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  1. The size of marble you are having is not even close to a size of marble that you can use as a counter top. But if the remodeling guy knows how to fit this piece in your kitchen then it might come in handy. About using the marble for rolling dough, I do not find any problems but I will not advise you to use it as a cutting board.
  2. Talat_kas

    Ketchup Recipes?

    My mother make homemade ketchup and it is far more better then the ketchup which we buy from store. I like this ketchup very much having no other chemical used like in ready made ketchups. I am going to share my great mom's ketchup recipe with you Ingredients: 1 ½ Kg tomato 1 cup vinegar 1 tbspn red chili powder 1 tspn salt (to taste) 2 cup sugar (to taste) Cooking Instructions: Cut the tomato in large pieces and blend it in the blender. Using drainer, drain out the smooth paste of tomato having no skins and seeds. Boil the paste. Add red chili powder, vinegar in it and cook it till sauce become slightly denser. After 10 minutes, add sugar in it and cook for 15 minutes or till sauce become thick according to the density of sauce you want. Ketchup is ready, cool it in the fridge and enjoy it with delicious snacks.
  3. It is always good to wear apron while working in kitchen as it protects your cloth from getting dirty. But it is hard to remember that I should wear it and even more annoying when I have to cook in a hurry. What do you think guys, is it necessary to wear apron all the time in kitchen? And what you people do with your apron ?
  4. The Oil is coated before the walls get icy so that it may provide space between walls and ice and hence ice would not stick to the walls and comes out easily.
  5. Last weekend I visited my aunt at a time when she was cleaning her freezer. She was removing the ice from freezer walls very easily which surprised me as I would have spend a lot of time melting it in order to clean it. She told me that she used oil for this purpose. What she did was that she coated oil on the walls of freezer with the help of tissue paper and this would allow her to remove the ice easily without any hassle.
  6. If the leftovers have many veggies then let the salad spinner do the job. Also it is a nice idea to mix them all, add some noodles and pan fry them for a minute or two.
  7. I agree as it is not as small as it looks and it has a very decent grilling area (204 sq inch) too. It is also not very heavy to carry, only 7 lbs It really isnt that small, I grilled 7 good sized burgers on it, and had more than enough space for 5 10 oz NYs. ←
  8. I did find few by doing little searching : http://www.rolland-dessertes-et-chariots.c...se-trolleys.php http://www.rewardmanufacturing.com/products.asp?cat=59 http://ceces.co.uk/index.html http://www.industrysearch.com.au/Suppliers...Custom_Trolleys I think it would be better to give a call to any of them to find out if they make custom trolleys. Good luck !
  9. I like fries which remain crispy for long time and have taste like any fast food restaurant so I got this recipe of making exact fries. Ingredients: 4 Potato (elongated and thin pieces) 1 tspn salt 1 tbspn corn flour Oil for deep frying Procedure: 1. Boil water and put potato pieces in it for 5-6 minutes then drain out water. Dry all the potato pieces completely. In a covered plastic bowl add 3 tbspn corn flour and put all the potato in it and shake well after cover it. Using drainer, take out the excess corn flour form the potato and put them in freezer for 15-20 minutes so that flour completely stick on it. Heat the oil gently, put potato in it and fry for atleast 5 -7 minutes on high flame until the fries become crispy. I enjoy fries with ketchup but you can try this one with mayo and ketchup dip as well.
  10. Almost everyday i get a new injury while cooking in the kitchen. I don't get hurt so much by knife but i burn my hands very often while cooking it usually happens when i am cleaning my stove after finishing cooking and my hands get burn.
  11. this is the best recipe of sandwich, serve at tea time. Ingredients: 1 cup boil chicken (shredded) ¾ cup mayonnaise ½ cup cream cheese ½ tspn black pepper ½ tspn white pepper Pinch of salt 1/2 tspn sugar 1 boil egg (cut into small pieces) ½ tspn mustard paste (optional) Bread slices as required Procedure: 1. Mix all the above ingredients well; mayonnaise, cream cheese, black pepper, white pepper, chicken, boil egg, mustard paste, salt and sugar. 2. Cut the sides of bread slices and make triangle shapes. 3. Now take one triangle piece and coat the chicken mixture on it,put a salad leaf, and tomato slice if you like and cover it with other triangle piece. 4. Similarly, make other sandwich like this. Serving: After making each sandwich wrap them in gelatin sheet completely and you can keep them at ordinary temperature without freezing them. Gelatin sheet is perfect for preserving food for hours. Source: http://www.recipedose.com/2008/09/best-chi...d-sandwich.html
  12. I prefer to use fresh zucchini but sometimes when my father bring too much then i first peel and cut them into pieces. After that just half boil them for 5 minutes and then freeze them in a box. In this way you can use them any time and you may use for months as well.
  13. And the first thing you should do about your scale is to try different battery set. If this solves the problem then you can buy new batteries as this was the only thing that led to error indication. @ eatrustic You mentioned a very important point. Many of the kitchen appliances such a weighing scale can easily malfunction just because of the way they are used. So special care must be taken.
  14. Not much difference in the way they work. But considering the fact wooden rolling pin has a higher manufacturing cost and to further add to this, it is also French made . But I would be more than happy to to save some bucks and go for the with with a price tag of $11.95
  15. I think Fruit and Cream Delight dessert is more suitable for you as its very healthy and delicious you can get this recipe and many more dessert recipes on my blog, hopefully you will like it.
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