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  1. Very poetic Jamie, but I don't think I'll want to click my heels, because that would take me home!
  2. Touristy is definitely not what were going for... I always find myself disappointed by places that tout themselves as a tourist destination, so we will re-examine that portion of our trip. I think we will for sure still go, but maybe cut it down a bit. We were just hoping to get in some fly fishing, white water rafting, and hiking, and thought this might be the place to do it. Oh, come on... not fair... I'm dying to try out my new fly rod that my dad made me! (Her name is Dottie!) And I guess I didn't get the inside joke on the paper plate awards... I thought it was going to be more like an egullet 'best of,' like the one we recently had on Kansas City... http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=82584 So... any restaurants in Whistler worth getting excited about?
  3. I guess I should clarify one thing... when I said Kelowna, I didn't necessarily mean in Kelowna. We will have a car and are willing to drive to another location if you think there is a better option, as long as it is not too far away. We already have reservations at the Lake Okanagan Resort, so we are still committed to staying there, no matter what happens. And, I'm sure we will eat at Fresco at least one night, whether it's our wedding night or not, so if there is a more romantic restaurant for the actual night, that's fine too. I mentioned the city park because that is what our wedding planner mentioned, but I will take your advice to heart... NO CITY PARK! It didn't really sound like a locale that I would be interested in, but I was willing to hear her out. Privacy is definitely the biggest concern for the ceremony... after all, that is why we're eloping! Our "wedding planner" is basically just making sure we will have a wedding commissioner, a photographer, my bouquet, a location, and restaurant reservations. Also, it will be just the two of us, so do you think the wineries would be open to accommodating us since we are doing it so small? And just curious... why do you recommend cutting our days down in Whistler? Just because there's so much to do on the island? My vote was for less time in Whistler, but my fiance is entranced with it... mostly I think he's just interested in the fly fishing! Thanks again for all your help! Edited to add: Oh, it will also be on a Thursday night, if that makes a difference on anything!
  4. My fiance and I are eloping to BC in late August of this year, and we are starting our trip off in Kelowna, where we will also get married, just the two of us. We are planning on three days in Kelowna, three days in the Whistler area, and four days in the Vancouver and Victoria area. We are from Kansas City, KS, and so only know about BC from what we read on the Internet and in the guidebooks. What I need your help with at the moment, is a place to have our wedding dinner in Kelowna. I've read the past topics and 'best of' guide, and I know about some of our options. In your opinion, what would be the best place to do this at? Obviously, we want the food to be excellent, regional food would be awesome. We also would like it to be somewhat romantic and private, if possible. We are staying at the Lake Okanagan Resort, and I don't know the location of the actual ceremony yet. It may potentially be the city park. We have a wedding planner since we know nothing about the area, but I trust you guys to help me with the dinner part... she is going to make the reservations for us and make sure that we will be able to sit in a more private part of the restaurant. So, do I go with Fresco or Bouchon? Or is there another option that I don't know about? It's difficult to tell the "mood" of the restaurants online, so I'm trusting this to those of you who have been! I probably have the Vancouver part of our trip covered from all your previous topics, though I may have questions as it gets closer to the actual trip. And I am anxiously waiting for the results of the BC Paper Plates Awards, since I haven't read much about Whistler yet. One specific question I have right now is about any artisan cheese makers, perhaps in between Kelowna and Whistler, or between Whistler and Vancouver? I noticed in one of the topics someone mentioned Gort's Gouda and it looks lovely, but I don't think we will be that far north. Does anyone know of a similar experience in the areas we will be in? Thank you so much for any help you can provide... I really, really appreciate it! I cannot wait to visit your beautiful country... I can barely sit still at work thinking about our trip, and we still have a ways to go! Thanks again!
