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    French fries

    I have never used this method for making french fries . I tried it long time a go but the fries at the bottom tend to get much more attention than the ones on top as a result they are not same throughout the pan
  2. Thanks all of you for providing me the solution of my problem. I am new to this forum and it its really helpful in finding solution What i got from your replies is that to cut veggies slowly and keep on practicing makes me perfect in this art. Thanks again!!!
  3. Although i love to cook but cutting vegetables is the most annoying thing to me!!! This is only because my hands get rough. I watch cooking shows on TV where chefs cut vegetables very fast by just putting them on the cutting board and chop in seconds. I try to cut like them but every time i fail to do and at last i handover vegetables to my mother to cut them. I want to be perfect in cutting veggies but how? Can any one among you help me to resolve my problem?
  4. Any container will be fine . FYI Stainless steel containers are the ones used commercially for ice cream storage .
  5. Use one of those small portable ice boxes . They come in various sizes and are easy to carry along . They are not too expensive as well . I have used them so for for keeping water and drinks cold for as long as 5-6 hrs but never used them to keep ice cream from melting . If you are not traveling longer distances then I think you can use this for ice cream as well .
  6. Talat_kas

    Straining Oil

    If you want to get rid of the smell which persist in oil after frying fish then you need to put some burn garlic cloves in it and then take out that cloves of garlic. You can use this oil for frying anything else.
  7. I finally made some ice cream with this machine today . It was not a very finest one but good enough . I was helped my by younger cousins . It took me more time to convince them than to make ice cream . Oh boy where is this young generation going NOW
  8. There is nothing wrong in having more than one dishwasher . Specially if you having a large family or you often throw in lots of parties leaving you with lots of washing to do
  9. The only thing that I do not like about this machine is that I have to keep adding ice and I can not do other work while the mixture is getting mixed
  10. I would also love to have one in my kitchen . Can you post a photo of the bread maker here ( if possible ) ? Never seen one before .
  11. My ice cream maker has nothing written on it that says that it can be kept in a freezer for sometime . Is it safe to keep it there or should I use the old method of adding ice cubes in its outer bucket ?
  12. These looks like traditional south asian chilies which are varying in color like red and green are the most common. I also planted the green chilies (large and small), these are very hot and spicy and frequently used in various dishes and salads.
  13. I personally believe that breakfast should full fo energy because our whole day work requires more energy so carbohydrate must be the important ingredient of this meal. Besides holiday i usually take our traditional bread called paratha with sometimes scramble eggs or fried potato or kabab. While on holiday i take some more healthy breakfast like fried bread of potato or lentils with ketchup. These are all very yummy......!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Mine also seem to be not treating the meal evenly / uniformly and I stopped using it . Still works well for making popcorn and heating slightly frozen stuff
  15. Talat_kas

    Fresh Pasta

    Dust the pasta with flour, toss make 'lil round nests of pasta (about 1 portion each). Leave out a few hours on a dish towel or similar until just a little dry, freeze on a sheet pan then bag. I usually just freeze pasta dough in dinner for two sized balls. When I want some fresh pasta for dinner I just put it on the counter to thaw when I leave for work. Then roll, cut etc. just prior to the pot's coming to a boil. ← Thats exactly how this should be done . Thanks for the tips .
  16. Mine include a mixture of chopped : Onions Cucumber Cabbage Spring Onions Tomatoes Some cut in round shape and other are chopped . I like to have them all mixed up dry with my meal . Sometimes I do mix some mayo and other sauces
  17. You can go through Colette's Cakes: The Art of Cake Decorating by Colette Peters . I haven't read it my self but have heard of it from lots of people . You can go and search Amazon from some really good wedding cake books . Good luck
  18. This looks like a nice recipe and the picture is good too I can't wait to try this one at home . Thanks for sharing .
  19. Thats exactly what I thought . The owner should have shown some respect to its visitors by at least giving meaningful reasons . But they didn't...
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