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  1. Eindhoven.. there is about 3 good places.. an Italien and a thai in the center of eindhoven Italien: Da Nello Stratumsedijk 23 A, Eindhoven 5611 NA, The Netherlands Very very good... and also nice place to be http://www.danello.nl Thai: Sala Thai Staringstraat 31, Eindhoven 5615 HC, The Netherlands Good thai food, interior is a little takki but good food http://www.restaurantsalathai.nl/ Another great place just outside eindhoven is: De Treeswijkhoeve Valkenswaardseweg 14 5582 VB WAALRE Nederland top top food and service, and is very beautiful place a most visit place for a special evening with great wine etc.. http://www.treeswijkhoeve.nl hope this can help you a bit.. And if you just love food etc.. and have time for a nice drive down to eys, where a farmer shop with all the good stuff is "Eyserhalte" they also have a pretty good restaurant there.. http://www.eyserhalte.nl/ But the drive down there is also nice hope i can help... br Gilbert
  2. I have been googling all around to get some furikake online, Amazon.com sells some JFC products, but not to the EU. Does anyone know a place that sells them in eu/uk? I mostly care for the ones in cans. Greetings Gilbert
  3. Are you talking about sopmething like this? ← No about the one where the skewer are with the tip on a iron stick.. ----------------T----------- I ---------------------------- I
  4. Hey I'm looking for a place to buy a kushiyaki grill online, and was maybe hoping Torakris or someone else would help.. BR, Gilbert
  5. coffee and news paper is good.. But if you like to get it cleaned use Acinol (Rodalon), takes away all the smell and makes it clean.
  6. Anyone been to Zuma Restaurant in Dubai? I like to hear some comments on food and service.. Been thinking about going there soon.
  7. I love Chirashi sushi, well post a picture later this week of my own Just remember to eat the ebi(shrimp) last for respect ...
  8. Cees Helder: Restaurant Parkheuvel (Dutch Fish book) Gagnaire: Reflections on Culinary Artistry (Picture book) Thomas keller: The French Laundry Cookbook The Dylan Amsterdam: A Tasteful Exsperiance (Dutch Restaurant) Tropical Asian Cooking Masaharu Morimoto: Morimoto De Kaiseki Keuken (Dutch Hotel Okura Amsterdam) The World Encyclopedia of Cheese: Juliet Harbutt Charlie Trotter's Cookbook R A W: Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein Tetsuya: Tetsuya wakuda East West Food: Food from the Pacific Rim and Beyond Pastissima: Pasta the Italian Way (Pane & Vino) Fjerkræ (Danish poultry book) The Japanese Foie Gras Project Nobu Now Nobu: The Cookbook by Gordon Ramsay *** Chef Søllerød Kro's Desserter: Markus Grigo The Cinnamon Club Cookbook Asian Tapas The Complete Book of Sushi Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges Sri Owen: New Wave Asian Cocktails #7 Essence: Recipes from Le Champignon Sauvage The Return of the Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver Nico by Nico Ladenis Korean Cooking Harumi's Japanese Cooking Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking Beef: Menu White Heat by Marco Pierre White Daniels Kokkeskole (Daniel letz) Estonian Cooking Helados y Sorbets Further Adventures in Search of Perfection by Heston Blumenthal In Search of Perfection by Heston Blumenthal Grand Livre De Cuisine: Alain Ducasse's Culinary Encyclopedia by Alain Ducasse Sushi: Taste and Technique by Kimiko Barber Piri Piri Starfish: Portugal Found by Tessa Kiros The Big Fat Duck Cookbook by Heston Blumenthal Alinea by Grant Achatz 45 i think there is.. Alinea is a amazing
  9. Where can i find some info on the simple grills they use in most izakaya, or what are the proper name on that type of grill for skewers? Made info on how to build one or where to buy it.. Br.. Gilbert
  10. Yes i was just wondering the same, maybe it is some canadian crossover thing half / half.. kingofswing01 I think you think about hamachi (yellowtail)(kingfish)(probally alot of other names..) If you have anygood fish market they can probally get a half frozen Japanese hamachi for you, or from New Zealand. Is all up to you what you think is best the japanese is bigger and more fat, New Zealand is lighter in taste and color and less fat. most of the time it is very hard to get the fresh Japanese hamachi, but sometimes you can be lucky.. And all of the price is high.. In season you can get Amber Jack instead, also a little bigger then the Japanese hamachi, but a nice fish in my opinion, some big chefs goes around it but dunno really. hope you can use some of these... But if you only gonna buy like 200 gram go talk to your cool local nice japanese sushi frind and my sweet talk him to sell you some next they get..