  5. And don't forget the Overland Park Farmer's Market, starting this Saturday!
  6. After reading about Spin Neapolitan Pizza in Moosnsqrl's KC Food Media Round-up and the Pitch, I had to try it for myself! After all, it is in my 'hood! The bf and I went there today for lunch and I have to agree with the author in the Pitch, the ordering system could use a little work. You walk in and you have to order at a cash register right away... there's no chance to look at a menu and good thing there wasn't a line when we went, because I'm notorious for hemming and hawwing over a menu! Then, you sit down, and they bring you your drinks, and then a little bit later, the food. It's similar to a restaurant we had in Topeka called Desert Moon, I think. I believe if you pay over a certain amount, you should be waited on, but maybe I'm high maintenance! Also, we barely saw our waitress, but then there's a section for tipping on the receipt... we were a little unsure of who was supposed to be taking care of our table... we weren't neglected or anything, but we definitely weren't "waited" on, so how to deal with that?? Anyway, I had the lunch special, Pizza Mia, which is any one of their Signature Pizzas or one made up with your own toppings and a side salad of your choice. I had the Prosciutto E Spinaci with Roasted Onion Fig Marmalade and the Spinach Salad with caramelized onions, pancetta, roasted grape tomatoes, glazed pecans, goat cheese, and chianti vinaigrette, and it was all completely and totally wonderful! (All this for just $7.95!) The only thing, and I do mean only thing, I would change was to add a little more of the marmalade. Oh, and most of my glazed pecans were all stuck together in one lump which made it difficult to eat and made me a little sad to leave a hunk on the plate! I can ignore the weird ordering system, because the food was well worth it! The bf had the Quattro Formaggi Panini with the Caesar Salad. I was a little surprised that he ordered that particular Panini because he usually goes for more interesting things, but he said he felt rushed with the awkward ordering system! At any rate, he wasn't as thrilled with his choice as I was with mine, which got us started on who's the better orderer and so and so on! (I am, by far, the better orderer, just for the record!!!) We both agreed that the Panini could have used a little more flavor, perhaps some garlic butter, or basil leaves, but was still good. The Caesar was just a good Caesar. They also have 10 different flavors of gelato everyday, but I didn't check any out. Everyone around us seemed to be getting samples except us! Don't know what that's about! If you are in my 'hood, I would for sure stop in and sample their offerings! It is sure to become a regular for us! Hopefully, they will work out some of the kinks and weirdness with the ordering system. Oh, and they have beer and wine too... made the afternoon at work go much faster!! (Only kidding, of course!) Spin Neapolitan Pizza 6541 W. 119th St. Overland Park, KS 66209 http://www.spinpizza.com/#
  7. Ditto. ← Are Aunt Annie's better than Pretzeltime, b/c I thought Pretzeltime's pretzels were pretty awful? I would love to find a replacement for my old Pretzelmaker pretzel!
  8. So what? Why is there anything wrong with a chain? I mean, hell, the Fat Guy can wax poetic about the hot dogs at Costco, but we're supposed to be disdainful of any place that doesn't have a degustation menu? This isn't directed at you, personally. It's general observation about a wierd dichotomy on this forum. We have threads devoted to the best Italian beef, but we feel like we're confessing to adultery if we admit we like Chick-Fil-A? Good food is good food, whether it's made in a kitchen just like 20 others in a chain or a small trailer on the edge of a frontage road with a barrel smoker out back, or in Charlie Trotter's kitchen. ← Oh, I wasn't saying that specifically to degrade chains or anything... you obviously haven't read my postings in the past (I'm a huge proponent of Panera!) ... I was just saying that b/c I thought we were discussing mall food that wasn't a chain... that's all!
  9. If I'm not mistaken - it's also a part of the Best Italiana USA restaurant group - which includes Bravo! There's a Brio on the Country Club Plaza (KC, MO) as well. There's a Bravo! at the Zona Rosa shopping center (KC, MO). (I know there's another Bravo! in Lenexa, KS, but I'm not sure where - is it near/at Oak Park?... it's been ages). u.e. ← There's a Bravo at Town Center.
