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  1. You've got it all right. Cochon, though, is a must if any of them are. Just didn't realize what you were looking for initially...
  2. MikeHartnett

    Dinner! 2011

    I've read that it generally isn't made with other sugars, like palm sugar, because impurities in the sugar make it easier to burn.
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    I do it. Learned it from a coffee-obsessed website!
  4. Ok. As far as po boys go, I think your best options [relatively] close to public transportation are Mahony's or Tracey's (which is where the kitchen staff from Parasol's moved). Both of these are on Magazine, which is a few blocks' walk from the St. Charles streetcar line, depending on how far down the line you are (the shape of the city means some of the main streets vary greatly in distance depending on where you're at). Tracey's is known for its roast beef po boy, while Mahony's does most things pretty well, including classics and a few non-classics, like fried chicken livers with cole slaw. As far as other dining options, could you give a little more info on how long you'll be here/which meals you're looking to eat, etc.?
  5. Question for someone who has the book (or someone who doesn't): what is corn powder, and where does one acquire such a thing? I've seen it called for in at least 2 recipes from the book, and I've never heard of it.
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    Dinner! 2011

    Nice! There have been worse first posts...
  7. I think they work well with whiskey in classic drinks like old fashioneds or manhattans.
  8. slkinsey gives a pretty thorough explanation here.
  9. You can actually make some very nice coffee with an Aeropress if you completely ignore the instructions. First, buy a Coava metal filter. Use something approximating a pour over grind. Invert the Aeropress and put about 18g of coffee in it. Pour around 210g of hot water in, very slowly. Wait about 50 seconds, then stir for 10 seconds. Put the filter and lid on, flip it back over and press slowly, just using the weight of your hands. Quick, easy, delicious, and simple cleanup. ETA: Oh, and forgot to add: water temp should be high 190s-low 200s F. Not 175.
  10. I figure you're probably aware, but I have to ask: did you look for the seeds titled "achiote" as well as annatto? As for your actual question, I've never used it, so I'm of precisely zero help.
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    I had it with onions at my favorite Indian restaurant that just recently closed. It was wonderful! I'd appreciate your ideas on the best recipe. I'm going to an Indian market on Tuesday (the closest is 90 miles away). Mangoes and Curry Leaves by Alford and Duguid has a good recipe. Click the link below and then on pg. 187. http://books.google.com/books?id=7PPbE11G49wC&pg=PA186&dq=mangoes+and+curry+leaves+shallot+sambar&hl=en&ei=GEJtTqm8E8atsAKh7oWnBA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CDEQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=sambhar&f=false
  12. Vac pots tend to bring out more brightness in coffees. I tend to prefer them for African coffees with brighter, fruitier profiles, but they can also be used to interesting effect for other profiles.
  13. This. I was just talking about how much I love his recipes ending with "this should taste salty, sour, sweet, hot." It seems sort of strange that more authors don't tell you what the food should taste like...
  14. Have you ever charred even the tiniest portion of meat and then served it? That's carcinogenic. Are you a bad cook?
  15. ^Mostly this. But I do have one generalization: people who don't enjoy cooking generally aren't much good at it.
  16. 18.25 inches. Annoying, both because many appliances don't fit under them, and because there's about 1.5 times that much space above the cabinets.
  17. Mmmm... I'd love to hear about this. Love bhel puri.
  18. My copy says 4T cornstarch to 6T water, I believe, and references potato starch, but concludes that cornstarch is more easily obtainable in the West. I use pork too, and it's one of my favorite recipes on earth. I've been eating quite a lot of it lately.
  19. To be honest, I'm not sure I understand it. The idea behind Gilt, as I understand it, is deals on brand name stuff. Sort of a "you don't have to be loaded to dress/live/etc. like you are" idea; it doesn't have to be snobby and out of reach. It's a very coherent idea. Gilt Taste, however, seems to clash with that idea. Brand name foods for way-high prices. Ribeyes for $85 a pound? $222 worth of caviar? Plus, while I have deep respect for most of the people writing for the site, I question the motivation for hiring them. To draw people to the site to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of caviar? I just don't see the correlation. When I first heard about Gilt Taste, I was excited by the possibilities. Unique stuff at good prices, I thought. Plus, if all these people had signed on in apparent support, it had to be good, right? At this point, though, it seems like someone else trying to sell fancy, overpriced oils, caviars, and giant hunks of meat to people who don't know any better, instead of seeking out the truly unique and providing a good deal.
  20. Ditto all these recommendations. I have been to Mission Chinese, and it was outstanding, even though for most it's not a "destination" restaurant. I guess, though, that coming from NYC, Chinese might not be high on your priority list in SF. That said, it's very good. And just as a tiny point of correction for ease of searching, it's "Delfina". It's a side-by-side pair of restaurants. I haven't been to the more formal of the pair, but Pizzeria Delfina was a ton of fun, and the food was very tasty.
  21. The Rendezvous Rye is one of my absolute favorites. I need to pick some more up next time I'm somewhere I can get my hands on it. Maybe in Chicago next week.
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