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  1. or my personal favorite, Hannah's Bistro! http://www.cassiskc.com/ Has anyone been yet, though I guess it's only been a day!?
  2. I think all the talk about her being sexy (right!) was what did her in for me... but she brought that on herself, wearing a bikini in her audition video... yuck!
  3. For future info., which cookbook are these in? Love Ina too! ← I just checked (I have Family Style, Barefoot in Paris, and the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook), and I totally can't find recipes for either. Maybe we WILL have to buy them. ← Dang. Just like I had to buy her Barefoot Contessa cookbook for the lobster salad recipe!
  4. For future info., which cookbook are these in? Love Ina too!
  5. Our Target's sell the guittard chocolate chips... are you near a Super Target?
  6. She doesn't seem to be the type to put her seal of approval on just anything... I think it would have to be very good quality for her, so I would definitely try any of it. There was a blurb in her Chefography about the line, and it looks interesting for sure!
  7. I don't think it's a new program... I think it's just more of Tyler's Ultimate... if it's the one where he's licking the meatloaf (which I found particularly amusing!)
  8. Yes, Long John Silvers works wonders too! ← Snort! Ok, now I lost my morning caffine nostrilly! (Hey, Katie girl!!) ← Hey Kim! I couldn't resist!!
  9. Yeah, but I think Tiffany can be equally un-likeable (personality-wise,) personally!
  10. Apparently not... but, whereas the Hearty Boys seem to have a "hook" - I would have to agree with past posts that neither of this year's finalists have a particularly novel angle... not the least of which can be punned by Guy's "Off the Hook." Will be really interested to see how the next FN star fares... I actually didn't vote this year because I just couldn't decide on one... both have their strengths and weaknesses. I think from purely a personality point of view, I think that Reggie would be more amusing to watch, but Guy might actually teach me something... (and truth be told, I totally forgot about the deadline). u.e. ← Yeah, even though I've been watching, I didn't vote either. I just wasn't revved up enough about either contestant to bother. =R= ← I voted... three times... I just couldn't face myself if I didn't vote and Reggie won! His personality really grated on my nerves. Although, I do think they should have shown the family portraits from the beginning... it made me like both better, seeing them at home with their families and work, etc. I think it helps to know that they are real people, kind of like the Chefography's portrayed the stars... it really made me like all the Food Network stars better.
  11. Yeah, I have this one too, but half my cookbooks don't fit in it! You really have to have either thin cookbooks or really flexible cookbooks.
  12. Not that it's a whole lot better, but I saw the KA attachment for $100 at B,B,&B the other day... not sure if it was on sale or not... you could also use one of those 20% off coupons that they send out every week! (I'm getting the attachments for my b-day! Woo hoo!)
  13. Yes, Long John Silvers works wonders too!
  14. Definitely agree, but he's still my favorite personality! And how funny is it in the previews for next week when he says to Tiffani... "Stop treating me like your bitch, Bitch!" My chocolate milk came out of my nose... very painful stuff!
  15. I remember we got some a while ago, and made it quite a bit. I don't remember the instructions though, but it was really good. Do you have instructions on how to make the starter or do you just have the starter? I would be curious to try it again as I haven't had it in probably 10 years.
  16. Last night was the first time I got to watch Top Chef and I so wished that I had television like Mike Teevee had on Willy Wonka, so I could just reach in their and bitch-slap Stephen! He is so awful! I thought it was awesome that he did so bad on the taste test challenge! And I loved Miguel and Dave doing the junk food challenge... I was laughing so hard at the pork and beans trophy!
  17. You obviously haven't been watching Top Chef. Stephen takes the Cocky Prize of the Millenium ®. Nathan has actually shown some humility on camera once or twice when things haven't quite gone well, particularly in this past week's episode. Christopher ← You were so right... I finally got to watch Top Chef last night, and holy cow, someone needs to slap Stephen... seriously!
  18. You obviously haven't been watching Top Chef. Stephen takes the Cocky Prize of the Millenium ®. Nathan has actually shown some humility on camera once or twice when things haven't quite gone well, particularly in this past week's episode. ← You're right... I haven't watched it, and I didn't see this week's episode of FN Star, but I just got Tivo yesterday, so watch out!
  19. I would love to see shows on cooking from other cultures. Vietnamese, Indian, Cuban, you name it. I'd be glued to the tube! Sometimes you can catch this sort of thing on PBS, but our local station doesn't carry half of what PBS offers when it comes to cooking shows. ← I know... we get hardly anything on our PBS station... I wrote them about it, but I don't think they listened to me!
  20. Exactly... where are the Hispanic shows, the Chinese shows, the Greek shows... is Italian the only kind of food out there? I miss The Melting Pot!
  21. She scares me! And if I were a violent person and owned a rifle... Nathan would be in my crosshairs! Seriously, could he be more cocky?!?
  22. As a Vancouver outsider who recently posted for the first time on that board for help, I have to say that I did not feel the clique vibe everyone is talking about. Sure, I've read the Burger Club posts and the Rare posts, but the feeling I got from these topics was that everyone who wanted to participate was welcome to do so. I have thoroughly been welcomed and embraced on the BC board and have gotten several PM's from people offering even more help.
  23. Thought a couple of you might be interested in this class at the Culinary Center... I know I am! Might find some good resources from it as well.
  24. Went again (I think this place will quickly become habit for me,) and brought my dad and the bf again. I had the Funghi Pizza with roasted portobellos and criminis and the 8 colors salad with romaine, red cabbage, red butter lettuce, roasted grape tomatoes, radishes, celery, green onions, gorgonzola, toasted pinenuts with a red wine vinaigrette... whew! that was a lot of ingredients! The bf had the Roasted Potato Pizza with pancetta, roasted red peppers, goat cheese, and scallions with the caesar salad. My dad had the Roasted Chicken and Goat Cheese pizza with caramelized onions and criminis with the caesar salad also. Of course, we sampled each other's, because you don't sit at my table and not share! I am usually not a huge fan of red sauce, but my pizza had it, and it was FANTASTIC! Just the right amount too... not too much sauce! And not too acidic either... really, really good. The roasted potato pizza was also really good. We've gotten potatoes on our pizza at Waldo's, and it's always been a little too heavy, but this was just right, and again, I praise a lunch with pancetta in it! We couldn't really detect much chicken on the Roasted Chicken pizza, but it was still very flavorful, and the goat cheese was just the right amount of tang for the rest of the pizza. I liked my salad from the first time better, but it still was an excellent salad with very fresh ingredients. Still a weird ordering system and waiting system, but again, I overlook! It was also extremely noisy this time, however, the outside dining will be lovely once it warms up a bit.
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