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    Iraqi Tea

    I am very intriqued by this thread. I have always wanted to try tea that is brewed this way but didn't know how to go about it. I have a box of the Ahmad cardamom tea and for a while I was drinking that in the morning. I never put milk in tea, but I am curious enough to try it, I guess I never did simply because I could never get the tea strong enough using "American" black teas. I am going to have to go and look for some Alwazah tea. Anything to replace that *gulp* coffee I have been slurping down in the morning.
  2. I was hoping that someone would mention this wine. It was what I drank for an introduction to Zin's and it is my "go to" wine when I want or need a zin. I love it!
  3. I just now caught up on your blog...DAMN...that grocery store rocks! I am pea green with envy you get to go there! I love all kinds of grocery stores and take every opportunity to stop into them that I can. Beautiful food on this blog!!
  4. For some reason or another I flip between the two, depending on how broke I am that week. If it is the week before pay day, I plan, after pay day, I don't. It certainly saves the cash to plan I noticed and have given thought to doing it all the time, but it seems the minute I get a fridge full of food I don't want anything that is it and we end up eating out. I will go to specialty stores for items when I get in the mood to make a certain recipe, but that happens more on the weekend than the weekdays. What I would love to have is a pantry list of stuff that stays stocked, then the fresh stuff
  5. I am one of those people. It has been around 100-112 here (heat index, not actual temperature,the actual temp. is around 100...no joke) and I don't want to cook, I don't want to eat, but the tummy growls so what do you do? Just eat as light as possible, and nothing cooked.
  6. Do I feel guilty about eating meat? No. But I used to. I was a very strict vegan in my early 20's because I thought the whole meat industry was just nasty. Then I started working in a hotel where the chef made my lunch for me as a benefit of my job. She would complain about me not eating meat, and would leave bacon on my desk. Needless to say the aroma of that bacon got me. I have to say I think there is something evolutionary about eating meat. Humans are at the top of the food chain, therefore, we are omnivores. (my opinion) Now this is not to say I want to ever see an animal abused. We can
  7. Then I owe the three drunks that I was in a three way head on collision in 96 a big thank you for helping me find my life's passion....
  8. I love tea forte's tea! The bags are very nice. I have the orange dulce from Mighty leaf and I do love how they have made their bags, the tea inside the bags look good as well. Your tea closet looks like mine!
  9. To me once you start getting into tea, you really learn that it is a lot like fine wine. The different estates, brews, kinds and like wine the kind that is good is the kind you like and will drink. I also happen to feel that some really good teas come in bags. A lot of my "every day tea" and what I call "work tea" comes in bag form. Easy to brew. Now when I am at home I break out all the stuff to brew up a pot. But I am a tea snob, I admit. I think you have a fine book for getting into it. I know you will enjoy the adventure!
  10. We don't have that here in Oklahoma (wine in grocery stores), but did in Texas. Now that I live in Oklahoma it sure is a pain in the 'you know what' to make the extra stop on a week night if I want a bottle of wine. I don't see the harm in it. The high end stuff will still be in the stores that sell it. IMHO....
  11. oh yeah, sometimes when you put wine in sauces and deglazing pans, can make the difference in a recipe where there is no salt.
  12. I second a doctor recommended specialist in this area. However, I cut salt and meat for health reasons and it is not that hard once you get used to it. Lemon juice works wonders in the place of salt in some dishes. Sticking with your non processed foods is paramount, that will rack up the salt fast!
  13. Amen! I love those little crackers that have seaweed in them! Addictive!
  14. Oh man....Love my mom, but she was a terrible cook! Spaghetti was hamburger meat, a can of plain tomato sauce, over cooked pasta. Period. Forget seasonings. But the one thing she did make and make well was fried potatoes, onions, peppers and sausage. All in a pan together, fry it up. It was amazing! I still crave that taste.
  15. Wow, I didn't realize the practice was this common. I never warm the plates. Really didn't think about it in a home setting before now. I do like the griddle idea....
  16. I don't have too much to add to the scientific end of things, but I think it is far too easy to take a complex problem like obesity and diabetes and reduce it down to a far to simple answer. It is a comfortable place to point at something and "go that is culprit" when the issue requires more in the way of research. I think they are just trying to sell more low carb garbage, personally. People want to hear "just cut the sugar and all your problems will go away" instead of hearing, "eat in moderation and be active". The American Diabetic Association has come out in recent years to say that suga
  17. I am never surprised when stuff like this comes out, really. I mean, do any of us really think that the US meat supply is completely safe?
  18. I use it exclusively for baking bread. Now the idea of getting a regular spray bottle and filling it up is a great one! I need to try that!
  19. Oh man, I hate to hear this! This is sad news. I loved their teas!
  20. I am a blackberry fan, but a raspberry or a fig would be wonderful!
  21. That was a joy to listen to. I have always been a fan of the "two buck chuck" and always will. So this was good to hear!
  22. I don't agree either, really. Now I have to admit a certain fondness for certain glasses for some reason. But not that it has anything to do with the wine itself.
  23. Tea has been my "way of life" for a long time and I am better off for it, I think. It is nice to see more of it catching on....
  24. I don't "cleanse" I consider that is what my colon is for.
  25. I hope I am not double posting this .... This morning it is homemade chai spiced tea, then some silver needle white in the afternoon. I love Sunday tea drinking! No rush, can brew and steep as you like, switch up kinds of you want. It is just the best day of the week for tea. IMHO....
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