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  1. Lay's has two new flavours here, Curry flavour and Wasabi flavour. Just saw them for the first time yesterday at the grocery store.
  2. They've also just opened here in Mission and in Abbotsford. What's going on? ← Let me guess: Are they located adjacent to a Safeway? ← In the Richmond complex (Blundell Centre), there is a Safeway store. Will they close the bakery in Safeway too (since Cobbs will be open seven days per week)?
  3. Searched for the rest of the Saveur 100 -- an annual list of favorite restaurants, food, drink, people, places and things online, and saw 43. Wild Smoked Salmon jerky – Washington? Only 17. Chocolate Sparkle Cookies – Toronto and Vancouver, Canada mentions Canada.
  4. Just please rename the fish on the menu, as the original brings to mind those creepy little squigglers that the Raid company loves. How about serving it with some local organic sweet onion rings in a light panko batter; Grunions & Onions anyone?
  5. I agree. In regards to training @CFD's, corporate would organize and implement procedures at multiple locations, a cost that would be prohibitive for the independent operations. Unfortunately, often, the little guys are not available to the masses in the suburbs or locales outside of core areas in major cities. Seems the chains gravitate to possible tourist area as well. Wonder if the government funding issue in Saskatoon, as described in a previous post happens here too.
  6. Do they still have the grilled veggies? I remember them from quite awhile back, they were pretty good, but in the near past it seems it was buttered beans (bland), or possibly the spicy appetizer ones if requested. The roast chicken soup is gone too, but that cheddar broccoli one has been there fooooorever. Chicken options IIRC are maui or blackened or the venerable wings.
  7. It was great!! Since I didn't have the opportunity to get on line until today, I thought there'd be a bit more about Neil on here. It was nice to see him interviewed, and I thought it was a great promo about the Vancouver food scene in general. The rest of the shows were great too, however, they seemed to be trying to be comparable to the Global shows quite a few weeks ago. Any comments about the other places commented on ?
  8. oh my gosh, sounds absolutely delicious!!!
  9. Dude Usually, having particulate matter in your congee would automatically disqualify it from being the best congee in Vancouver (kind of a like falling down in figure skating... not that I watch figure skating... ever). Anyway - has your friend been to Double Double on Kingsway? I will try the congee at Tsim Tsai Gai to test this out. I simply don't want it to be the case that the best examples of all Chinese food items are all in Richmond. ← Interesting comment. Asian friends and work mates, through the last few years have recommended TTG (oh, and they don't live in Richmond). The congee is yummy! Personally, I'm quite delighted to see a comment about it here.
  10. Does anyone know why they are closing? Any pie or cookie comments?
  11. Wow, I wish I could make a quick trip to the Heartland from our Wetland (we are currently drenched out here on the westcoast ). I just watched Chef at Large with Michael Smith featuring Grant Achatz and his creations at Alinea. Oh, my gosh, so interesting and amazing! I'm truly envious of you folks who have had the opportunity to dine there. I googled him and was thrilled to find your posts and photos on eG! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year! (oh and chefg, congratulations, you are truly talented in all respects of cuisine preparation and serving, love the ingenious designs of utensils and dishes as well as the culinary ideas.)
  12. They've moved a few blocks west on Westminster Highway to a new location. ← Well arent we just so up to date Mr. Smartypants ←
  13. Cobs has munched their way into Richmond (Blundell Centre).
  14. I've a feeling you won't have much of a problem finding another dining partner.
  15. They've moved a few blocks west on Westminster Highway to a new location.
  16. That does suck. Got to wonder if real estate value is killing the small, indie or unique food ops. in some locations. Perhaps East Van may become the new Kits or .....
  17. I saw that, bizarre. One would have to be pretty clueless to think that a worthwhile deal. Curious though, how the alcohol and tipping expectations might work at a place such as this. (considering that most of us in our extended group usually partake of the endless teapot and perhaps tap water, and, well, there's been mention of the tipping practice amounts at similiar restaurants on this board in the past).
  18. Ouch! To be honest, isn't that what DOV is about, trying to attract potential new customers, that may not know about other cuisines options than BK and IHOP? Or is it just about trying to fill the coffers for management during the harsh after winter holiday season? I agree that the site should explain some of the niggly details such as time limits and tipping protocol for the uninformed bumpkins that might want to try some of the new places, after all, did we all come out of the womb as sophisticated diners, proficient in all areas including libation choices, tip requirements and time limits? Probably not. Tap water or alcohol? Does DUI or M.A.D.D. ring a bell? Not everyone can afford a taxi from their home in the burbs. Or can drink booze, due to health, work, or whatever issues. Perhaps, since the establishment is obviously trying to increase their year round business, they should take the onus off of possible new customers ordering extra and tipping above and beyond what they may think is the norm, and possibly overstaying their welcome. Compensate the employees extra accordingly to the increased pressure during DOV and future business potential.
  19. I really wanted to try that, as I had read about it, but I wasn't sure what day it was. I was trying to find the place a couple of nights ago, took us a bit, but, I saw it, such a cute little place, which made me even more endeared. Now that I know that it is actually there, I'm dying to try it.
  20. Merry Christmas Zucchini Mama! Your blog has been a real joy and delight to read, thank you!
  21. Me too! Sri Lanka Daily News ooh, this one has everything almost Pittu Kottu all Milk hoppers Well, at least we know it's not just a whole bunch of grammatical errors.
  22. Merry Christmas to Maw (family) and to Maw (Jamie & Eva) a good flight ..... into the joys and discoveries of 2006!!!
  23. ^ ... just beautiful. Truely heartwarmingly beautiful. <now to find the darn tissues *sniff*>
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