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  1. will try. the folks here seem to think Maestroid and the Citron restaurant qualify as FoodTV 'best of $39(US)/day eats,' so will pass. Still waiting for the 'Washingtonian' crowd's endorsement before I go.
  2. for all you makoto fans: the place upstairs i wrote about months ago (with impatient, frustrated sushi chef obviously connected to makoto) has abandoned the sushi route and taken the yakitori fork/skewer toward oblivion much the same as the sushi place. since they do not and can not and will not display a business sign, could someone more qualified (ie one who writes for the washingtonian or georgetown current) please review this place when it [re]opens?? or do i need to send in my annual dues? if makoto is too XXXX, then the place upstairs is just right.
  3. haven't had a nice soft-yolked, three-minute poached egg in ages. my last 'over-easy' waffle house egg'n'sausage platter was less than inspiring. am more apt to make brunch at home (eggs benedict for chump change) than pay good dough for a half-arsed 'brunch' at lamely promoted DC restaurants.
  4. fun to sieve the rookies from the pros with the quality of their 'foodtv' posts.
  5. gee, youre so old school. i like to see the 'retro' charles chips cans in the pottery barn catalogs for sale for like $20 for the two-cup size. lame. maybe you can help the rest of us understand.
  6. i dont like the lactic acid flavor (except when i excercise) so i prefer plain Utz chips to a manufactured 'salt & vinegar' chip. anyone in the mid atlantic who has a car and a free weekend and likes fresh chips can drive to Hanover PA and get warm Utz'. otherwise, make your own.
  7. wasnt there a thread about this a bit back?
  8. hardees & mcdonalds each had their go w/ roy's. not bobs
  9. sorry, not impressed with rocklands. compared and think famous dave's does ribs better! friend works at rocklands (gtown) and agrees ribs not supposed to fall off bone. they have little flavor! brisket ok sandwich ok will compare to 'capitol q' and report. clydes? might as well go to cheesecake factry in fshts
  10. agree. thought it may be a bit outside the dc resident's ideal of convienience, but if i wanted to, would rather call a friend to take me to 'trattoria e pizzeria' than marios if for just the pizza.... marios' no comparison --'trattoria e pizzeria' [sic?] is better
  11. Yes. Only once last -- no twice last year. Can recall three or more times/summer growing-up having crab feasts.... Around mid-july as well.. Planned a fourth'o7' w/ crabs, but was rejected with the 'first come first served -- $200/bushel fer mediums'... steam, no-boil, no old bay..... fer tourists--get yer own!! DAMN! Jimmies=washington monument Sooks= Capitol
  12. dave88

    Tomato Sandwiches

    Miracle Whip? Yeah, great tomatoes suck on their own. Bread and vinegar only prove their novacaine like qualities. For me, its definitely ripe Beefsteaks with anything but their own juice. Tomatoes, maybe basil, maybe fresh moz. Id say perfect tomatoes still have a week or two on the east coast.
  13. dave88

    Favorite condiment

    Deja vous with a side of tommy.
  14. Too little too late... thanks for the tip.
  15. Cooking pork 'till medium rare and using 'McCormick's California Style' garlic salt on occasion.
  16. Interesting analogy. Would you rather eat at Uma's or Divine's? Damn!
  17. No. Why bother with it? Lets explain, as you tried, how lame this kind or corporate force-feeding of stuff that "actually looks pretty darned good." "Looks" is the keyword here. "Frightening" is another, as well as "grossing." Im sick of this chain crap.
  18. it boggles the mind. think of all the posting a guy like me could do in those 3 hours. i have somewhat of an unwritten rule: i don't wait in line for dinner. well thats because you like mc donalds
  19. Missing my point. If one can metabolise more calories it takes in from consumption, fat will be burnt as energy. One will lose weight not matter what one eats, as long as more calories are burnt as eaten. If your body can't keep up with its demand of sugars/flours as energy, it will resort to its fat reserves as energy as well as oppositely store excess calories as fat. To compare metamucil (fibre) to veggies and fruits and beans and grains is lame and plain stupid. I said fiber, not drugs. Get past this corporate, USA'ite mentality. You can eat whatever and as much as you like as long as your body metabolises it. XFats are worse for the body than saturated fats (like palm oils) as Ive pointed out in the 'soybean TDG' thread. They taste worse as well. People, it's simple. {ed: to make it simpler}
  20. Firstly, the body prefers to use simple and refined and plain sugars for energy (Coke, Mountain Dew, sugar, etc.). Secondly, it burns refined carbs such as flours, pastas, etc. which are basically converted and stored as sugars by the body. Thirdly, it likes fats. Lastly, proteins. To burn more calories than one consumes, one looses fat. When one exercises beyond the stored sugar limits of one's body, fats are used. This is how people lose weight. When one is anorexic (won't eat) , only proteins are used which results in the heart and other muscles being used as energy, and well, you know the rest..... Excess calories are always stored as fats. There is a triglyceride/insulin issue involved, but i'm obviously not a doctor. [ed: because...slkinsey isn't far off]
  21. Dave: In the US, I feel the innundation from corporate chain restaurants and agro-businesses can now only be overcome by a modern day Noah. James Beard has passed away and Julia Child isn't a spring capon anymore. FoodTV has been sabotoged and PBS is now only passable. Do you have any space left on your Ark? HELP! signed, concerned foodie
  22. boursin & triscuit vodka & crystal light
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