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  1. Corn exchange is a little hit and miss, went for lunch with in laws last weekend and was decent, small sea bass fillet with lemon barley risotto was delicious, but not a great portion, same for Cod, asparagus, pea and bacon. Sausage and mash was good but could have done with a bit more flavour, desserts all good. Last time we went we tried the chocolate fondue sharing plate, I think i mentioned it somewhere, but that was an abomination. To answer a previous question from some time ago, the Anthony's cafe in the VQ is good, not spectacular, but it does the job of a cafe, not sure how it weighs up against the harvey nics cafe up from it. The cafe in Piazza is probably better, for its salads, but its a shame they've let an opportunity with things like jacket potatoes to make their own fillings, went recently and beans were beans, would be nice to see the effort. Fuji Hiro is next on my list, not been yet but keep hearing good things about their noodles. 3 York Place has closed down, annoyingly, as I would have liked to have gone. The recession does seem to have had its casualties, lets hope things pick back up, not that there isn't anywhere to go, just not as thriving a scene as it has been.
  2. Eatenmess: It bothers me more that gill is billed as a food critic, at least he is for this article (I can't stand his work generally incidentally), and yet doesn't give any of his attention to the food. Good writing about food does exist, and is one of the reasons I read the guardian. I'm sure the chef is bothered, because instead of giving constructive criticism, he's dismissed him for apparently copying something he may have originally come up with, not that I give a toss about that in the slightest. It's irrelevant to the review of a restaurant in all but a passing comment, and kind of makes him look a dick. Speaking of which, on the subscription discussion. For the times or guardian websites I wouldn't pay, because on average, the quality doesn't match up to their print format. However, in a few years I do intend to join in with the digital print media move, and at that point I would pay a subscription fee for journalism/writing as I do for newspapers now. I just happen to be a student and couldn't possibly commit to a device (ipad) plus subscriptions to newspapers and magazines.
  3. How about that, he's actually managed to get his head round far enough to kiss his own arse. I naively thought he might start talking about food again towards what eventually was the end of the article, but apparently restaurant critics don't do that. He seems to me quite repulsively arrogant about his own writing that he thinks he can get away with this nonsense. Worryingly, he has and will. I'll add it to my reasons not to read The Times.
  4. Glad you mentioned the bread. Odd as it may be, the Bacon and shallot brioche we've had on both visits are one of the best things about the place, not that its any discredit to any of the dishes, the bread is simply that good!
  5. Really fantastic series so far, we've not had anything this good to watch in the U.K. for some time, this weeks episode was very interesting, I particularly liked the last dish, looked fantastic. On a related note, I hope I wasn't the only one to catch 'Fat Man In A White Hat' on BBC4, Bill Buford of the New Yorker doing a two part (1 hour each) in depth look at French cooking, I really enjoyed it.
  6. It might be of interest to some of you that HB has been named guest director of the Cheltenham Science Festival in June. I hope he'll be ambitious with who he gets in to talk, perhaps McGee or This! Calum
  7. Couldn't agree more, crumbly fudge is one of my all time hates, rooting back to a hot day and a whole bag of the stuff. It did not end well. Soft, chewy fudge on the other hand is brilliant, and that looks like a great batch.
  8. I can't say i've heard or seen much to suggest drastic changes this year. 21212 will surely get a star, Anthony's will as ever go without (should I even bring it up?) and elsewhere little will happen. I'll put my neck out and say that RHR will stay 3*. If it was going to change, it would have done last year. I've not seen anyone suggest this year that it is any better or worse than the level it was at this time last year, even if that level had suggested to us 2*. Personal opinion, of course.
  9. Will have to get along for dinner sometime soon, I check the menus most times I walk past. As for Anthony's not being there, I believe he works at the Piazza most daytimes, I always seem to see him either getting stuck in to the baking or doing the 'businessman' thing when i'm in there.
  10. So much so that BBC Look North reported on it this week. I think it was them anyway.
  11. PM me and i'll work out a way to get them to you.
  12. I really wish I had known about this place a few weeks ago. I had planned to take my dad to Tayyabs for dinner before a gig at Troxy (Limehouse area), but saw that they were closed. Would have loved to go to Needoo instead, but I read the DH post the day after the gig. Guh... Fortunately i've got a few more gigs to go to in london so i'll make it next time hopefully.
  13. So is it the same menu as hestons or as above, a couple of the dishes added to the usual. Like nikloman, I also quite enjoyed an Olympic the other day near Harlow after a festival. The sausage was the worst but but I had no issu with the rest, filled me up for the day.
  14. I'll stick my hat in for one of the hot beancurd ones, can't remember the name but i don't think it was the one of this threads title. I also had pork with garlic shoots which was delicious. The Beijing dumplings are a starter I think, portion of 10 for 2 will easily get you going. Apparently spring onion bread is good.
  15. Quick bump, going here tomorrow night with 3 others. Will report back, hopefully a better experience than West Beach last night, which left us a little underwhelmed, mostly due to the price.
  16. thanks everyone... inside is: two 12" layers of cocoa genoise alternating between three layers of coffee meringue sandwiched with espresso buttercream and mirabelle preserves covered with rum ganache ← I must have.
  17. impressive output, dan!! do you manage to work your way through it all? i've wanted to make the choux strips from friberg's book ever since i first saw them. i'm planning a puff rolling session sometime next week, so i'll hopefully have a go soon. do you like the recipe, dan? ← Thanks! There are a few left. I plan to make a nice pitcher of strawberry daquiries tonight. The recipe is really good. My wife takes 2/3s of what I make to work and these disappeared quicker than most. That image has taken pride of place on my iPhone screensaver, gorgeous dan. ← You are free to put it on your iPhone as long as you do not take credit. Thanks! Dan ← All i will do is take inspiration, never steal. dystopiandreamgirl: a. awesome name b. That cake looks absolutely incredible. Whats in it?
  18. Apart from water buffalo steak, which sticks out like a sore thumb as trying too hard, the menu reads superbly and i'd love to visit. On a related note, he's at the Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival next weekend should anyone be particularly interested.
  19. That image has taken pride of place on my iPhone screensaver, gorgeous dan.
  20. Not a word of a lie about chippies, there are no standouts in cheltenham at all, the one i tend to go with is in the Benhall estate, can't remember the name off the top of my head, but even that isnt great. I will second Burger Burger, any place that cooks a burger rare is worth a shot in my opinion. If you were willing to make another restaurant visit on the friday night, i seriously recommend Lumiere. It recently changed hands (maintained name), and while I never visited pre-change, the new restaurant is great. Had a seriously stunning rhubarb dessert on my visit. Richard's Royal Well reference may be to do with me (i suspect so), basically I fully recommend the food, its cracking, but on the night I went, the service was decidedly shoddy.
  21. Which is why i struggle to justify demanding the person whose name is on the door (so to speak). If theyre still making great food...
  22. And personally, i also agree with this, though i do understand what olicollet is getting at. Its more a nagging feeling at the back of my mind than a strong insistence.
  23. Point taken, but that has so far been an outlet of sorts to his historical stuff and seems a worthwhile visit. My point really was that if it isn't a fat duck london, i hope he doesn't use his name as the attraction to a fairly standard restaurant.
  24. Well, well, well. If it is new, then perhaps the outlet for his historic stuff? I'm struggling a little to see what style it could be, is he really selling out to a brasserie or something?
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