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  1. Wouldn't grana padano work in this case? I've never bought it, but isn't it supposed to be much cheaper than parm but still a close taste? One thing that I had to learn really quickly when I was a poor college student was not to let anything go to waste. I would sit down on Saturday and make a menu up for the week and then make a grocery list from that menu... if I needed, let's say red cabbage for a recipe, I would either nix that recipe entirely if I weren't going to be using all of the red cabbage or I would make sure that there was another recipe utilizing red cabbage in my menu plan. T
  2. To those with flat cookies... (there are worse things that could be called flat!!! ) Anyway, I am a total novice baker, but I do a Cookie of the Month Club for my husband's grandma and subsequently, have baked a lot of cookies in the last few years! One thing that helps is to roll the cookie dough into balls, freeze the balls, and then bake from frozen... I find that even a cookie that is supposed to be flat and crisp will puff up more with this method. Just a thought!
  3. Where is Jess & Jim's? Chain? ← Definitely NOT a chain!! It's in Martin City, sort of close to the original Jack Stack's. It is for sure rustic, but it's the best steak I've had in town! Just good meat, no fuss about it. And the baked potato... now that is the way god intended a baked potato... would you like a little potato to go with that sour cream, butter, cheese, and bacon?!? I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Plaza III! So, I shouldn't give them the benefit of the doubt since the one time I went was a banquet event with a pre-chosen menu?!
  4. Katie, I hope you meant "persimmon" ice cream... 'cause I know I don't have to get anyone's "permission" to eat my ice cream!! u.e. ← Obviously!! Geez! (Where's the smilie smacking it's head with it's hand?!?) Oh, where would we be without u.e. to catch all our spelling and grammar errors?!
  5. Was at Starker's for another lovely meal on Saturday night! Gosh... it's tough to be me!! Highlights for me were the amuse of broccoli and goat cheese soup and the persimmon ice cream for dessert! Look forward to lunches being served starting December 1st KC egulleters!
  6. It's open. Can you sense my excitement?
  7. Besides the home-smoked... where do you favor for BBQ outings? ← Any response I would give would be very outdated, I'm afraid. We don't go out for 'que as a rule. I have had occasion to eat Fiorella's food frequently as they seem to cater everything I attend (I know, it wouldn't seem like it if their style were to my taste). I should make the rounds again, I guess, but it seems to be such a personal thing that recommendations may or may not be helpful. I know Katie Nell really loves Jack Stack so if she were visiting from out of town and listened to me, she would never have found her c
  8. Yep! Definitely tomato-ey! In fact, I warned Chris after I tasted it not to eat it, because he hates hunks of tomatoes!
  9. Thanks guys! We're already trying to decide if we want to come back next year or go somewhere new! Next time, we think we'll fly into Seattle and drive to Vancouver to avoid the 10-minute layover we had to make it through customs and onto the airplane!
  10. Belated report, as usual!! Warning: This is very, very long-winded… feel free to skim and look at the pretty pictures! The pictures are spotty, because usually I'm hungry, forgetful, or some kind of combo of the both! Well, we (my new husband, Chris, and I) just got back from our honeymoon trip to British Columbia, and I think the post-honeymoon depression is setting in… in fact, I know it is! We had a wonderful time and I truly consider you guys lucky to live in beautiful BC! If you saw a girl crying on the Air Canada flight to Calgary on Saturday morning, September 9th, yep, that was
  11. Was at 1924 Main the other night, and the construction for their new restaurant concept "Souperman" is set to begin at the end of October. I don't know much about it other than that and the little blurb on their website, but I will be first in line when they do open!
  12. I almost forgot... there's a new chocolate shop in Topeka called Hazel Hill, but I have not been yet. My aunt had chocolate maple leafs made there for my "Bon Voyage Brunch" before I left for Canada. The website doesn't have much info, but you could always call and ask, I'm sure. http://www.hazelhillchocolate.com/Hazel_Hill_privacy.htm
  13. I can't be completely sure, but from my one visit to Sweet Supply Shoppe, I would highly doubt they have anything in the way of quality chocolates. It's more the kind of place you go to get baby bootie molds! You will love Au Marche u.e., lots to look at there... they do sell Christopher Elbow chocolates and I remember an earl grey chocolate from another company that was very good, so I would be hopeful of finding other options there too. I know they sell Callebaut chocolate chips in bulk. On a side note, they also have grey salt in bulk there, and it's a fantastic deal, especially compa
  14. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit... urp!
  15. Oh, believe me, I am the first one to come to Topeka's defense if someone is putting it down, but there's no denying that it does have a lot of chains! I'm in the "I can talk about my momma, but no one else better be talking about my momma" category!! Actually, that whole area of Westboro where Freda and Maude's is is really coming together now... it's a very cute part of town!
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