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  1. I was at Galatoire on the 27th of July for Sunday lunch. Emory was our waiter. He was recommended to us by an antique dealer on Royal. Emory suggested the poisson du jour, which was redfish, topped with sauteed crabmeat. I opted to have the redfish without the crabmeat; my lunch companion had hers with and we both inhaled every bit - was wonderful. Emory had recommended shrimp remoulade to start - also tasty but I was puzzled by the remoulade sauce until I discovered that there is purportedly a Louisiana remoulade as opposed to the traditional remoulade - and actually we had the white remoulade at Deanie's a few nights later. One offputting item was the garlic bread that appeared on the table covered with chopped fresh RAW garlic - oy. They need to find a way to mellow out that garlic. Granted, this was not a stretch for the kitchen but it was an enjoyable meal for our first day in New Orleans. I'd return to Galatoire's but not until after I've tried a few more restaurants. On this trip we also went to the aforementioned Deanie's (not in Bucktown), the Grill at the Windsor Court Hotel, Mother's, K-Paul, Cafe Adelaide (in our hotel), and I know we just scratched the surface.
  2. Just moved to the Pacific Northwest less than a month ago - wonder what his plans are here or if he's already filmed the show. I have a girlfriend in this area who has a major crush and who would probably go into stalker mode if she hears about this.
  3. I've read waiterrant for some time and find it AND the comments educational and amusing. But the comment about how blogs translate to books is a valid one. I loved Julie Powell's blog, not so much the book. I like dooce, the go fug yourself girls, April Winchell, and there are a couple of unfertile myrtle blogs that have been extremely well-written and funny(So Close, A Little Pregnant), but I wouldn't necessarily pay for a book by the same writers, especially if it's a rehash of something I've already read. The amateur gourmet has a book in the works but it sounds as though he's just following recipes from other cookbooks and writing commentary...? Nothing I'd pay for, either. Guess my aim in reading blogs is to read the different and amusing, and I always click or chuck - ads or dough under the PayPal button.
  4. Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg. Downtown Bakery
  5. I liked Julie Powell's article in Archeology Magazine - her Julie/Julia book should be out this fall - it's been a long time since she ceased writing the blog.
  6. I don't know of any others, but I took (and recommend) Judy's (Divina Cucina) market/cooking class last March. Prior to going to the market, we discussed what we wanted to cook. While we were shopping, we made some last minute tweaks to the menu (changed lamb to kid). It was a treat to take another class when she was at Ramekins in Sonoma earlier this year. As mentioned in this month's Bon Appetit, her class is the "Best Cure for the No-Kitchen Blues" - it is a great way to be able to shop and then to cook what one purchases without renting an apartment with a kitchen in Florence. Don't mind cooking a wee bit while on vacation but it IS a vacation.
  7. Alexis Baking Company Or you could always go here: Google And type in Alexis Baking Company. Just a thought...
  8. What about Alexis Baking Company on 3rd?
  9. I'm in the same boat and am interested in whatever responses you receive. My spouse is allergic to all scaled fish; shell fish are OK. We are flying to Venice in less than 2 months, and it will be his first visit there. I've told him that pizza, some of the pastas, and panini will be his best bet. My last trip, I had a yummy albeit very rich pasta (bacon, cream, asparagus) at Hosteria Al Vecio Bragosso in Cannareggio; they also have a wonderful sgroppino here. Fegato a la veneziana is a "only in Venice" entree that I had at another restaurant on Calle dei Fabbri.
