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  1. Add me to the list of Latino grocer-lovers! There are several in Las Vegas, but my favorite is the King Ranch Market (a Los Angeles area based chain) at Vegas and Decatur. I've been shopping there for years. Can't beat the produce section, which is SO superior to the overpriced wizened stuff at Vons or Albertson's (due in part to how heavily shopped it is), and the prices are fantastic. Nobody points and laughs at the pasty-faced middle-aged woman--on the contrary, the staff is extremely friendly and helpful--and I've found plenty of specialty Central and South American ingredients that I'd have to swap my first-born for at Wholefoods, pricewise. And the meat department....!!!! And as an added bonus, no crappy mainstream lite rock music. Of course, in among the traditional music there's crappy Latino mainstream lite rock, but at least it isn't in English! Everybody, just go! Forget about the language gap! Go! (edited because sometimes when I get all excited and happy my spelling suffers)
  2. Oooooh, I bet that would be GREAT. [hurries off to the kitchen to make some ghee]
  3. I know everyone else has said it, but it bears repeating: sizzleteeth, your photographs are simply gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. And thanks for posting the link for Intrepid Travel; someday, after I get out of school and get a job like normal people, I hope to be able to travel a bit, and India's always intrigued me. Until then, it's Bollywood films and Indian food and living vicariously through others' experiences!
  4. Maybe it's just the sheer vulgar gluttonous over-the-topness of it. "Red-neck Monte Cristo" is pretty much right on the money: it's the Monte Cristo squared. Can't even pretend this sucker is exotic (like scorpions on a stick) (anyone for a garnish of lark's vomit? Anyone?), not even if you squint really hard, nor can you extend to it a sort of anthropological nonjudgement (as with scorpions on a stick).
  5. My husband is under the impression that he's allergic/sensitive to cumin, that it makes him constipated. I've pointed out that he's never had cumin all by itself so it'd be difficult to know whether cumin was indeed the culprit, but he remains unswayed. So, okay: I'm highly skeptical, but I'm not about to trick him to prove a point--besides, what if he's right? Why would I deliberately risk the possibility of him feeling physically uncomfortable? There is, after all, the whole trust issue. So I either omit cumin, or prepare a separate cumin-y batch for myself. But a couple of weeks ago I had a severe hankering for black bean soup. He doesn't really like beans to begin with and since I had made 2 or 3 other items for him, it didn't occur to me to mention that the soup was thoroughly cumin-laced. --Until I went to the kitchen and found him eating it. I quickly decided to keep mum because if he really had a problem, the damage was done (and we're talking constipation here, not anaphylactic shock), and if he didn't actually have a problem, I didn't want the cumin anxiety kicking in. He loved the soup and had quite a bit over the next few days with no ill effects, and I still haven't decided whether to mention the secret ingredient. I certainly didn't set out to trick him and I'm thrilled that nothing untoward happened after he ate it (as I happen to love the stuff), but....I don't know. It's a bit of a conundrum.
  6. Frozen chocolate-dipped bananas on sticks! Used to buy them at the Dairy Queen at Cape Henlopen every summer, but they're really easy to make as well. One of my hands-down favorite desserts.
  7. She was wearing standard white sneakers. --which were the least of the show's problems. I've found Project Runway to be faintly entertaining when my brain is working, and mildly interesting when hopped up on codeine-laced cough syrup (the last week), so I was surprised when I watched Top Chef and discovered I hated it as much as I did. That led me to conclude that perhaps the only reason I didn't have a problem with PR is that I don't give a crap about fashion. Food, however, is a different kettle of shoes entirely. chefwoody put it very nicely and succintly upthread....
  8. I hate the smell of doughnuts frying...in fact, prolonged exposure to any kind of sugary cooking can bring on a migraine (emphasis on the word "prolonged"). Comes from being forced to make doughnuts for some church function when I was a kid, and after 8 hours, enough became too much and was I ever in serious pain. Mom didn't believe me at the time: "Who gets a headache from smelling doughnuts??" (The puking convinced her.) I also hate the smell of raw pork, although I love the cooked result. I just have to mouth-breathe while I'm prepping a roast. And then there's the collective exhalation of an airplaneful of people tearing into their packets of airline peanuts. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechhhh. Favorites: I LOVE LOVE LOVE pineapple!! Runners-up: garlic, bread, bacon, carmelized onions, and beer.
  9. I have something similar -- mine's the Nordicware brand, and I picked it up at Target for like $7. Definitely a kitchen *essential* for me! I'm sure you could add oil to it, but I never do, and the popcorn comes out perfect. ← Is it this thing? I have one--so simple. I love it. Got it on sale for 3 or 4 bucks. That said, I do like popcorn popped on the stovetop with a bit of oil. I've got one of those stovetop crank-the-handle-to-stir pots which is fun but a bit of a pain in the ass to clean. Toppings? I like REAL butter and salt, and parmesan!! mmmmmmmmm.........
