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  1. Help! Can anyone in the UK recommend some online shops for chocolate making equipment. I think there was one called chocolate world, something like that, but i cant find a basic mould, just something relatively deep for filling. Maybe square or dome shaped. If anyone can help it'll be much appreciated. Thanks,
  2. And that too is most definately truthful, without doubt the best service station in the land. I prefer the northbound, and the food is actually rather excellent. A motorway service with a farm shop can be nothing but good, especially when they have venison pies.
  3. You're not at all wrong about Autogrills in Italy, i've had damn good on the move sarnies from there when I went with school last year. Something like that would be perfect.
  4. There are few more awkward issues in culinary society, and it is a bleeding awkward situation. My few encounters with foie gras have been good, but theres always a little something in the back of your mind, that you know how it was produced. As for your case, she had every right to cancel, if shes creeped out by it, fair enough. Bit far for her to start guilt tripping you though.
  5. Le Champignon Sauvage - Cheltenham, Glos. Gilpin Lodge - Windermere, Cumbria
  6. Excellent, all look very helpful. I'm thinking about going up on the hill around Cheltenham (I live there, part of the reason the interest arose from Essence), see what is up there. Thanks for all the links and books.
  7. Hullo all, I'm getting frustrated, i've been inspired by David Everitt-Mathias' book and its use of wild food, and i'm now looking a guide to wild food in Britain. As much as i love Amazon, they just don't have a guide to edible wild plants in Britain. Has anyone got any recommendations? Thanks for any help.
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