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  1. Food forums where others tell others what is good and how to eat it.
  2. Figured it out... a secret ingredient.... PIG FAT! Yum yum. http://www.phnomenon.com/index.php/cambodian-food/drinks/roasting-coffee-phnom-penh-style/
  3. Nobody seems to know the answer to this quaetion. I recently bought a stash to last me several weeks while travelling about. The beans have a strange flavor which I'm not sure whether to attribute to the over roast, the blend of beans, or an additional flavoring ingredient. Not entirely pleasant, either way.
  4. Use the darn things, they'll make a eating life more substantial! (*wink, wink)
  5. Beautifully designed plates and concepts. Bravo!
  6. Quite the adventurer! Reminds me of a old Black Flag tune. http://www.mp3lyrics.org/b/black-flag/tv-party/
  7. Seems like a item truly designed for the 1%.
  8. Salads oh salads.... with the immense varieties at hand, how could one choose? Top 5: *1. Anything Green with origins from a home garden. #2 Som Tam, for it incredibly bold and fiery overtones. #3 Ceasar for it's Classical overtones. #4 Tabouli to use the bushels of parsley I've been know to grow. And #5 a pasta salad with chickpeas turning it into a complete meal. MMMmmmmm.
  9. Yes... have seen those shakers hard at work in Bangkok. You really think the bubble tea can tell the difference between an machine and a human shake? Purists will forever be doubters.
  10. Nasi_Campur

    Cold pizza

    Good pizza is good hot or cold. Bad pizza (Pizza Hut and that ilk) MUST be eaten hot.
  11. Same story in Asia. Very common for cucumber to be eaten as a fruit. Or in a stir fry as a vegetable. I think it's those European sorts who like to make rules and restriction on what is fruit and/or vegetable. Does it really matter?
  12. I tried that stuff once in NYC. What a non-event!
  13. Thanks for this detailed and original post on a topic I've never delved into although have often been curious may give the subject a try soon after getting all this useful info!
  14. Nope... central location.. only saw Thais buying them... by the box load!
  15. I love the filet-o-fish and those yummy deep deep fried apple pies things. And don't forget the mystery shakes! OOPS,,, hold on.... that was 35 years ago. laugh: Silly me, I literally haven't stepped inside one of those "establishments" since. :
  16. I'm no connoisseur of donuts so can't do much other than guess they are rather simular to the rest of their ilk. That being said, all I do know, it's they're being sold by 2nd parties or a bootlegs version their of, on the streets of Bangkok. It's an annual craze... some product catches on and everyone goes crazy for them, overflowing the sales outlet and creating a middle man for those who can't wait in line. Cool, huh?
  17. Nasi_Campur


    Very cool ride and breakfast synopsis! Great fun... thanks for the awesome read. I was introduced to you tiao in Taiwan, my favorite being with it inside a flat bread with a scrambled egg and hot sauce. Is that a option in China or a Taiwan invention?
  18. Who is marco pierre white? I have seen Jamie Oliver and though he's a "personality" he is most certainly a chef.
  19. If I'm doing it myself... almost always toasted. With butter and/or preserves. Mmmm. On the run.... as a sandwich with cream cheese? Never, such a ridiculous mess!
  20. Wow... not sure I've ever had a macron... they sound good.. will keep my eyes peeled! Maybe not until next time in NY I've had plenty of macaroons though
  21. Easy answer... red meat... or, "the other white meat", pork. P.S. what kind of a food forum would pass on a throwing up emoticon?
  22. I don't own a TV... given what I've heard here about the "Celebrity Chef" I remain overjoyed about my condition.
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