  11. Gilb3rt


    Uni shooter is good, uni, quel eggyolk, sake, ponzu and a litle chillie. uni also super good with raspberry's nut's and apples also very good with uni paste / mayo
  12. Went there some weeks ago, and i was absolutely impressed by the food and service and also compared to the price it's all worth it. It is place that i will come back to more then twice if they continue in that area of food and service. It is a place that Maze need to learn so much from if they like to stay open..
  13. About photos of food, what are the best lens, and any good ideas when taking photoes. Like taking a picture of a glass of water, it helps adding a drop of soy to the water. stuff like that ?
  14. Gilb3rt


    Umeshu is also very good for making drinks. Umeshu, Elderflower, sprit and maybe ad a some more shochu.
  15. Hey emma, kobe tongue sounds really nice, do you boil/braise it before grill and and special sauce ?
  16. I love natto, the simple'st thing temaki, with natto, spring onions, cucumber, roasted seasam seeds and crusted wasabi nuts/wasabi crystal with or without rice and like serving it with ponzu or just soy and then add a little yuzu in the roll..
  17. I need some good inspritions for the dipping, skewer combination, and other good stuff you make on the grill.... Some of my own favorites are Shiso maki (but i have seen so many varitions of it and some not that good.), king prawn with yusu, chicken heart...
  18. well first of it depends very much on what kind of tuna you buy.. most of the tuna sold cut and frosen are yellowtail and big eye tuna and then it is the back tail piece most of the time.. So if you grill it at high temperature the tuna will get a little shewe best is like someone said poched in olive oil, then it will get tender and good flavor ..
  19. i know the menning of tamago = egg, but what is the menning of tamago, ones i was told it direct ment small yellow kids or something like that ?
  20. Hey all, I wanna build op a good home bar, but what are the most have stuff in a good bar. I already have these: Gin (Bombay) (Tanqueray) Vodka (Absolut Citron) (Finlandia Lime) (Smirnoff) Tequila (some cheap shit) Whisky (Jack D) Rum (Havana club Blanca) (Mount Gay rum) Cachaca (51) Martini (Extra Dry) and (Rosso) Baileys Kahlua ..... But it looks like something is missing..
  21. Thanks allot all, it was just the links i needed i think..
  22. source for this: Austin ChronicleJust mulling over the trend of offering a ... ← cheese plate at the end of the meal in a restaurant !!! remeber to serve it before the dessert Which cheeses would you serve? How many? 6 pcs. dunno what cheeses but for min. one Blue and one red coated Accompanying wines? Port wine Other items for a cheese plate? Some sweete bread like figbread Has the time come in America and are we sophisticated enough to try to make these offerings? dont you? Can a less-than-large metropolis pull this off successfully? yes What do you think? you missed something for a long time if you serve food that can be served with cheese in a menu.. like i would not put cheese in a china or thai menu
  23. I dont really have a budget, was the private classes from the Blue Elephant, only herd good things about that place.. But i only got 8 days to use, so i think it's best if i only go one place this time.
  24. I'm looking to buy some old cooking books, anyone wanna sell or know a place where they sell old/ used cooking books..
  25. Anyone who have been to some good cooking schools in thailand and where ? i have been looking at some in Chiang Mai and Ko Lanta, http://www.thaicookingholidays.co.uk/ http://www.timeforlime.net/ http://www.holidayonthemenu.com Anyone who knows about these ?
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