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  1. Oh figs! That looks beautiful. I am impatiently waiting for the figs from my (non-fig-loving) neighbor's tree to ripen. I got more chard in my CSA box last week and once again used it in one of my favorites, Bruschetta With Swiss Chard and Smoked Trout from the NYT. I blanch, drain and chop the chard then and sauté it with garlic in olive oil. Then toast some nice crusty bread, rub with garlic, drizzle a little olive oil. Top with some of the chard, smoked trout and a squeeze of lemon just before serving. The chard can be prepped ahead, stored in the fridge and used over several evenings…..or even for breakfast!
  2. I can’t believe I’m posting in this thread as I have no baking cred whatsoever and am amazed by the creations I see posted by the rest of you but I wanted to credit tikidoc and Kerry Beal for the wonderful cream scones I made this morning. Today’s our last work day prior to a one week holiday shutdown and my little peach tree was laden so I thought I’d treat my group to breakfast. I provided a huge bowl of sliced fresh peaches, tubs of Greek yogurt and some homemade granola, along with 2 batches of the cream scones that tikidoc posted over here in Kerry and Anna’s blog last month. I added orange zest, dried cranberries (plumped in a little OJ) toasted pecans and a little rosemary. Yummmmmm! Everyone raved! And easy enough that even I could pull it together before work. Sorry, I forgot to snap a photo but I will surely be making these again. I’m thinking dried tart cherries, walnuts and chocolate chips would be a winner. Thanks to tikidoc for posting the recipe and to Kerry for posting about them during her blog.
  3. Hmmm. I think I'm a little behind here. No picture of last week's box of Yukon Gold Potatoes, Romaine Lettuce, Gold Beets, Japanese Turnips, Kohlrabi, Red Chard, Yellow Wax Beans, Orange Carrots, Blackberries and Zucchini. This week's box: Clockwise from top: green leaf lettuce, purple carrots, mizuna, pickling cukes, blackberries, strawberries, rainbow chard, Blue Lake green beans in the center and spring onions hiding under the beans. Kay, that beet salad sounds good! I made some harissa a while back and have been looking for more opportunities to used it.
  4. 15 more for me since I last posted in this thread. Most recent is Katie Loeb's Shake, Stir, Pour - Fresh Homegrown Cocktails. Up to 101 on Eat Your Books.
  5. Just recently I've been craving a curried chicken salad that I haven't made in ages. I like the chicken torn into random sized pieces rather than diced. Chopped green apple Halved red grapes A bit of mango chutney A little diced red onion (or shallot) or not Mayo mixed with some freshly toasted curry spices I think that's right but I haven't made it in so long, I'll have to give it a go and taste and see if anything's missing...celery.....walnuts?
  6. Thank you. I had no idea such a thing existed but I can imagine they'd be a great addition to lots of cookies and bars....and of course, breakfast!
  7. Beautiful scones! What's a cinnamon chip?
  8. Nice score on the smaller bottles of Chartreuse! My local shop carries the green in a 375 mL but not the yellow and I've been reluctant to fork over the bucks for the larger one. I vote for a Final Ward. One of those perfect cocktails that's more than the sum of its parts, IMHO. My haul today: Accompanied in the photo by an Aprilia to try out the grapefruit bitters and Cocchi Americano
  9. Nice looking mushrooms, Kim! And thank you for the parsnip salad recipe idea. Sounds like something I'd really like. I'll see what I can find for apples and pears and give it a try. I can use one of those big parsnips for the salad and roast the other for the dip so I can try both.
  10. On the kohlrabi front, I repeated that salad from last week with fennel and blueberries and liked it much, much better with the kohlrabi cut into julienne instead of thin slices and a bit of lettuce added to the mix. This week: From top left: Tatsoi Easter radishes - they're baaaaaak! Fennel Sweet onion Butter lettuce Zucchini BIG parsnips Bok choy Purple carrots - only superficially purple - they are orange under the skin In the middle: tangerines and red potatoes The bok choy is really piling up and will have to be dealt with. I see some poached egg on bok choy breakfasts in my future! I am debating on the parsnips. I saw a recipe for a roasted parsnip and garlic dip that I might try. It roasts the parsnips and a head of garlic in double cream and then purées that with butter. How could that be bad? Seems a bit winter-y but we've got a June gloom thing going on at the moment so I may give it a go.
  11. I remember my dad telling me that his mother always applied copious amounts of butter to PB sandwiches. Why? Because peanut butter is sticky and the butter helps it slide down . Otherwise, it might get stuck in your throat and you would choke to death :biggrin:
  12. First, thank you, thank you, Pierogi and SylviaLovegren for the artichoke pep talks! I gathered up all unused artichokes and made the artichoke, pepper and chickpea tagine with olives and preserved lemons from Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. Very yummy. Served it on couscous and drizzled chermoula (Moroccan green sauce) over the top. I have plenty more for lunches during the week. I'll absolutely make that again. Second, while rooting around in the bottom of the vegetable bin seeking stray artichokes, I found I had both kohlrabi and fennel so I went and got some blueberries and gave that salad recipe a try. Meh. It was OK, but nothing special. Everything was pale and thinly sliced so it seemed kind of boring. I didn't have any mint and perhaps that would have made a big difference over the parsley I subbed. One winner, one loser. That's OK.
