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  1. Have you tried any of the tea stores in the Asian malls, such as in Richmond, there seem to be quite a few of them available to peruse, but not sure if language may be an issue though ....
  2. Yeah, that's same reason I don't play in the NHL. I choose not to. ← I can relate. When Iron Chef calls, I am going to tell them no. ← Good one!
  3. How about Cassis Bistro? Apparently they have a good cocktail list.
  4. Is vegetarian a requirement; what are the types of cuisine/surroundings you are looking for? Transportation means?
  5. Thanks for letting us know. I was curious as to the rest, I'm guessing I wouldn't be allowed to post the whole list, so here's a place to look. A couple of things puzzling me, she lists Best Spanish as El Patio - didn't someone post here that it was closed down? And it sure wasn't the best when I went, but I digress. And, Best Chinese Fast Food - Richmond Night Market at 8700 McKim Way? (May 19 to Oct 11, 2006)
  6. and.................. Opening soon in Richmond Centre, west side by Old Navy sign on the outside wall of mall. Looks like it might be in the general area of the former Zellers's cafeteria.
  7. Such a delightful review. Well done!
  8. Yes, I was going to mention Nikuya Meats too, hum'd 'nd haw'd to myself if I should....... thought it was such a great discovery also. Two great little shops in that little strip mall, with the Gourmet Castle and Tom & Jerry's too! ← So it's in the same strip mall as Tom & Jerry's? ← Yup! Anchored by Tom & Jerry's at one end and a questionable entertainment source with opaque windows at the other. (The bakery is basically right in the middle, to the right of Gourmet Castle and left of T&J's)
  9. While I can understand in a sense what you are saying, do we the buying public really have much of a choice overall in any quality of classic pastry making anymore, at least in our overall greater locale? Many of the old standards have hadn't much positive feedback here, and many others in the past have been replaced by corporations, and not just of the culinary variety, especially along Robson. What a change there, huh!
  10. I've never been remarkably impressed with the fare at Notte's Bon Ton. Mediocre at best, at least according to my palate. ← I think they were probably better before they moved from Granville, close to Pacific Centre? They were so popular and extremely busy then, but it just didn't seem to be anywhere near the same at the location they moved to (a few years ago since I was there).
  11. Yes, I was going to mention Nikuya Meats too, hum'd 'nd haw'd to myself if I should....... thought it was such a great discovery also. Two great little shops in that little strip mall, with the Gourmet Castle and Tom & Jerry's too!
  12. Italia Bakery? I think that's probably the place you are referring to. It's in the mall across Hastings Street, one block west of Hastings Park/P.N.E.? It does have an excellent choice of on site made Italian baked goodies to be sure, seems very authentic, not a fancy place, but also has lots of cold deli stuff, and homemade pasta products in the freezer, plus all the Italian dry stores goods. Great place. And they make sandwiches too.
  13. I know what you mean, and I remember Notte's from when it was on Granville, that was the best. Yes, the old world bakeries are to be appreciated, disappearing (munched up, often by a certain company that has a place across from the one in my prior post) far too quickly, like the one on Blundell in Richmond that a fellow egulleter remembered.
  14. Oh, how could I've forgotten this one, I think this might be quite close to where you are going, this bakery is awesome! Definitely worth your time to check it out.
  15. How was the quality? I seem to recall this bakery being mentioned in a thread about Diplomat cakes. ← The quality of what I bought was very good, I didn't buy much though, time was tight, we had an appointment. However, the clientele and the number tab machine (like they have at Cioffi's (sp?) helped tell the tale, it seems like a nice local establishment that has stood the test of time. It was well staffed and looked really clean, and the assortment of items was wide and varied. They even offered the little one a cookie, one like my mum used to make.
  16. Perhaps you will drive down Hastings Street so you might want to check out this bakery on your way to the supply shops. I came across it when I went to the Mexican place close by, I was surprised, it reminded me of bakeries in days gone by, the type you don't often see any longer. Had quite a large selection, was a fairly big shop.
  17. This is a brand of pomegranate juice that we have available for purchase in Vancouver. Perhaps you can find it in your area.
  18. This link is pretty good for describing some of the ideas people have, some of which I've done in the past. Do love it on popcorn too!
  19. Isn't Death by Chocolate in the Ironwood Plaza mall by Steveston Highway and is it 5 Rd.? I have no idea if it's all it used to be cracked up to be, perhaps a certain dessert aficionado might know if it's worthwhile looking up?
  20. I just went to Save-On at Metrotown. Selection was so-so. But I did find enough for a present. Got doubles so that I could try some too. Opened up one sauce tonight to go with our homemade yakitori: Tiger Sauce. It's got the neato tiger on the label. Pretty good! Almost sweet 'n sour type sauce. Very mild, but still tasty. I'll have to try Lougheed Save-On to see if they have more ← Were you able to get the ones you listed in your first inquiry? I have seen those at the main store in Richmond, by 3 Rd & Westminster Hwy, along with a lot of other brands, also at the store by 1 Rd & Westminster Hwy, and IIRC, Urban Fare (which is of course basically the same company). Sometimes they are even on sale. I've tried the Tiger one too, yah, a little too sweet for my liking. I've tried all the ones you listed, the Fear itself range has the little scull key fob I think and several different variations of hotness within the line. Another I highly recommend if you like hot is Mama Africa's Zulu Sauces peri-peri, 125ml, seriously hot (9/10 on the heat meter)! I got it at the MarketPlace IGA, on Burrard I think it was, in the specialty section. Awesome stuff! Also, at Santa Barbara Market, they have the "Original" Louisiana brand hot sauces, in a wide variety of new flavours, really interesting, and really, really inexpensive. Here's a link that lists all the new flavours available. Worth checking out if you're in the area, plus I think they probably have a lot of the other brands too.
  21. Go around the corner from Russel's to Blackwood Appearal. You would have struck the motherlode, and get exactly what you want. ← Awesome, thanks Neil!
  22. Thanks CanadianBakin', *Deborah*, and sanrensho for the great suggestions. Much appreciated.
  23. Wow, it sure is! Just imagine the tourist dollars rolling in there during the high season ...... kaching!
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