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  1. Love this place! The shakes are delish too! The "lady" has had quite the varied experiences, they have served her well. Quite interesting chatting with her about the places she's worked at previously through the years.
  2. Vij's might be a little difficult, as I don't believe they accept reservations. How many people do you expect to attend the dinner?
  3. A couple of suggestions here .In case the link doesn't work:
  4. Thai green papayas, where can one purchase in Vancouver? TIA.
  5. Has anyone tried Ping's yet? It's about two blocks over on Granville Avenue, in the 8000 block range, believe it's Northern Chinese cuisine (has xlb).
  6. The vegetarian restaurant (Rainbow) was at 8095 Park Road in Richmond (no longer listed), so that must be the address. Just around the corner from 3 Road, which runs in front of the Richmond Centre Mall (almost at the Sears end).
  7. Oh, I completely agree Deborah, I just typed that down as Dr. Daly said it, just happpened to catch her comment as I read another post here, something in reference to drinking filtered water, all should be okay. Concerned me a bit, when she mentioned the level of filtration required to filter out the peskies, a Brita probably just wouldn't cut it. The dirt itself is indeed a turnoff, the water I was intending to cook the 'taters in was dirtier than the potatoes were before I cleaned them.
  8. The filter must be at the level of 1 micron or less to filter out parasites. It is not the soil or dirt that is colouring the water to worry about, it's the potential of animal based organisms that haven't been neutralized with chlorine that is the concern until the boil water advisory is lifted from the Seymour and Capilano watersheds.
  9. Dr. Patricia Daly from Vancouver Coastal Health is featured on Studio 4 (Shaw cable 4) today, discussing the boil water advisory, and answering phone in questions. She advised not to brush your teeth with tap water, as there is a possibility of ingesting some water. I'd tend to think cooking with the water might be be okay though, since you're probably boiling it for at least a minute?
  10. I find it amusing that in almost any local publication that I pick up lately, I will find an advert for Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. in it, that contains a lovely little quote by A.G. of The G. & M. Some reviews just live on and on and ......
  11. You probably saw the review in the Courier a couple or so weeks ago, not very flattering, but, it wasn't Tim who wrote it, so I didn't pay much attention, as I wasn't impressed with the replacement columnist's style of review. Maybe there was more to that than first realized.
  12. I remember posting awhile back in a similiar type thread here, a Vancouver area pizza place, RoundTable IIRC, they advertise the fact that they use bottled spring water to make their pizza dough, so I guess you were onto a good thing.
  13. Well BCinBC I didn't know it was possible to turn a restaurant review into a sexist, somewhat offensive and yucky "I am a male stud" commentary, but you managed. Yuck! ← Dear FannyBay, Thanks the compliment - I would never actually proclaim myself a "stud," but the ego boost of someone else thinking so is tremendous! I heard through my PR girl (Not Dakota) that there was a stirring on the G about this long-ago post of mine. Unfortunately I was unable to reply, being offline in Mexico researching taco-licious offerings (loved the lengua!). But I'm back, and glad to hear what you have to say. The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about - right? One other thing: I told my friend Jon about your excellent input, and he mentioned that he would love it if you might take a moment to read a piece of his, over on the Ireland forum. For your convenience, I've included a quick link here: link! He is a real writer, so of course his writing is vastly superior to mine (let's be honest, not even in the same league), but please be frank with him as you have with me. Thanks again! ← Ah yes, reminds one of the piece by Stephen Lemons. By the way, how were the taco-licious offerings, does anything local come close to the ones you tried in Mexico?
  14. Recently, I have bought some at Kin's (various locations, including City Square and Oakridge, etc), and IIRC, they were labelled as "Honey Sweet", and they are quite small but very juicy and sweet. The bigger ones are different brand, cheaper and not as sweet. They probably would have samples or would let you try them if you ask.
  15. Have you seen this? Looks like you might be able to buy it at La Baguette et l'Echalote on Granville Island. Hopefully, anyhow.
  16. Taking a wild guess here, have you tried checking MEC, (online or phone them)? Their site here.
  17. Have any of you tried Ping's Chinese Bistro in Richmond? Xiao long bao is listed on the menu, #3 on the Beijing & Shanghai Style Dim Sum section, IIRC.
  18. Was quite sure, but I double checked, and found that indeed The Laughing Bean does serve JJ Bean coffee. It's a great place too!
  19. I suppose it depends what type of readership you're looking for. If you're looking for readership that wants light-hearted pieces, then stay the positive route. If you want to attract "serious" diners, then you have to be honest, and "tell it like it is" with your reviews. Either way you'll piss someone off. Don't worry about it. Whomever you piss off is not your target audience. A. ← I think you should always be honest with your readers. That said, you do not have to publish a bad review to accomplish this. Why not tell people where they should go or what they should enjoy rather what they shouldn't. If you ask me the negative side of this coin is more about ego, power and self importance. Just my humble 2 cents. ← If you never publish the negative aspects, then you are not being honest are you? That in itself is about power and self importance, not to mention the aspect of Why not tell people where they should go or what they should enjoy rather what they shouldn't. I'd much prefer to have reviews published fairly and acurately of good and bad, so I could make decisions accordingly as to what I might like to try, rather than what someone told me I should have.
  20. Not so much an Opening and Closing, but interesting nonetheless: Just read this press release regarding The Boathouse group of restaurants on another forum. Hope the new owners will respect the Ocean Wise concept.
  21. Absolutely, but, unfortunately, over here, the majority are going to be living in eventually eroding towers, with absolutely no grass or soil to grow anything in. Also, it's doubtful whether one could consider items grown within the core of all this development to be organic. It's great that you have support from landowners, however, here that is very rare, and that is also being threatened, which was the purpose of my post. Could you expand on what is the answer for those of us who may not work in the industry or have access to the priviliges that it might offer?
  22. This issue is similiar to the original topic posted.
  23. Lovely report Katie, and congratulations on your marriage. Question for anyone who might have an answer, I'm curious about the Atlantic Salmon at Go Fish........ why Atlantic?
  24. Richmond store had the above mentioned brand. Did you consider checking out Home Outfitters, they are owned by the Bay. Have you tried phoning the Bay stores, and see if they can have a product you want delivered to the Abbotsord store? They used to do that....in the past days of good customer service.
  25. Oh! My bad, I obviously haven't been up there for awhile. What was there before? ← Kim-John China & Gifts was there before.
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