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  1. <---- Prefers the Mexican Coke and is blessed with several Mexican Supermarkets in his neighborhood. OT but I prefer Mexican butcher shops too.
  2. Smokey Bones ← Good. They are overprived and the food is not very good.
  3. Pintos, slow cooked with some smoked pork, served over rice, is my favorite meal on the planet.
  4. I had teriyaki beef with stir fried veggies and fried rice for breakfast. I love leftover Chinese food.
  5. Does it really matter how food is eaten? As long as the food and company is good, who cares. <------ Barbarian.
  6. I am a courier here in Atlanta and a fairly new client of mine is a produce vendor at the Atlantas Farmers market that provides fresh produce to some of Atlantas finest restaurants. As such, I have been in some of Atlantas finest kitchens and it has been an eye opening experience. Some observations..... MIX in Decatur. Nice place and spotless kitchen. The Chef is a down to earth guy that curses like a sailor. I like him a lot. Sweet Low Down on peachtree downtown. My favorite kitchen in the City. Chef Jones always feeds me. This is not an option. He demands it. It is great eating in the kitchen with all the hustle and bustle going on around you. Seasons 52, several locations. I will never eat here. The staff treats people like me like crap. The Renaissance Buckhead. I have no idea why the Health Department has not shut this place down. Nasty with a capitol N! Emerils Atlanta. Nice place. Emeril is a nice guy. His staff (kitchen anyways) are great. Eugene. Atlantas finest restaurant. Chef Hopkins is a very nice guy.. There are many more kitchens here that I have been in. If there are any questions about a certain restaurant here just ask.
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