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  1. Being the owner of a specialty food store with over 125 different bars, let me go to my rack and tell you what I'm groovin' on right now!...(I'm walking over right now). Okay, I'm back. A minute ago I ate a Pernigotti hazelnut only because I hadn't had one in a while, yummy and creamy but not my favorite right now. Domori Mais (Milk choc covered corn nuggets) - way addictive for me...but still not my favorite right now. Domori Latte Sal - I'm a dark fan, but this milk with sea salt is superb - best achievement of that flavor profile that I've tasted...but still not #1. #1 in my belly this week...Larzaroni Amaretti Di Saronno - bittersweet chocolate with bits of amaretti cookies in it. Oh man does it drive me wild! The aroma is top notch, the darkness is perfect for the sweet cookie accent. I want this in a mousse!!!
  2. gfron1

    Chocolate Sushi

    All of these are super ideas. I have 7 rolls under development - My Italian themed, a sturdy 85% chocolate nori filled with marzipan and layered with cocoa, then rolled in crushed amaretti cookies. My inside out, a sturdy sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and finished with sweetened condensed milk, a layer of crushed pistachios, then all of it rolled in toasted coconut. Chocolate Ecstasy roll, 85% wrap filled with Julia Childs' chocolate Marqui, Fran Bigelow's white chocolate coconut bar filling, and dusted with cocoa (for swirling effect), rolled in cacao nibs. just an idea of where I'm heading. The rice and the chocolate nori will be key here...my other rolls include candied ginger, dried mango, etc. And my biggest fear is being able to cut them and keep them beautiful. The presentation will be finished with chocolate breadsticks (chopsticks), spun sugar bouquets, marzipan wasabi, and chocolate miso - a recipe I've been playing with for months.
  3. I'm in practice mode for an upcoming chocolate competition (which I won last year with chestnut mousse). This year I am making a variety of chocolate sushi rolls. The one piece that I haven't quite perfected is the rice. I am planning to make a coconut milk based rice, and I'm going to try three flavors - plain, chocolate (using Neilsen Massey choc extract) and green tea. My concern is texture - it needs to hold together but not be too ricey if you know what I mean. Thoughts? Thanks in advance, Rob
  4. gfron1

    Vin Jaune

    I'm repyling to my own message - kind of like talking to myself... Well, I ordered a case of Vin Jaune from KL Wines. 7 bottles of 95 Puffeney and 5 bottles of 96. My cheese club has no idea that I've done this with "the change" that we've collected over the past 2 years. So on Feb 2nd they're all going to sip a glass of Vin Jaune to go with our Comte. What a better use of $800?! Cheers Rob
  5. Wow, quite a girth of opinines on the topic! I own a specialty food store in Silver City, NM - town of 10K, 3 hours from any major city. We're a ranching town and mining town...so what am I doing with a specialty food store here!? To me this is at the heart of the answer of why people go to chains. When we opened, we knew that for us to have a whole section dedicated to Indonesian foods (as well as 45 other countries) didn't make sense, because the vast majority of our customers would have no idea what to do with the ingredients. They are used to Taco Bell and our local Chinese restaurant being exotic. But that is the joy for us - helping people explore new foods the way we have our entire lives. We take the time to send them home with a jar of Patak's curry sauce and frozen paneer and a simple recipe, only to move them up to a homemade vindaloo on the next visit. Meals, for many, are about comfort. And there is comfort in consistency. There can be stress for many in not knowing what to expect. What if I pronounce a menu item wrong? What if I can't afford the prices? What if everyone looks at me when I walk in because I do something wrong? What if I don't like what's on the menu? What if... What if... The mere fact that we're on this forum would suggest that we wouldn't succomb to these concerns, but for the majority, a long wait for a mediocre meal is much more comforting.
  6. I've been using my Globals and the minosharp for about 2 years (home use only). I've had none of the issues mentioned above. My knives hold their edge (again in home use) for about 3-4 weeks. The sharpener was clearly created for the average home user and not professionals. I happened to be trained by a Global rep in the use of the minosharp - pressure, # of run throughs, etc and have had no problems. I did have a friend who messed up their blade in a mino but the company immediately replaced it. My 2 cents.
  7. gfron1

    Vin Jaune

    One of my greatest joys is bringing foods and experiences to places that no one would ever expect to find them. I'm in a small mountain town in SW New Mexico (pop 10K and 3 hours from any major city). I run a little cheese club that has grown from 15 members to over 125 in just a year and a half. Our next party, having been inspired by Behr's latest issue of the Art of Eating, will be Comte (I'll thrown in a Tete de Moine to let folks play with my girolle). I am also wanting to surprise the members by having a case of Vin Jaune available to really have the Jura experience. But, I had no idea how challenging it would be to find Vin Jaune. I've found some bottles at KL Wine Merchants in San Fran, but would really like a better price. Any suggestions AND any suggestions on other small touches to make this the perfect Jura night (I've not been yet). Thanks Rob
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