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  1. I hope I am not double posting this .... This morning it is homemade chai spiced tea, then some silver needle white in the afternoon. I love Sunday tea drinking! No rush, can brew and steep as you like, switch up kinds of you want. It is just the best day of the week for tea. IMHO....
  2. It is so cold here!! Today I started off with some cocoa black from Republic of Tea, and now I am fixing to hit up this lovely tea sent to by a women in Canada Jasmine tea.
  3. Oh I am with you on cleaning the fridge. The dishes. I hate beyond all reasoning to do the dishes. So much so that my hubby and I have a deal worked out that I will do yard work if he does the dishes. No joke!
  4. I was looking for a way to get inspired this year. I have not begun to decide what all I am going to make. I am very interested in how to turn cookie recipes to slice and bake. Then I could just spend a good day or two getting it all done. I usually make quite a bit, so I better get at it. So far the list is: Sugar Cookies Chocolate Crackle Cookies Classic Brownies Jam thumbprints I just cannot decide from here.....
  5. I don't plan menus for the weekend, but I do for the week. And usually we pick 5 dinners we want and buy the ingredients for that considering what spices and what not we already have. What varies is what night of the week those get made, it all depends on what I feel like. What I would love to start doing is basing them off my cookbooks, so that I use them and not just look at them! Nolnacs - I love the database idea! What program to you use, if any?
  6. EWWWWWW....I too would have never known about this if it wasn't for this thread. I have had chicken that didn't smell right to me, even after cooking so I threw it out. Gross.....
  7. Halloween is kind of a sad affair around here. Last year we didn't have one kid knock on the door. The year before we had our car sprayed with whipped cream for not having candy. This year, I am not doing anything. Last year I had tons of cheap candy all over the house for weeks after. Most around here trick or treat in special situations, like the malls hold special events or various churches. Sad, really sad....
  8. Genuine rudeness on his part, IMHO. That is one of the issues with doing business in the computer age. Sorry, but that is a risk you take. You had every right to post what you did.
  9. regular yellow onions is painful to my eyes to cut. Not just ordinary crying you get with onions, but my eyes will burn hours later. I cannot even eat them in anything raw (like on a taco) without it making my eyes and nose burn. Which is sad, because I want me some french onion soup this winter! I cannot eat graham flour. It literally makes my throat close up and I love graham crackers. As well as swiss chard, but I cannot eat swiss chard either. I only have a very few, I have a friend that has so many food allergies it makes it difficult for her to eat anything she does not cook herself. My
  10. Whole chicken, cooked and canned. AND I saw on a tv show some kid eating 6 of them...
  11. I work for a social service agency that gives referrals to there for people and the food is not that bad, really. Pretty decent for the price you pay. But I do understand it can vary by region...
  12. I found this in the grocery store the other day: Peanut butter slices. You can unwrap them like american processed cheese slices and put them on bread. Bacon flavored spam would be a close second...
  13. I am in the processed cheese fan club! Nothing is better for grilled cheese, or the cheese, baloney (too early in the morning for spelling) and fried egg sandwiches I sometimes eat for breakfast. Garlic in jar fan here too....
  14. Sorry I have not posted in a day or two...today is nothing but iced. Plain, black iced. There is a slight cold front moving in and I am gearing up my chai gear. I am excited about it!
  15. Wholemeal - I hear ya' on that one. I had the same kind of thing with my choconut green. Does not make for a good day, huh? Today it is going to be white teas. I am thinking pomegrante white, or some rishi peach white.
  16. I was looking at my tea stash this morning and discovered some great choco nut green from teavana. I am actually excited about it! Then some vanilla roobios in the afternoon, I think. Have a great day!! Richard - I am going to have to check out tea source. What is good from there?
  17. Today has been some plain ole' lipton iced. There are days I like just some plain tea like this. I guess it is a carry over from my childhood when that was the only tea I knew, I don't know. (shrug)
  18. I was thinking the same thing. I cannot count the church picnics, outtings, camps, etc. that the mayo sat out almost all day and no one got sick. While food safety is a real issue, I think some times people get too worried about it. I thought I was the only person who likes room temp. fruit. I also like pie, cake, etc. at room temp. as well as most salads.
  19. ICED.....BRING ME MORE ICED! edit to add due to stupid computer: It was 105f here today! Insanely hot out there and there is nothing to do but say inside with the a/c cranked and the iced tea flowing. Cold brew stash peach black..
  20. Now that I have planted a garden and tasted fresh home grown veg I have a hard time eating a lot of the stuff that is in the grocery stores. But nothing is worse than a red delicious apple. I lived in Washington State and KNOW what they are suppose to taste like and I don't even try to buy them. I think store bought green beans come next. When I finally got mine out of the garden it had this wonderful floral almost banana smell to it and taste incredible. I am spoiled now for them out of the garden.
  21. Home today, the start of a three day weekend. I have some really great blueberry lemon rooibos to brew iced from Teavana. I also have some some of there gingerbread cookie (which tastes more fruity than cookie) to have hot, I may dip into my silver needle later just because.
  22. I love the ahmed cardamom, I am going to have to try it iced. I use to take tea bags, one tea bag per 12 oz bottle of water. Just stick the bag in the bottle water and leave it there until I wanted it the next day. Sometimes I would do 10 bottles at a time that way and have my iced tea for a couple days that way.
  23. Well, today is my Friday, thank the heavens! So I think I am going for some orange dulce from mighty leaf, I am thinking some PG Tips this morning. I wanted to ask, I looked at my coconut white from republic of tea and noticed the date on the bottom of the tin was dated 2007. I have not thrown the tea out, but was wondering when tea goes bad? Does anyone know?
  24. Good Morning! I don't know today. I have some green mangosten peach still that I could drink (yeah, it's lipton, but it is tasty on a summer day) Or I could go for some coconut white. I don't know yet, probably both today.
  25. I was looking at my "tea stash" yesterday and I realized I really need to go shopping. Richard - I tired your trick of alternating iced tea with hot tea, it is a great way to enjoy hot tea in the summer! Today I think it will be more white tea, I have some rishi peach white that has been calling my name. That and some plain iced tea. Have a good one!
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