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  1. Red Pepper is no more, being replaced by Portabelo Restaurant, to be opening soon, (looks like very soon).
  2. They have an advert/promo in the GS, I meant to post when I saw that, finally they are open! Not a late nite place though, only 10 or 11 pm. Looking forward to any reviews.
  3. Did you go for lunch/dim sum (looking at the time of your post) as opposed to dinner? Was it just the two of you (as opposed to the usual large groups for the dinner tables), was that a good choice for a time to try it? Did you find this happened to you too? Didn't really feel comfortable when it happened to us elsewhere before, but figured it was an irregular occurence
  4. Every store there is pretty sad, old and tired. The one across from the fishy place is an embarassing reflection of supposed Canadiana. For an area that is growing so much, the business development is lacking inspiration. Have wondered about the fish store on the next road up, further west, beside the greek restaurant? Good to know, thanks. The produce seemed a bit tired, would like to find a place that sold some fresher stuff, including thai basil, mint, etc. but saw frozen kaffir lime leaves there. Was the crab live? Lovely presentation of your creations.
  5. Was walking around the Drive area a couple of days ago, and saw a huge semi-trailer truck driving west on Hastings, the size of the ones that deliver to Save-On foods or MacDonalds. Was surprised to see emblazoned on the side of the trailer "Joey's Only". Presumably the driver was heading to the new place, coming from the direction of Coquitlam? Short of items, with that size of truck? Looked into the new one awhile back, but didn't eat there, so can't comment on the quality. The menu didn't impress, mostly the usual offerings of similiar establishments, including the all too common over priced edaname Noticed that lamb was offered, which is unusual, peaked my interest, but prices seemed really quite high overall, compared to similiar offerings at the other usual suspects. I'd choose another place in that area. As far as probably it turned out to be really bad timing, as far as acquiring good staff and such, especially in the location?
  6. Jeeezuz! Why'd you have to go drag Taco del Mar into the conversation? This is like saying Holt-Renfrew kick's Walmart's ass in clothing. I think it's an appropriate comparison simply because TDM one of the few places in Vancouver that sells a fish taco. i think go fish might have one as well, but i haven't tried it. ← The similarity ends with the word "taco" in the company name. But you;re right about the fish taco ... even the Red Burrito didn't do fish last I checked. Go Fish has "tacones", and they are done similar to those at the Taco Shack i.e. the fish is not deep fried. Go Fish also grills the tacos a bit more so they're crispy, and rolls them in a cone shape. These are still my fave. A. ← I saw PaJo's had fish taco's as a new addition on their menu board, had to smile when I saw that, of course thinking of Go Fish. Unfortunately, since we didn't eat there, can't report back. Heard about a place in Lansdowne Centre Mall in Richmond, taco's and such, anyone tried it?
  7. I'm thinking, I miss Mooshmouse's reviews (Joie was so elloquent. and delighttfully descriptive, however, since she is not able to fulfill her prior highly esteemed role, you would be, in my estimation, an excellent replacement. Have you considered the possibility?
  8. Nope, didn't eat there. It looked super busy though. There are pictures of various different menu choices as their signage! Looks like a popular place. Perhaps Canucklehead will check it out.
  9. It's not exactly a new restaurant, but a new location, with all new furnishings, etc. (formerly was in a rather rundown small strip mall across from Richmond Centre Mall, Thai Son is there too; presumably a station for the Canada Line will be constructed in that area.)
  10. damnit, double damn. I missed it. So, what's going on there? RF, why don't you post anymore? Inquiring minds want to know, can we unconditionally recommend your Vancouver spots any longer?
