream of CELERY soup grated cheddar 1/2 cup mayo (added off heat to the soup and melted cheese) frozen peas, thawed in the pot with the noodles for the last minute or two of cooking
  14. My dear late husband, who LOVED Reubens but was not ultra fussy about them, actually liked the Reubens at Arby's. I never tried one there. Do you have Arby's? Would you trust them to make a reasonably decent one?
  15. If I were going out to buy one, THIS would be the one. I love everything Microplane makes. Oops...I just went back and read the reviews...it stinks!
  16. Last winter I was having a problem with my in-the-garage refrigerator as it wasn't working properly when the garage temp got too low. (I also have a full-size upright freezer out there) What I had to do was go to Sears and purchase a "garage refrigerator". I understand the difference is that these units have a built-in heater to protect the motor. I live in Western Montana and my garage is well insulated but unheated. I don't believe the temperature has ever gotten down to freezing insided the garage but I'm not positive...we can get to minus 20 at times but that is not common anymore. The new garage fridge is a refrigerator-only model, no freezer. So far it has worked perfectly. The upright freezer has never had a problem and I don't know why one will fail and the other doesn't. How cold does your garage get? And what's the climate like where you live?
  17. Yeah, but what's with Ed's jaw? Does he have a problem? I can't stop staring at his mouth. He's another whiney-ass that I won't be sorry to see go.
  18. Brand new! Immersion Blender I like this, if I were in the market for a new model, I think I'd jump on this at $99. I have the Bamix which I really like but it doesn't have the removeable shaft which is a really nice feature.
  19. In reading the instruction booklet that came with my 800XL (which arrived yesterday, thankyouverymuch) I see that they recommend whole chicken be no larger than 4.5 lbs. I'm impressed! That's pretty darned big for a toaster oven! Anyway, I plan to start putting my oven through its paces today; starting with a bagel, a fresh pizza...maybe some frozen fishsticks, a guilty fave from Costco. Speaking of the fishsticks, I'm thinking that they'd go on the bottom shelf on the 'bake' setting(?) Package instructions say bake at 400° convection for 9-11 minutes in a conventional oven.
  20. Yup, when we re-did the kitchen in our previous home we used Travertine on the floor...BEAUTIFUL!!! Also, a giant pain in the ass. It tended to stain and discolored in some areas. Never again. A shame though because it was truly gorgeous.
  21. Anna, Those are some killer loaves! Won't have my oven until Monday; were those baked one-at-a-time? It'll be interesting to experiment with different shapes, although mostly I bake 9x5 loaves for toasting or sandwiches. I did order the Breville pizza stone at the same time as I like to do homemade pizza as well.
  22. I've been buying Tuna Guys Tuna for several years now. It's hard to find unless you live in the Seattle area (which I don't) but they'll ship. I've tried other brands like Italian packed in oil which is pretty good, but I like the Tuna Guys really well. They also have other types of tinned seafood available. (have no vested interest in the company)
  23. After reading all the reviews shere I've placed my order for the 800XL today. One thing I'd particularly like to use it for is baking bread. Has anyone done this successfully? Any tips or comments would be appreciated.
  24. I wouldn't say that THIS is an indispensible item but it sure has proven itself worthy in my kitchen. Bought it on a whim a few weeks ago and it's the perfect gadget to grab a boiling hot bowl of soup from the microwave - somehow mitts or towel just don't do the job here. Also, it's perfect as well for removing sheet pans or pizza pans from a hot oven. I clip it onto the edge of my tool caddy so I remember to use it.
  25. I'm not a coffee snob but the K-cups, to me, always taste a little too much like instant coffee. I'll stick with my Mochamaster, great coffee in under 5 minutes.
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