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  1. This was my dinner last night. It was cold and chilly and perfect for... Pork Sinigang (Pork Tamarind Sour Soup) I added kangkong (water spinach), tomatoes, onion and peeled taro root to the soup. It was hot, sour and very tasty. Perfect to chase the chill in the air away.
  2. MizBaggins left Hawaii with a flurry of leis and garlands in her wake. She took the red eye to England and when she landed found herself transported again and she headed off to Sweden. Here is our travelling tote with a smörgåstorta, a "sandwich cake". The correct pronounciation for the Swedish delicacy is "smurgohstorta". It is layers of cake with either slices of meat or prawns/crab meat in, incredibly creamy and according to MizBaggins, it tasted just fine! MizBaggins then headed back to England to rest for awhile and catch her breath with this whirlwind worldwide tour.
  3. I suggest that you use firm tofu to replace the minced meat. Weigh the tofu down overnight (to get rid of excess moisture/water). Crumble it finely or if you have a food processor, mince it like ground meat. Add to your basic meatloaf recipe. Bake 5 to 10 minutes more than a regular meatloaf. Hope that helps.
  4. Hiroyuki - Peter's grim and macabre tone was set by the reading material he was indulging before the market. (Did I get that right Peter?). I found the posts very refreshingly different. I like it! Peter - they did a food special on Japan and they showed the Glico armpit guy! And I saw some restaurants that you featured in your photos. It was neat seeing it on video.
  5. Kim, I am so glad your blog is still open for posting. I wanted to add my address too for leftovers shipping. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for letting us glimpse into your wonderful life and for Otis too! Maraming salamat!
  6. I really like the part about hacking up a nematode ← Why were there no pictures? You can tell I'm a big "Alien: movie fan
  7. Thank you Soup. I have a new daily blog now (see below my signature). It's mostly Filipino and American food and recipes. I'll try to include korean recipes as well.
  8. Matthew and Suzi - can I come over for dinner? Those steaks are done perfectly, I can almost taste them.
  9. You said it HummingbirdK, load it up with butter! Popcorn that is I hear you about chicharones. In the Philippines we call pork rinds, chicharon. You buy them fresh from Lapid's and then you hug the warm bag close to you, smelling all the salty, porky goodness and then go crazy in the car. I love it dipped in rice vinegar with some chopped bird chilis and onion..
  10. Here you go Homemade Jampong Ingredients: 6 cups of fish soup-stock 4 tablespoons gochujang (red pepper paste) 1/2 cup Korean soy sauce 1 clove garlic (minced) 1/2 white onion (sliced) 1 stalk green onion (including white stem) 1 squid, cleaned and sliced into rings, tentacles into pieces 1 cup of clams How to prepare: Soup-stock 1. Heat up 6 cups of water. Add three or four 2" pieces of kelp (dashima) and four or five dried myulchi (dried anchovy fish). Add 1/2 cup Korean soysauce. 2. Turn off gas before it comes to a boil. 3. Strain the kelp and fish from the stock. How to fix the jampong: 1. Bring the soup stock to a boil. Add the garlic, gochujang and onion. 2. Boil for a minute and add the squid and the clams. 3. Simmer for a minute and add the chopped onions on top. 4. Season with a little MSG, salt and pepper.
  11. Ellen - can you send some of the terrine to me? Those look mouthwatering delicious!
  12. MOGa - they're a favorite of koreans too, dried mangoes from the Philippines. I usually bring a cartonfull back when I go on vacation in the Philippines. Hubby's co-workers and boss demand their share of dried mangoes, not to mention my friends too. Be careful not to eat too much though, you know what they say about getting too much fiber.
  13. Kim! You made Lee's Marlboro Man's Beef Sandwiches. Those are a favorite of my Kentucky man. I also make her cinnamon rolls (her recipe is so easy to follow) and the Chocolate Sheet cake. My family whoops with delight everytime I fix these goodies. The pork is called "tonkatsu" (pronounced TON-cat-soo) while the the gyoza dumplings are pronounced (Gee-YOH-Zah).
  14. Tonight's dinner was sourced from the weekly street market. Steak with Sauteed Oyster Mushrooms and Fries Somebody wanted to say hi to all the eGulleteers. Billy - "Hi everyone!"
  15. One of my most memorable meals was when my parents brought me and my siblings to a 12-course banquet dinner. It was one of the most sumptous chinese dinner I have ever had. Starting from the first course of delicately wrought dimsums and steamed seafood, then to the mouth-meltingly soft braised beef, and the richness of the veggie dishes.... I thought I couldn't eat some more and then they brought out these huge moray eels coiled up on large platters. There were eel platters on each table and one really nice Chinese girl sitting on our table told me to sample it. It was a bite of heaven. I had to get a huge chunk of the braised eel and it was mouthwatering delicious! I forgot the other courses that came after that but up to this day I still remember that braised moray eel dish. Another memorable meal for me was when my family and my parents' friends went to this remote island in the Visayas where there was pristine white sand and sparkling clear water. It was so remote that the fish were not scared of us and would come up to nibble on our toes and the food that we would scatter while sitting on the shore. My parents roasted milkfish, spareribs and pork chops while their friends gathered huge stones crusted with oysters which we baked in the fire where the ribs were roasting. Our rice was packed in banana leaves and it gave the rice this heady scent that meant I would more than 2 servings. It was so rustic, so perfect.
  16. Johnny, can I come too? I might try that recipe when I get some fresh scallops here from the street market. Would the bath of mirin be a splash or a couple of splashes?
  17. Hear, hear! Thank you for your great work Eje. We really appreciate your contributions and your hard work to this forum.
  18. I just wanna reach into my computer screen and grab that bagel and take a huge bite. It looks so delicious!
  19. Beautiful Marlene, just beautiful.
  20. Ohmygosh, you just described it. I love eating it until the container is empty and then I suck the cheezy crud stuck on my thumb and forefinger. I would do it to Billy's fingers too until he told me to stop it and what I was doing was yucky. LOL
  21. Kim, somebody got the nomnomnom reference first! I love that site "icanhascheezburger ". Some of the pics has made me LOL that hubby had to comeover and look at what I was laughing about. Yes, more pics of Otis, please!
  22. Kim those cheese knives are to die for... Where did you get such fun items?
  23. Kleatius - what you're doing is right. Just mix a little rice vinegar, sugar and a little water to thin out the gochujang, put into a ketchup squeeze bottle and you have gochujang that is served in bibimbap restaurants. I'll try to see in my pics if I have a picture of that ketchup squeeze bottle.
  24. Hubby used to work at the Executive Inn in Henderson, Ky, would call out this... "Hot stuff coming through, hot potatoes too!" (substitute whatever food he was carrying for potatoes).
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