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  1. This is so true. I'm mostly with Heidih. Cheap buns, cheap yellow mustard, sweet relish...but the hot dogs must be charred. And, of course, potato chips. Miss VIcki's please. Oh hot dogs, preferably Red Hots.
  2. Good Heavens. Just looked up the Two Not Touch puzzles and am wondering if this old brain could do them. I still find most Sudoku above my happilly-functioning brain level these days. Never was any good at maths of any kind except for Algebra.
  3. Of course you can't buy them anymore. It was just too good. However, LeClerc has out a new one. Célébration Finger Cookies. That's the one I like best, while Ed prefers their Butter Cookies. I hope they'll be around for a while.
  4. As of yesterday, I do have a 'fun' thing on the horizon. A friend and her husband from the GTA are coming to dinner on the 14th. She is bringing me her castoff long sleeved jerseys to pick through...and her castoffs are better than my first runs. No, I am not a clothes horse. Last time round she offered me her castoff short sleeved tees. She brought...wait for it...79...SEVENTY-NINE... t-shirts, many of which had never been worn. I went through them. The neighbors went through them. Friends went through them. The Dog Weekend folks went through them. And the rest went to a women's shelter. What did she have left at home I wondered...
  5. Alas. I haven't gotten any fun stuff...but I wish I had. Life has been distinctly lacking in fun recently. Although we did eat fish and chips today at a local chip wagon. We sat at picnic tables. Observing social distancing. Now that was fun. First time eating anything out in many months.
  6. Gotcha. I have a friend who is a health care worker and sometimes a older client will give her his late wife's cookbooks. She is a dedicated non-cooking type so she passes them on to me. I then have called in friends and neighbors to take what they want (after carefully taking the best for moi-même ) and then the remainder, if any, goes to the library.
  7. You are incredible Ms. Suzilightning. So generous. And, pray tell, why do you keep having reams of cookbooks to give away? I am really curious.
  8. My summers were spent at camp. In fact, I was the only kid I knew whose parents sent their child away for the entire summer, year after year. I think there might be a message there. And then I became a CIT and then I became a counsellor and waterfront. In fact, I was a canoeing instructor. And just to prove it's all true, here's a photo of Ed, my husband of 60 years now, visiting me when I was a counsellor up at the YWCA camp. And yes the food at camp was always pretty awful.
  9. Sorry to read that. Most of the mods were always nice and polite...heidih helped me through a lot of gaffs on my part. However, I do remember a few shits who were mods when I joined. One in particular, who will remain nameless......
  10. I have now made my very first mayonnaise, but using only lemon juice which is acceptable. It's anything fermented is out. So I'll look up the Tonnato sauce now. Thanks.
  11. No help from this Canadian. I have trouble just remembering what a stick of butter is.
  12. Because it's on his restricted list. Not only does he like it...he adds extra to his salads after they are served. His Mother was French Canadian mix and cooked with more butter, cream and sugar than you can imagine. Ed tells me that all his family had full sets of dentures from very early on. I'll quit now or I could get quite gossipy in my stories about his Mother's cooking. I, OTOH, never even tasted mayonnaise until after we were married. ps. I should add that he is not one pound overweight.
  13. We do use a fair amount of tahini, especially in hummus, but I'm not at all sure about the quality of it, seeing as it's purchased in Canada, in a provincial small-sized city. I wonder how I could figure out what is a good brand to buy. I usually buy it from our local bulk food store. It's not a chain, or a bottom-feeder by any means, carries good brands of this and that....but still I couldn't vouch for the tahini. I'll make it from what I have and see how it tastes. Ed is dealing with sinus problems right now...hence the dietary restrictions...and can't taste things properly to begin with.
  14. I've never made ghee but it doesn't look that difficult and I'm wondering what it tastes like. Ed did suggest I try it and I will. OTOH, it will take me a week to go through all the replies which you all so kindly provided. ❤️
  15. I'm like heidih, in that my memories of margarine go back to the 60s and 70s when we could not afford butter. Here in Ontario, the margarine came in a tough plastic bag, and was a dead white color. Not very appetizing to look at. Each bag contained a breakable color button and the purchaser had the option of coloring the margarine so that it looked more like butter. From the day we decided we could afford to buy butter....I've never looked back.
  16. Alas, mayonnaise is also out of bounds.
  17. Wow! Already I am overwhelmed and will have to spend much time going through all your answers. Thank you so much.
  18. At night we eat a light meal with our heavier meal at noon. In the summer, three out of four nights is a salad, or salads, of some sort. Night #4 is often steamed vegetables with a cheese sauce for Ed and a lemon juice/olive oil dressing for me. And Ed does not like my sauce on his vegetables. He has been using just butter recently. Now Ed has been taken off dairy for the time being to see if that will alleviate his sinus problems. My problem is to find a sauce which he will be willing to use. Who has a wonderful sauce in their repertoire? Thanks. (The sauce can have meat in it.)
  19. I would say that this is exactly what mine looks like. So delicious. Ate it for breakfast cold this morning...just couldn't resist.
  20. One of my other alternates is "rats". Or even "double rats".
  21. I know I am an older cook because dagnabit I AM an older cook.
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