  10. Whereabouts in Mendocino County? The coast? Ukiah? Boonville? If the coast, I was about to recommend "Rachel's Inn", 2 miles south of Mendocino for accommodations, but I find that it's been sold and is now part of something called "Auberge Mendocino" - rooms still look good and I can recommend the clawfoot tub in the Colombard room. Auberge Mendocino When it was Rachel's Inn, Rachel provided a breakfast that would keep a truck driver happy for most of the day. Apparently there's a chef now who specializes in Atkins style meals. Restaurants within walking distance are Little River Inn and the Restaurant at Stevenswood Lodge. I was once at a Chamber of Commerce dinner at the Little River Inn and found myself seated across from Cammie King, who portrayed Bonnie Blue Butler in "Gone With The Wind". Dick's Bar in Mendocino serves up a great bloody mary. Cafe Beaujolais is uneven but can be good on occasion. Right before Fort Bragg is Noyo Harbor, home to a number of seafood restaurants. Saw Julia Roberts shooting part of a movie in this area years ago - some piece of junk that also featured Campbell Scott. Wine? I prefer Roederer Estate sparkling wine in Anderson Valley on Hwy. 128.
  11. $24.46 at Jessica's Biscuit or I can pay $95, have lunch with Mr. Bourdain and others, and receive a copy of the book at the Left Bank restaurant over in Larkspur on 12 November....but I'd have to call in "well" to work. Hmmmmm. I'm surprised the event hasn't sold out yet. chrisv
  12. You must know my aunt Judi...she worked in the retail shop ...lives in Hawaii now? ← Yes, I knew your aunt Judi when I worked there - very sweet woman. Her husband and my then-husband were both involved with the Napa chapter of Native Sons of the Golden West. In re Woodbridge being the cash cow, this was during the "Bob Red" and "Bob White" heydays. And now, the lawsuits are flying. http://www.napanews.com/templates/index.cf...70-2F9F1E1B732A http://biz.yahoo.com/iw/041021/074671.html
  13. Hires Root Beer! I've tried all the fancy ones out there, and of those Thomas Kemper gets my vote, but I always come back to Hires.
  14. Pearl in Napa (heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella on grilled sourdough with mucho garlic) El Tapatio in Rockville (carnitas tacos with rice & beans) Le Gavroche in Vancouver (cream of asparagus soup with stilton cheese and a dab of honey, wild mushrooms with goat cheese cream and sesame seed oil en croute)
  15. I spent 14 years there, the last two as assistant to Tim. The stories I could tell....except I signed something when I left... Before the IPO, it was the best place I'd ever worked. Hopefully I can't be sued for saying that much. And WB was known as the cash cow. cmv
  16. Eeek. Sex is not the first thing that comes to my mind when I look at L. Pierce. Sorry. And it's been years since I've seen him, swanning around at the Mondavi concerts. And that was troubling news into today's paper about RMW. Everybody knew something was coming and I thought it would be the reverse. But Woodbridge has always been the cash cow for them. chrisv (14 year RMW vet)
  17. OnlyTheBest, I feel your pain. I had to live in SoCal for 9 months about 5 years ago and it was terrible. Awful bread, the bagels were like doughnuts, and the weight of the doughnuts made our local Buttercream doughnuts feel like healthfood. The Rockville Vella cheese is gone - it was there up until about 2 years ago. Sometimes when I leave Napa, I drive the backroads if I know or hear that traffic will be a mess on Jamieson Canyon, and I'd stop by Vella to pick up some goodies. I think there's a chocolate store in there now - or there was for a while. I may be coming up your way in October to visit a friend; if I do, I'll let you know and maybe I can bring some bread. I did drive around out there yesterday, looking for a basket alongside the road, but alas, nothing. Perhaps he's still there and his season might be over? I know our tomatoes arrived very early and are just about finito. Speaking of Frog Hollow peaches, though, I bought some at the Walnut Creek Whole Foods on Saturday and they were all right. I don't see what the fuss is all about unless what is sold to WFM and what is sold at a farmers' market would be two separate items...?
  18. I live in that Green Valley neck of the woods - this would be out past Mangels Boulevard? It's not Rockville, right? I can take a trip out there for kicks. I usually go to Erickson Ranch over on Cordelia Road for produce - made a ton of apricot jam in June from their Royal Blenheims. We are addicted to the Acme herb slab bread - load it up with prosciutto, mozzarella, a few basil leaves, a just picked tomato - yum.