  10. The Monte Cristo connection occured to me as well, which didn't make it seem any more palatable. There have been many times when I've combined foodstuffs in ways that disturbed my fellow diners; many of you have experienced the same thing. A BITE of hamburger, then a BITE of a donut...okay, that I can grasp, even if I wouldn't be first in line to taste it. But a whole Krispy Kreme Meat Donut? At once?! The whole concept of moderation exists for a reason, the reason being the likelihood of becoming a footnote on one of those cautionary shows on the Discovery Health Channel. I give this very bad idea a G, as in Get It Away From Me.
  11. Perhaps her website would be more aptly named "Wooden Spoon?" She does kind of have one of those heads that appears larger, er, head-on, than it does sideways. But she IS a gorgeous spoon, isn't she?
  12. Second that. It's excellent. And ignore anyone who starts bleating that you should avoid it because it's in a "bad" neighborhood--just because the neighborhood isn't tarted up to look like John Wayne Gacy's vision of a Carvel ice cream cake is no reason to sell it short gastronomically.
  13. Great article--and very helpful tips about seasoning the cuia. I just got a cuia/bombilla from my sister-in-law and had no idea how to use them, but I knew SOMEONE on eGullet would know! (I absolutely heart this site.) Regarding yerba mate, I really like Teavana's Mate Vana .
  14. Wonderful!! Thanks for the link...great photos, too!
  15. How about "foodie?" That one makes me a little nuts, but I also acknowledge that I have Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities when it comes to certain forms of colloquial shorthand. The word "veggies" used to bug the crap out of me as well. (See? I kept it food-related!)
  16. This afternoon, my archaeological ceramics professor used the word "source" as meaning "to determine the origin of." As in, "I haven't sourced that sherd yet." It's everywhere, I tells ya!!
  17. Seriously? Who has that kind of gall? Holy man. Do they mean to invent a new, obnoxious way of saying "converse," or do they just not know that the word to suit their needs already exists? I attend the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (or, as it's called in the movie Dodge Ball, The University of Las Vegas Learning Annex) and "conversate" seems to have captured the fancy of the young'uns (I'm 48). They seem to use it when they wish to impress. Has anyone familar with the show/comedy group "The Kids in the Hall" seen this episode with the "Ascertain" skit? (click on the link, then scroll down for the transcript.--oh, and while you're there, read the transcript for the "Worst Waiter" skit, too!)
  18. I have questions for your questions! I had no idea what fatta was so I looked it up in Claudia Roden's The New Book of Middle Eastern Food and found a few types, and then I went through it looking for tahina sauces--and none of the recipes call for vinegar. In fact, all of the tahina sauces call for lemon juice when incorporating an acid. What sort of fatta are you making? They sound wonderful! Also, I second the lemon question. And are there any particularly good Egyptian cookbooks?
  19. Be sure to post when you figure out what it is! (I think I'd ask the staff, but of course this would remove any challenge from the process.)
  20. I've used dried bamboo shoots and there's nothing stinky about them, either dried or reconstituted...they smell a little sweet and slightly grassy. Do you think it's possible that they just used a whole lot of fish sauce? Here's one recipe for a soup that matches your description, and at the bottom, a condiment called Nuoc Cham is listed, of which fish sauce is a substantial component. Could this be the smelly culprit?
  21. I think I do have daikon kimchi....thanks for the help and kimchi pointers! I just got two Korean cookbooks from Half.com today, and both have a variety of kimchi recipes. I'm going to give 'em a shot!
  22. My husband and I ate lunch there last Friday, and it was beyond good--this is, hands down, the best pizza I've had since I left the Philadelphia area almost 20 years ago. We live at the opposite end of the city so it was a bit of a drive, but the directions were very simple--515 south to 215, then west on 215 to the Valle Verde exit, then south on Valle Verde to the intersection at Horizon Ridge Parkway--Settebello is in the northwest part of the intersection. We ordered the Bianca and the Settebello (we wanted leftovers for later). Each 12-inch pizza is about $12 and could probably feed two people. The crust is truly fantastic--smoky, chewy, and crunchy, the toppings are absolutely fresh with none of the heavy, cooked overtones that muddy a lot of the pizzas I've had here. Here's a cool site about Verace Pizza Napoletana. (Now I understand why it's so good!)
  23. I believe that the misuse of the word "impact" and its variations such as the non-word "impactful" make the Baby Jesus cry. What the heck was wrong with the words affect, effect, and effective?! I've been hearing "conversate" a lot lately. It makes me want to chew gravel.
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