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  1. I am kind of embaressed to admit this but my favorite sandwich is SPAM fried hard, served on white bread with a slice of tomato, mayo, and lots of pepper.
  2. Pork, snout to tail. It's all good. Beef, bone in ribeye, double cut. Can I include Salmon collars here? Soooo good.
  3. My Daughter was nominated to be a Student Ambassador and is currently touring Europe. (Who oh why didn't they have this program when I was in school!) She will be staying with families in London, Lyon France, and Rome one week each. Not bad for a 12 year old huh? Anywhooo, I was wondering what the typical French meal consists of? Thanks, Norm
  4. I really miss the Food Network, when it was about the food. Game shows and reality TV bore me to tears.
  5. Does anyone know where this is located? There is so far, no good french food on the southside. Maybe there is hope yet.
  6. Sorry for the late addition to this thread. I am always in search of the perfect dog. To me, a dog done well is as good as a ribeye. (It's all aboout the food right?) I sense a trip up north in my future.
  7. I am in the habit of avoiding places like this, but the Wife had gotten a gift card so off we went. I have got to say, the bacon cheeseburger that I ordered was very good and actually cooked medium rare just as I asked! This was a very pleasent surprise. Mrs Norm got the chicken fresco and claimed it really good also. For drinks we had decent mojitos. This was quite the surprise because the last time we went to a Ruby Tuesdays the food was crap and the service awful. I don't know if they have really improved or we were just lucky. I'm going to have to go back to see.
  8. Norm357

    Cooking with Beer

    Add a bottle of beer or two to your chili. Use it in a pot roast as the braising liquid. There are a lot of good recipes that use beer.
  9. That is pretty freakin cool. What is a Crif Dogs?
  10. I know it is not scientific, but perhaps Jews like Chinese food so much for the same reason I do. It tastes good.
  11. The Philadelphia Inquirer's food critic gives out bells (Liberty Bells) instead of stars. So a multi-belled restaurant is a well-reviewed one. ← And now I know, and knowing is half of the battle.
  12. I just clicked on this thread to see what a multi-belled restaurant was. I still don't know.
  13. There is no such thing as bad BBQ. Only good and better.
  14. <------- almost world famous rub for briskit. 1 part paprika 1 part salt 1 part pepper 1 part garlic powder 1 part brown sugar. Try it, thank me the next day.
  15. I forgot one. The Home Depot Corporate office has a WELL stocked kitchen and staff. The food is pretty good too.
  16. Great post. I don't live in Atlanta, but you made me want to drive over just to try this place. Of course, I'm going to want to eat in the kitchen, just like you. I think I'll try telling him I'm a dear friend of Norm's and see how far that gets me. ← Bring him 600 lbs of produce and I bet he will.
  17. Margo, I'm in the Atlanta suburbs. What do you do with the chicken feet? Are they tasty? <----- is intrigued.
  18. I have been blessed with several Mexican butcher shops in my area and have found the quality to be great and the service excellent. An added bonus is the butcher shop I go to makes and sells homemade tacos .50 cents apeice. Has anyone else tried their local etnic markets?
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