  10. Okay... non-foodie full disclosure moment coming up... those with a weak stomach, please avert your eyes from the screen.... I LOVED the mall pretzels at the Pretzelmaker in Topeka! I would often go there after high school just for the pretzel with jalapeno cheese sauce! However, they have since done away with jalapeno cheese sauce and replaced it with your regular old ball park nasty cheese and the pretzels are not what they once were. Don't most malls just have chain food or is that just the Midwest thing? I do like Chick-fil-a every once in a while, but it is a chain!
  11. That's suburuban St. Louis, Katie. ← I'm not sure quite what I was thinking, but I was thinking that Creve Couer was closer to us than St. Louis... I must of been thinking of some other town! Oops!
  12. I just looked at Trader Joe's website, and what I want to know is why there is one in Creve Couer, MO and not in Kansas City? This doesn't make sense to me?
  13. Re: Bonefish. There's a small blurb in the KC Star Dining "Spotlight" section. ← It doesn't sound too bad, for a chain.... they don't have the overly huge menu of items, like most chains. I'd give it a try!
  14. LOL! 'nough said! Seriously, I do rely on D&D for some novelty ingredients/items that are hard (or impossible) to resource in the KC area... u.e. ← Alright, alright, enough Johnson County bashing... my blood boils everytime you guys get started! ← Katie i was born and raised in Leawood and my parents still live there. I just try not to admit it unless i have too No all kidding aside I love where i grew up... ANYWAY I was just curious if anyone has been to the asain market @ 95th and i-35. I've always wanted to stop there. It seems like an odd location for an asian market though. ← At least I'm in good company then! I grew up in Topeka... don't tell! double
  15. La Tienda Casa Paloma has nice products as well. Lots of dried chilies and many other spices. The OP Farmer's Market has good stuff too... can't wait for it to open! Cupini's for fresh pasta and sauces to go!
  16. LOL! 'nough said! Seriously, I do rely on D&D for some novelty ingredients/items that are hard (or impossible) to resource in the KC area... u.e. ← Alright, alright, enough Johnson County bashing... my blood boils everytime you guys get started!
  17. There are two places like this really close to my apartment, and neither one is a franchise... I believe they are both locally owned and independent. The local culinary center also has dinners that you can purchase frozen, but I've found them unbelievably expensive. The culinary center also has a class where you can create 12 dishes and take them home, but again, expensive. I think it's a great concept, but have not tried anything like it. I've thought about buying a gift certificate for my best friend who is a busy, busy real estate agent, has a nine-month old, and has a husband who thinks hamburger helper is cooking!
  18. Damn Logan! Sorry to see your blog go Megan! I felt like I had someone to watch GG with!
  19. It's definitely cornflakes for the crunch, but I would have guessed cayenne for the spice too. Whatever it is, it's not disgusting, it's yummy!
  20. Pop Tarts, of course! (Untoasted, in honor of season 1 when the toaster broke and Lorelei compared it to living in hell ...) ← OMG, Pop Tarts!!!! Maybe those can be the starter... ← No, I think pizza with tater tots on top with a side of pop tarts!!!
  21. We always make fridge-cleaning pizza! You discover some interesting combos that way, like, I love grilled corn on my pizza now! I've been enjoying your blog Megan! It's good to hear about another egullet youngin's life!
  22. You've touched on a subject I know nothing about u.e. My dad often refers to me as an "Almost Vegetarian," although I like meat, I just don't often seek it out, with the exception of a good greasy cheeeburger! Have you tried Rancher's Gourmet Meats? I kind of doubt it, but I guess you never know! http://www.ranchersmeats.com/index.php
  23. Thought everyone might want to see this: http://www.tonickc.com/ I went there on Friday... will report as soon as I can figure out getting the pictures from my phone to the computer!
  24. Just checked the website, and they should be at their new location at 800 New Hampshire (as of Feb. 11th.) They are using the old facilities for catering. I've driven by the new location and it just doesn't look as "romantic." http://www.pachamamas.com/
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