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  1. The Cork Bistro rocks my socks whenever I am in Charleston. About every other month. http://www.corkbistro.com/
  2. God himself tole me that a hot dog should be all beef,grilled, served in a soft bun,and garnished with only a this stripe of yellow mustard.
  3. The Burger King 3000 commercials creep me out big time.
  4. It helps to not be in jail for dog fighting when you own a restaurant.
  5. Yes, he's gone; check the Paltrow/Batali thread on this same subfolder for the details. That makes this episode all the more bittersweet. It was a great one and brought to mind memories of the IC Japan shows. I came to the realization that it's rather disturbing what I'd be willing to do to have been on that tasting panel. ← Mario says he is NOT leaving the Food Network. Stop believing the fish wrapper known as the NY Post.
  6. I will try this place, but I will be armed. Old National Hwy is a seriously dangerous place. The things I do to get good soul food.
  7. Hmmmm. I feel like the redneck cousin from out in the sticks. Right now, I am enjoying an ice cold 22 oz Icehouse. Arrogant Bastard is my favorite though. I hope you don't think any less of me.
  8. Roast frozen veggies off, then make vegtable soup.
  9. I loved the Sambos in Panama City Fl when I was a kid. The place is now a Howard Johnsons and just not the same.
  10. Norm357

    Dinner! 2007

    Wow, everyone has such great camera skills! All these pictures look great!
  11. From the posted article... Good Lord! I would love to try one, just to say I did!
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