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  1. just noticed this topic, I have heard it said that a certain club in London has a notice to members... "Gentlemen are asked to refrain from urinating into the umbrella stands during the asparagus season"
  2. v. gautam, I consider you the polymath of egullet...relish and learn from each and every one of your posts...
  3. Peter am enjoying your one way street but with no answers, blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the boogie...(sorry)
  4. lazy way but I just carefully lie paper towels on top of the stock til soaked with the fat, remove, discard, repeat til fat gone...
  5. IMO MS is like the eraser at the end of the pencil i.e a blank page....she can transform herself into any character she chooses to play...look forawrd to it...
  6. I used the boot (trunk) of the car for champagne at Christmas
  7. heh @ furry death traps....can totally relate....report up to yr usual irritatingly excellent standard Peter...
  8. Peter, memorable journal, hope there's more on the horizon (or even slightly below)....if you have to fly there CX could do with the pax (or cargo) revenue
  9. oh no, our kids favourite candy.....wasn't it funny to watch the uninitiated try to peel the paper off! and when I told my son just now he said he ate a whole packet a month ago. He is now compiling a mental list of all the Chinese products with milk in them that he has eaten recently...and then he said, 'what about vitasoy?' ...duh
  10. a friend of mine in a similar situation loved home-made icecreams and sorbets....lots of egg yolks for protein (ice cream) , sugar and full fat cream to boost calorie intake, fresh fruit puree (sorbets) and she loved the coldness of the confections which she told me were very comforting...
  11. as a neutral in this discussion, being a mere sushi lover ,I find the arguments posed by locals/long term Japan residents to be more persuasive... to the others, a good effort with a stumble at the final hurdle...
  12. el Celler de Can Roca uses a cooking with perfume concept...we had a dessert that was based on the perfume 'Poison'...you could try googling their site for more info....
  13. Actually it's a time for me and my girlfriends who got seperated last night to get laid to talk over more food and alcohol. We commiserate over bloody mary's at how BAD the sex was or the problems the guy had finding his way around the female body. The viterol of your responce makes me wonder if you overheard us speaking about your ablities or lack of abilities perhaps? Brunch isn't always leftover food. There are some places that do it right. There used to a hotel that did an extraordinary job at brunch. It was full of old time brunch items that I loved. Seeing snapper old gents in their suits and ladies in their sunday dresses and hats made my morning. Brunch in Thailand and Singapore but anything you find in the States to shame though. Eggs, bacon, pad thai, fiery curries... *sigh* ← I think Alchemist's observations are unisex OFB love brunch in HK at the Conrad on sundays....luxury
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