  19. Rutherford market is La Luna. I haven't been there in years but when I worked at Mondavi, the quesadillas were cheap, greasy, and not very authentic (ham or pepperoni, cheese, peppers). I know they now have a taqueria and turn out tacos and burritos. There used to be a great place near the Rutherford Post Office called the Corner Bar. Unisex bathroom with both male and female nekkid centerfolds. At one time, when Robin Williams was still a wild man, he'd supposedly drive down from his ranch and hang out there. He and Chris Reeve once came by RMW; Reeve was wearing awfully short shorts and had these pasty white legs. Poor guy (I mean now). Soscol Cafe is great, there's Mrs. McDonald's, we have a Nation's Burgers & Pies - that probably covers the grease. And the Depot on 4th is always a trip back in time. Can't beat those malfatti. During her first visit to pick up malfatti and ravioli, a friend of mine saw someone looking out the back window at her and she asked, "Oh, is this where I get the malfatti?" and the response was "No, this is the men's room." In re bars, someone has already mentioned the Green Door and the Green Lantern. Lou Scaruffi, who owned the bar in the days I used to go there (when I drank AND smoked and a beer was a buck - circa 1991), recently passed away. I hear it's closing down in September. No drunken tourists - only drunken residents. Lamplighter used to be fun when it was downtown; now it's up on Trancas, IIRC. I keep editing this...there's also Henry's Cocktail Lounge on Main Street - there's no sign and it's between Pilar's and Zuzu. Henry died a few years ago but the lounge lives on.
  20. One note about Ristorante FIASCHETTERIA TOSCANA in Venice: the restaurant is in Buon Ricordo so if you are collecting plates and order the Frittura della Serenissima, remember to get the plate.
  21. How about the Broiler Steakhouse off Rt. 101 past Ukiah - I think it's in Redwood Valley, which spawned Jim Jones' first People's Temple, but I digress. I took a then boyfriend, now husband, there during the past decade and he raved about the steak. Their "special" salad was iceberg with beets, carrots and garbanzo beans with a dressing reminiscent of horseradish. Actually better than it sounds. I went to Jonesy's at the Napa airpoint once many years ago - everyone raved about the "special" potatoes; they consisted of a hashed brown patty with a slice of half-melted "cheese food" and a ring of raw onion placed on top. Yeah, those were REAL special. Ann Harris started the Harris Steakhouse in San Francisco back in the '80s. At one time, she was related to the Harris Ranch folks, but no ties at present and Midwestern beef has always been served at her Steakhouse, not the stuff from the Coalinga Ranch. chrisv
  22. Tacos La Playita is our truck of choice - we tried them all about 6 years ago, and we always return to the beach. For a time, they moved the truck around, but it seems to be settled on McKinstry. We tried their Old Sonoma Road restaurant once, but it's the truck or nothing.
  23. I love your photos. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. I see many familiar sights, easily identifiable from the thumbnails (Il Ritrovo!). I also took a picture of the green "garbage" boat in Venice and just printed a copy yesterday to send it to my grandson for fun. We stayed at Pensione Guerrato our first time in Venice, but on the last trip I found Palazzo La Scala which was wonderful, cheaper, and on the same side of the canal as the vaporetto stop - no need to clunk bags up and over the Rialto Bridge (not saying that you did, but that's what we did). I took lots of kitty pix to put together an album for Kosmo. Here he is, wearing my Peggy Guggenheim sunglasses: http://photos.yahoo.com/inkadinkadue. Your bride is beautiful. chrisv
  24. WHAT? $5 for a burrito? I'd want a table cloth with that, thank you. Come to think of it, I probably pay a little under $5 for burritos over at Favela's in Fairfield. Some years ago, they made Sunset Magazine's burrito round-up list, if that would be anything in their favor, along with my all time fave: Rosa Maria's in SoCal in San Bernardino. Rosie's offers many burritos costing between $3 and $4, and I like mine with meat, rice, and cheese (sorry). That was my first burrito and that's how I like them.
  25. cmvnapa


    Stockton has an El Pollo Loco??? Where? And if somebody is going to recommend a drive to Locke to Al's Place, why not any of the marina joints? I like the prime rib at Wimpy's but it's only available on weekends.
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