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  1. Norm357

    Charleston, SC update

    The Cork Bistro rocks my socks whenever I am in Charleston. About every other month. http://www.corkbistro.com/
  2. Norm357

    Hot Dog Styles

    God himself tole me that a hot dog should be all beef,grilled, served in a soft bun,and garnished with only a this stripe of yellow mustard.
  3. Amen. I love the place.
  4. The Burger King 3000 commercials creep me out big time.
  5. It helps to not be in jail for dog fighting when you own a restaurant.
  6. That sucks. I loved the place.
  7. Norm357

    Iron Chef America (Part 2)

    Yes, he's gone; check the Paltrow/Batali thread on this same subfolder for the details. That makes this episode all the more bittersweet. It was a great one and brought to mind memories of the IC Japan shows. I came to the realization that it's rather disturbing what I'd be willing to do to have been on that tasting panel. ← Mario says he is NOT leaving the Food Network. Stop believing the fish wrapper known as the NY Post.
  8. I will try this place, but I will be armed. Old National Hwy is a seriously dangerous place. The things I do to get good soul food.
  9. No Reservations Hong Kong. Best episode ever.
  10. Hmmmm. I feel like the redneck cousin from out in the sticks. Right now, I am enjoying an ice cold 22 oz Icehouse. Arrogant Bastard is my favorite though. I hope you don't think any less of me.
  11. Norm357

    Frozen mixed veg: cheap and cheerful

    Roast frozen veggies off, then make vegtable soup.
  12. Norm357

    Irritating Server Habits

    I loved the Sambos in Panama City Fl when I was a kid. The place is now a Howard Johnsons and just not the same.
  13. Norm357

    Rocco DiSpirito

    From Roccos website.
  14. Norm357

    Dinner! 2007

    Wow, everyone has such great camera skills! All these pictures look great!
  15. Norm357

    Hot Dog Styles

    From the posted article... Good Lord! I would love to try one, just to say I did!