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  1. That is my understanding as well. The IP cup is almost identical to the one that came with my rice cooker.
  2. Wow, toast has a day? Oh man, and I'm staying in a Houston hotel with a crappy toaster when I should be home celebrating with my Cuisi steam oven - my maker of sublime toast! On the other hand, yesterday was National Margarita Day and I was able to partake. Not for breakfast though
  3. I can imagine this appealing to an individual or group with challenging dietary restrictions or the extremely picky eaters who ask to have dishes customized up the wahzoo. I think it could be exceedingly difficult to make it work - say I request pot roast, chili and rice pudding and what I really have in mind is my mom's pot roast, Uncle Andy's chili and my grandmother's rice pudding. Even if I provide the recipes, it would take a lot of tweaking to have the food match the memory and if it's nothing like what I had in mind, I'm going to be a disappointed customer.
  4. I love the combination of beets and citrus in a salad!
  5. They certainly look very tasty! What is the filling?
  6. Last week, chicken drumsticks and bone-in, skin-on thighs were on sale for $0.99/lb so I bought 2 lbs of each and used them to make chicken stock in the IP. Never made stock with just legs and thighs (more meat, less bone than usual) but why not? I saved one thigh to roast for supper, hacked the rest up a bit with a cleaver and after 55 min in the IP, I had about 3.5 qts of flavorful, jellied chicken stock. Now I'm all stocked up ! Also last week, I converted the rice cooker recipe for Chipotle Rice and Shrimp found in More Mexican Everyday to an IP version. I used my usual IP 1:1 ratio of rice to liquid and cooking time of 6 min on high pressure for white rice. Then I added the shrimp and set it on "steam" for 5 minutes to cook them. I ended up with some rice stuck to the bottom of the pot, but it came off pretty easily and the dish was very tasty - picture over on the Dinner thread. This morning, I wanted to try a rice and tofu bowl, cooking the rice and tofu together so they would both be infused with the seasonings. I used a brown rice mix that usually takes 23 min to cook and was worried the tofu might fall apart but it was fine. I cooked them together for 23 min, let the pressure come down for 10 min and then did a manual release. I was going to steam my vegetables separately but decided to toss them in the IP, put the lid back on and set the timer for 1 min, then quick release. I had yellow summer squash, sugar snap peas and red bell pepper and they were nicely cooked.
  7. While I prefer other olives for most things, I kinda like black olives from a can on pizza. And bell peppers, too!
  8. Chipotle brown rice medley (brown rice, black barley & daikon radish seeds) with tofu and vegetables: Edited to add that I have been eating bowl-o-chipotle-rice for quite a few meals recently. I was excited to try this tofu version and it was good but I think I'm finally getting tired of it. I think it's time to move on
  9. @Darienne - Oh, the pain of that annoying cleaning operation, performed in a pre-caffeinated state. Ouch! I also must confess that I once did the same thing, with no one to blame but myself
  10. Roasted poblano cream soup from More Mexican Everyday. Garnished with roasted corn, red bell pepper and crema: Along side is a piece of TJ's whole wheat flatbread smeared with green chile adobo, sprinkled with queso fresco and toasted.
  11. @Saren salma, would it be possible for you to post some photographs of the ingredients you use and the cooking process and finished dish? I'd love to see a little tutorial like that sometime.
  12. I know! The only time I get a wine slushy is when I put a bottle in the freezer for a quick chill and leave it a bit too long ! Today's breakfast: I scrambled an egg into some leftover chipotle rice and veg:
  13. Chipotle rice with shrimp from More Mexican Everyday. I planned to saute the summer squash, sugar snap peas and red peppers as a side dish but the rice was salty to my taste so I tossed them in to steam as the rice finished cooking and mixed everything together. I didn't like the cooking directions for this recipe which would have had the shrimp cooking in with the rice for 25 + minutes. It also used 2 tablespoons of oil and 1 to 1.5 t of salt for one cup of rice, both of which I thought were on the high side and I failed to find any direction as to when the rice was to be added to the cooker. But cooking the rice with the garlic, chipotles and a bit of oil was a super easy way infuse the rice with a ton of flavor. I will certainly riff on that part of the recipe again.
  14. I'm in LOVE with that flavor combination !
  15. Here's the last of the Creamy Zucchini, Corn and Roasted Poblanos from More Mexican Everyday (posted above under an egg and on the dinner thread with roasted chicken). I warmed a TJ's whole wheat flatbread, smeared it with green chile adobo, added the leftovers, topped it with queso fresco, heated again to melt the cheese and served with a cara cara orange.
  16. That looks great! I'd been waiting with bated breath to learn how the salmon and pecans were going to work out - looks like they got along splendidly!
  17. I also cook my bacon in the oven but who can resist that name? The Bacon Nation Bacon Master - gotta love it!
  18. I ate a vegetarian diet (with the exception of an annual Dodger dog or 2) for 20+ years and still don't eat meat all that often so meatless Fridays aren't really an issue. I like to make a simple vegetable soup for Lenten Friday suppers. I think I've made the super simple Gordon Ramsay broccoli soup with every cruciferous vegetable and some others and used to refer to it as "Purée of CSA Box." Almost all of them were simple, warming and delicious and if not well, it's Lent so I'd just offer it up! My mother always told us that if you're Irish, then St. Patrick's Day isn't part of Lent
  19. The Creamy Zucchini, Corn and Roasted Poblanos from More Mexican Everyday, topped with a bit of queso fresco and served with a Cuisi-oven steam-roasted chicken thigh:
  20. Sticking with the theme of an egg over leftovers. Last night, I made the Creamy Zucchini, Corn and Roasted Poblanos from More Mexican Everyday and served it with a roasted chicken thigh. For today's breakfast, I put a poached egg on top: So in the case of this particular dish, I can state with certainty that the chicken came before the egg ! Sorry about that. I couldn't resist.
  21. If by "freezer" they are referring to a free-standing unit, then I'm surprised by the 2000 figure of 94% ownership and if they include the icebox in the fridge, I'm surprised that only 15% had them in 1974. One way or the other, that stat surprises me.
  22. This 1974 figure surprises me: "According to the survey, just 15% of households owned a freezer in 1974. By 2000 that figure stood at 94%." I recall the '60s era freezers of my early childhood in the US were of the tiny "ice cube compartment" variety but think it was pretty standard to have one by then. But how interesting to have so much historical information from these surveys to analyze! I keep thinking of different queries I'd like to run on these data.
  23. No bacon for me. Or any cured pig bits that might substitute. I don't eat that much meat but had gotten rather fond of adding a little bacon here and there. The other night, I really wanted some pasta carbonara but all in all, this is not as hard as giving up wine, which I've done for the last few Lents. Also trying to cook from my pantry/freezer and shop as intentionally as possible.
  24. Wow - that first photo is right out of The Attack of the Killer Prawns! Luckily, you have the cleaver for self-defense and a phone at the ready to summon the emergency squad if need be! Amazing! A much more sedate rainy night supper here. Soup and grilled cheese:
  25. I know - doesn't that look good! It's even raining here so maybe tomato soup and grilled cheese for supper?
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