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  1. The Sponge monkies are strange but, that jingle is a popular one in our house. My husband and I have been know to belt out "They are a dollar off!" at each other as a greeting.
  2. Crystal

    Bagged Teas

    I'm a big fan of the Republic as well. I have one of their bottled iced teas every time I eat at my favorite restaurant (I don't drink wine). Crystal
  3. I thought I was the only one......... I've never chilled it before hand though-hmmm no more drips all over my chin.
  4. Hate Girlscouts-cookie's that is. I don't "get" oreos. I prefer my cookies chewy or cake-y rather than crispy so most store boughts are out. I have an eat-the -whole-box love of 'Nilla Wafers (which my husband is quick to point out is a wafer and therfore not really a cookie), but, they have to be slightly stale. A night spent in the freezer can create this effect. Archway oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, sugar drop, molasses, and windmill cookies are favorites because they remind me of my grandmother. Ming Tsai had (has?) cookies at Target that are chocolate with chunks of crystalized ginger in them that my children and I would devour after returning home from a shopping trip at the Chez. Crystal
  5. My mother's kitchen has no cutting board (everything is held in her hand while cutting off bits with a paring knife), no chef's knife, no dry measuring cups, and not many real tupperware type storage containers-she collects tiny margarine tubs "just in case". We usually avoid eating Mom's cooking by ordering pizza whenever a large number of us are visiting. Recently, she began making "pizza" by using bisquick, jarred sauce, and whatever shredded cheese happens to be on sale. Crystal
  6. Black & Whites. MMmmmmmmm, black & whites..............
  7. Crystal

    Tomato Sandwiches

    Oh Man! I'm all out of tomatoes. My mother's recipe and technique: two slices of cheap store brand white bread tomato slices onion slices-Vidalia onion, please MIRACLE WHIP-never Mayo, my mother despises real mayo MARGARINE- never butter s&p Spread miracle whip on one slice of bread, spread margarine on the other. Sprinkle one of the prepared bread slices with pepper and the other with salt. Stack tomato and onion between bread slices and eat. Use several store brand paper napkins to wipe up chin juice. I stray just a bit from her "recipe". Crystal-white trash princess
  8. My mother does not own a cutting board. Everything is cut with a paring knife over whatever pot it's going to be cooked in. In an effort to be the exact opposite of my mother-I have many knives and cutting boards that I use to prep. food. Crystal
  9. I bought my baking stone from King Arthur. I tried to locate the unglazed quarry tiles at the DIY/Hardware stores in town. At each location I was assisted by uninfomred 17 year old boys often found repeating "unglazed???" "Cory tiles??" . Crystal
  10. Hey! Where'd ya git my Mom's recipe?!?!?! (why, oh why isn't there a one-toothed smilie?) Crystal
  11. Here you go: The dough after the first rise, shaped into balls: On the cast iron griddle: The final product: I caught an episode of Baking With Julia the other night with Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford making naan-I think I'll try their recipes and techniques next. Crystal edit to repair funky pic link.
  12. I learned this little tidbit the last time I had dinner with my sister and her family. I'm a fork switch-over person. My husband is right handed but, has always held his fork in his left hand. Crystal
  13. Epicurious if for no other reason than these reviews. Crystal I've found that the Food Network Canadian website is better than it's American counterpart.
  14. My scanner needs to be replaced but, I can develope my next roll onto a disk and post the image. Crystal
  15. I've been making Naan at home with this recipe: http://barbeque.allrecipes.com/az/naan.asp I use a cast iron griddle and have been pleased with how they turn out. I've also tried baking them on a stone in the oven but they came out more like pita. Crystal
  16. Oh, but you should. Crystal
  17. No, no, no. You can get these outside of K.C. as well. They are not carried by every purveyor, but, they can be found at several locations in the Midwest. Crystal
  18. Long long ago and far far away there was a place called Elums. You could drive up and get a platter of fries or onion rings and your chioce of brown, black or orange "cows" brought out to your car or you could just drive thru for a cute little pint jug of Elums brand rootbeer. *sigh* Good Times. According to my mother the family that owned Elums moved to the Sunshine state and set up shopthere I'm currently limited to using Schnucks brand vanilla bean ice cream (surprisingly good for a store brand) and Dogs and Suds rootbeer to get my fix. Crystal
  19. Add another one for me. 800 recipes strong. We're ignoring the fact that I'm also thinning out the herd by about 4 or 5 cookbooks. Crystal
  20. Springfield, Illinois- Have you seen the episode of Cooks Tour where AB is in the Mall of America? Fried foods, food on a stick, high fat foods with more fat cleverly added to it or some combination of all the above (i.e. deep fried cheesecake on a stick). These are the foodstuffs that fuel the locals. You also can't go anywhere without seeing a "horseshoe" on the menu. Toast, 1/2 lb. of meat, frenchfries and a "cheese" sauce over the top. We have a handful of places that stray from the pack but, they are few and far between. I'm better off eating in. Crystal
  21. Didn't catch this one. I'm still trying to overcome the pain caused by my two minute viewing of Lighten Up! Gah. Crystal
  22. Frozen Black and Whites (but, really when don't I crave those?) Onion rings Chocolate frosting spread on graham crackers; frozen and thawed to give the grahm cracker a chewy (read stale) rather than crunchy bite. Mozzarella chunks encased in bread dough, baked, and dipped into marinara. Whatever "seasonal" low rent chocolate that happens to be displayed as I enter the grocery store. (Pastel M&M's, red and white M&M's......) Ben and Jerry frozen yogurt. Pizza Rootbeer floats I could go on........
  23. Crystal

    Pop Tarts

    I like to eat the outer unfrosted crust, then split the top and bottom layers, eating the bottom layer first-always. Butter your pop tart all you want-I'm not here to judge.
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