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  1. Fo' shizzle? Are either really cooking 2 star food? I'd agree with GR though, starting to look a bit tired that.
  2. When none of your friends know what the hell egullet is. You have become 'these people i talk to on the internet'. That gets a few eyebrows.
  3. NNNNOOOO!!!! I had two quite sublime meals this year. guess you went on a very very rare off night btw - Food snob - like your site but it shows that you don't seem to have made over to LCS yet which sounds like quite a serious omission. really need to address that one soon ← I worry based on the report i believe Phil gave (it may have been someone else) earlier last year. I had a stunning meal in february but I don't know if theres enough in the 2 star range except for the atmosphere/feel. I need to go again really, see if anythings changed since the last visit, if the new book is on the way then perhaps things are still 2 star standard. I don't mean to say that anything bad is coming out of the kitchen, if bad food is being made then a restaurant doesnt deserve any stars, no matter what they aspire to. I really hope they don't drop one. Edit: Didn't really get across what i meant the first time.
  4. The restaurant at Tate modern has a stunning view over the thames but the atmosphere might not be what youre looking for.
  5. Interesting, I didnt realise michelin would be giving such press to a place like this. Was surprised to see "molecular gastronomy" used in the article, I thought michelin writers would have been aware to the hatred for the phrase by now.
  6. CalumC

    What did I just buy?

    Thats become the fore runner, i reckon thats the one now. But then i thought that before. I'll use it in a turnip context and see what happens.
  7. CalumC

    What did I just buy?

    You know ive got a very good feeling that you might be right there, they do look like that. I think we might be back in Turnip Town.
  8. Ha, start of that 2nd one. Bloody awkward sod, I feel for the presenter.
  9. CalumC

    What did I just buy?

    I had a stew planned, they would have gone in that. Better than living off rustlers.
  10. CalumC

    What did I just buy?

    Thanks for the identification, I reckon they have a future in stir fries. What kind of stews do you use them with?
  11. CalumC

    What did I just buy?

    Jesus, forgot to put the flickr picture in. But yes, the one on the right. http://www.flickr.com/photos/music_food/3171006656/
  12. Bad timing my friend, how am i supposed to force myself to go to a seminar now.
  13. I just went food shopping, bought some of these what I thought originally to be a turnip variant. I've got home and realised that I've probably just bought some round Daikon. Am i right? If not, what the hell has my lack of knowledge led me to discover, and what can i do with it. Cheers.
  14. I would absolutely love to do that walk, the yorkshire dales and north york moors are pretty much my favourite place in the world. Theres a brilliant little pub in Reeth, Black Bull i think it was. Great ales (Theakston I think, Old Peculiar on tap made me very happy) and a very good steak and ale pie from what i remember. Its possible that i'm seeing it as so good based on my age on first visit and the family holiday aspect, but I'm fairly sure it was as good as i remember. I believe from your map that you're going to be passing just above a village called Barningham, I don't know whether it would still be open, but there used to be a pub there run by an old man, it was basically his house, everyone sat in his living room, drinks down in what would normally be a coat room. This is a good 5 or 6 years ago that we last went. Enjoy the walk, incredible scenery around there.
  15. Couldn't rip those and chuck them on youtube could you? Sounds brilliant.
  16. I'm part way through the first one, really, really interesting. Thanks are indeed deserved. Its quite interesting so far seeing him so much younger, he seems so incredibly driven. Dishes like the leek and lobster terrine did put ramsay in mind for me.
  17. Do you cook with that sort of stuff at home Calum? ← I've used a few before, samples from MSK and fortune of finding xanthan in Tesco, but the main reason I dont use them more is because i can't get them. Even then, i'd only be using it for fun, nothing too day to day serious.
  18. They would have a cardiac arrest if they saw pepper in the kitchen because its "too spicy." ← Oh man, we feel your pain. The thing about goose and duck is that theyre awesome even cooked medium (and maybe a bit further). The meat stays great, and the skin goes crispy, but follow whichever skin preparing techniques you see fit. It'll be delicious for you, simple enough for them.
  19. Not sure if its common knowledge already but... I emailed anthonys the other day enquiring about getting some food chemicals in smaller amounts from his large orders from MSK, to which the answer was no, because they will be opening an Aroma shop at the piazza in 2009, apparently selling some chemicals (I mentioned maltodextrin and gellan. Inteeeeresting.
  20. God bless the student loan, I found a copy today, decided to go for it. Looks an absolute monster.
  21. Bastarding thing seems to be sold out everywhere! Harumph.
  22. Glad to report that it was well worth the visit, though slightly unusual in some way. I'll write up what i can remember tomorrow hopefully.
  23. CalumC

    Brussels Sprouts

    Had a good sprout involving starter yesterday, Faggot made of rabbit offal, slice of black pudding and some sprout halves, seemed to have been either boiled/steamed then fried, or just fried. Very nice.
  24. Ouch, thats a shame, sounds very unusual for them to have done so well otherwise so far. The salt and pepper i'm not sure I agree would be quite such an issue in itself, if seasoning in the kitchen is precise, it shouldn't be needed at the table. But if you felt then it needed either, then clearly you are within your rights asking for it. The bouncers thing I really don't get, I can see how that might put you off a bit, perhaps they are there because the Corn Exchange is so renowned as the 'local youths' hangout (I feel strange saying that, I might have been one of them if i had lived in Leeds in my earlier teens). I hope that your visit has fallen on a hiccup night for the kitchen rather than being a sign of things to come, if these things are happening then Anthony Jr will surely be kicking some ass, that seemed to be the case when Jay slated the Flannels branch (is it right to call it a branch?). I had lunch in the cafe with my grandparents yesterday, very decent sandwich fillings, good coffee.
  25. Merry dystopian christmas? Someone has to make a feature of recipes from authors, surely? Seems too obvious to have not already been done.
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