  13. Two kohlrabi opinions... Me: I like it - tastes like broccoli stems! Fellow CSA member: It's awful - tastes like broccoli stems! Kim, I think the kohlrabi I get are smaller than yours but I julienne it and add it to salads or use it in a slaw. I think if I had your box this week, I'd give this salad from Food and Wine a go: Kohlrabi, Fennel and Blueberry Salad. Of course,if I had Kim's box, the blueberries would be long gone
  14. Kim - the zucchini may be inescapable but you are clearly very capable of dealing with them - I saw your fritters (and the rest of that yummy Memorial Day spread) - mmmmm. Here's this week's box: Clockwise from top left: Japanese turnips - again, 4 weeks in a row now, I think, but at least no radishes. Bok choy Artichokes - they intimidate me Yukon gold potatoes - sort of unusual. Potatoes came only once or twice last year. Golden beets - will roast and marinate for lunch salads Red leaf lettuce Strawberries - sublime. They're a year round crop here but are at their peak now Leeks - maybe a turnip and leek soup? Just doesn't seem like soup weather. Maybe June gloom will set in... Carrots - proper orange, carrot-shaped ones! Swiss Chard - see below and in the center, Valencia oranges - I have 2 orange trees so this is rather unnecessary but I won't complain. I get the "small box." This week, the large box peeps got larger amounts of the above items plus kohlrabi, sweet onions, summer squash and avocados. I live alone so plowing through even the small box in a week is a challenge. I give myself a pep talk about the artichokes most mornings: TODAY, I will tackle these thorny things! Then I get home from work, tired and hungry and something like this turns into dinner: Swiss chard bruscetta with smoked trout and a glass of wine. Too easy! Maybe there is hope for the artichokes on the weekend
  15. Always: toasted whole wheat or English muffin, creamy peanut butter, wipe PB residue off knife on edge of PB jar and re-use Usually: sliced banana, no jam Sometimes: fig jam Today: red bell pepper and ancho chili jam Not bad but I'll pick up bananas for tomorrow.
  16. Pierogi - I know what you mean about that little "finial" on the stem that makes the glasses a pleasure to hold. I have some glasses that I "inherited" from a friend's MIL and would like to find some more as I can be a klutz from time to time . The taller glass nicely holds a 3 oz cocktail while the coupe can handle 4 oz if one is careful! For something a little more sturdy, I picked up 9 of these at my local Salvation Army store for 75 cents each a few weeks ago. I suppose they are really sherbet or dessert glasses and are most certainly not fine crystal as they have a clearly visible seam but I like the little spiral design and enjoy using them for cocktails. They can hold a 3-4 oz drink. I haven't seen anything really fine at that location but it's only a block or so from work so easy to check out. I will have to broaden my searches.
  17. Here's this week's box, nothing I don't know what to do with: Clockwise from top left: Romaine Lettuce Round Carrots Zucchini Squash (first of the season) White Cauliflower Hass Avocado Tatsoi Japanese Turnips (I just quarter these little guys, toss with EVOO, S&P and roast; greens will be sautéed with garlic) Sugar Snap Peas and in front, a basket of raspberries, also the first of the season...already gone . No radishes I've still got white icicle radishes, Easter radishes and French breakfast radishes in the fridge from recent weeks. It's funny, Pierogi, we're not all that far apart - I'm up in Ventura Co. You get collards year round and I've never gotten any! I'll try Kay's recipe should they ever turn up. Sounds good.
  18. That bread sounds yummy, Kim! Thanks for the thread. My CSA runs year round but sticks mostly with produce. I've gotten honey (I guess that's really produce) and Sriracha (they grow the red jalapeños) but otherwise just veggies and some fruit. I love to see what others are getting (and what they are making with it). My box this week had: 1 bunch Easter Radishes (in spite of the plea I spotted on the sign-off sheet last week: NO MORE RADISHES!!!) 1 bunch Arugula 1 bunch Gold Beets (already microwaved, marinated and into salad with the arugula + goat cheese) 1 Green Leaf Lettuce 1 pound Broccoli 1 bunch Round Carrots (annoying, take as long to peel as a regular carrot, but so little. Tasty, though. Very carrot-y) 2 Artichokes 1 Green Cabbage 1 Tub Strawberries 1 White Cauliflower (roasted with onions & garlic, tossed with pasta and olive oil) I will snap a photo next week.
  19. Thank you both so much for taking the time to share your food (and drink ) related adventures, here and in other threads. I sighed when I read that last sentence above yesterday morning and seriously contemplated doing the same instead of dashing off to work. Tomorrow morning, I will give the kitchen floor a bit of a clean and, inspired by your threads, I will think a little more broadly when I consider what I might enjoy for dinner! Thanks again!
  20. I love that informative label: "Vegetable" Yesterday, I noted that labels on the packages of chicken feet read, "Chicken Paws"
  21. I bought a jar of the cookie butter last week and thought it was tasty. Quite sweet and more like a cookie-flavored frosting than something I’d want on my breakfast toast. Although smearing some on a slice of toasted, rustic bread, topped with crisp slices of tart apple might be good. I was thinking it might be nice swirled into some kind of bar cookie but haven’t tried it yet. Might just melt away. I’ll admit your description doesn’t sound all that appealing but I found the product rather tasty. It was mentioned just upthread by nolnacs and chezcheri, here and here.
  22. Beautiful looking kitchen. I hope we might get more of a tour and I'd be interested in hearing if there's anything you'd do differently, given the chance. I'm a Yankee, born and bred, so I don't know y'all from ya'll but my nieces and nephews in San Antonio use "all ya'll" as the plural form. Usually with an emphasis on the ALL to ensure that the entire group realizes they are being addressed. Always cracks me up 'cause I always figured y'all was plural to begin with. Thanks for blogging!
  23. I saw that article yesterday, too. I also pulled up this e-gullet thread on the topic to help me decide whether to spring for one or not. Still on the fence at the moment.
  24. Yes, it seems you can "subscribe" to a magazine so new issues will be automatically added to your bookshelf. You can also choose to add back issues from a date you select. From Fiona on the EYB Forum: There aren't a lot of back issues indexed for some magazines but it seemed to work OK for me.
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