  11. classic ← SO sorry for going WAY off-topic, but I gotta stand up for the neophyte servers. I think that we should try to remeber that a lot of these CFD servers are Fresh Outta High School and not as refined as we have become over the years of reading/writing/thinking/living food. Give 'em a break. Denouncing a servers' capabilities because he/she doesn't know all the product in the shop is as horrible as a fine dining server laughing at a client's foibles. I've been on the giving and receiving end of both forms of ridicule and the neither gave much pleasure. If we have a little more knowledge than ANY person we are interacting with isn't it better to share the info willingly rather than be exasperated with the 'idocy' of the person we are dealing with? Much better use of time and energy. I was once serving an incredibly refined couple up in Whistler who asked what the cognac or armagnac was in the lobster bisque. I didn't know there was cognac in the bisque, and they tried to guess what it was before I asked the chef. They hit it right in the head, and told me how to distinguish the subtleties. I don't think they were laughing at me when I was in the kitchen and I still remember that couple fondly, even if I don't remember how to tell what the liquor is in a bisque. How do you want to be remembered when you leave a restaurant? Second apology: sorry for the preaching. ← You're not preaching at all, Bob. In fact, I think this is one of the best posts in this forum in many months. The real prostelyzing comes from folks who deride ignorance, which should be the most easily forgivable of all our human foibles. Knowledge is for sharing - here and elsewhere, gently and affably - just as your guests at Whistler pleasured you. After writing about food and booze for a while (I'm just old enough to remember when black was the new brown - Joeys decorators please take note), what I don't know is fiercesome. And not unlike the young server who wasn't quite up to speed on her Viogner Monologue, I hope that we both learn something new every day, just like those who couldn't pronounce the V-word themselves shortly ago, let alone go down on it. Cheers to you for an intriguing post, Jamie ← I absolutely do not fault the servers or others in a similiar capacity. I do question though if they are actually receiving any or enough of this quality training that is supposedly provided by the CFD's. At times, a lack of managerial presence, causing some situations to deteriorate to levels that one wouldn't expect to see at establishments that are certainly not inexpensive to dine at.
  12. I remembered it was mentioned awhile ago on this forum. I'm inclined to think that the owners had a "heads up" as to the future of the building that housed their former location.
  13. Oh, I so agree. Very true. I was very dissapointed to see that. Nice staff, friendly, but not aware of things they should be, or what we would hope they would be. Sustainability? Um, what is that? Wild or farmed seafood? Um, we aren't sure. Extremely expensive too. I concur. I used to like some CFD's to a certain degree, but lately they have become so mediocore, and bland. It's become quite sad, I see a real decline in quality of service and product. Unfortunately. unless one is in certain areas, the only choices are these CFD's.
  14. Me too, until I realized they've moved just a few blocks west. Can't remember what the cross-street is, but they now have a corner location. ← Heather Street. Under the Holiday Inn, beside the Great Canadian Casino at the 700 block of Broadway, north side. On another note, Szechuan Garden is gone, the entire building looks like it is stripped for redevelopment. Didn't Szechuan Garden move there recently? Other places further west are gone too, buildings being demolished or stripped for new development (Jive billiards, Sleep something store, and looks like Cue is gone too). One of those stripped buildings is quite close to being across from Toys 'R Us; somewhere I read that Tojo's may be moving into that area?
  15. It is definitely not too slick. It's nice, quite comfortable, casual but cheerful lemongrass colour theme, not a cold harsh asian diner type style, if that is what is meant by classic non-descript asian restaurant, but neither is it slick or fancy. It used to be the greek restaurant, before they moved up the street, so it retains some of that mediterranean feel in the decor. The owner is a really nice down to earth type guy, hard working, family man, interesting and friendly in conversation. Oh, I so agree!! What do you do with the vermicelli, (that's the square pancake style, correct?) I like the grilled lemongrass shortribs, but I haven't seen the lentil crepe, would like to try it, what is it called? Have had the rare beef pho, enjoyed it, but I'm no expert. No complaints though and the accompaniments were fresh and generous. .Absolutely! I was surprised, especially when lettuce was going for $1.99/head awhile ago! We talked about that, he was surprised when someone had told him, as he wasn't aware of that process. He's definitely not the type to instigate ballot stuffing. It's not a high end restaurant, but it's a really good place for what it is, and the owner is a good man with a decent ethical and business sense it seems.
  16. Try these links to EGullet recent topics, etc. Victoria Bound, Brunch options - started Feb 20 2006 Rosemeade Dining Room, Victoria B.C. - started Mar 4 2006 Dine Around Victoria, 2006 - started Feb 3 2006 Why the spate of Closed Victoria restaurants, so many what is happening - started Jan 21 2006 (although it sounds ominious, it does have helpful and encouraging information in it) EAT Magazine - Victoria EAT Magazine - Nanaimo & up EAT Magazine - Tofino, Ucluelet, Port Renfrew I loved Pagliacci's too, you remember correctly, but I don't know what it is up to now, or if it still is, I remember seeing something about it here, don't remember the details though.
  17. Do they have cart service? How's the prices, cc accepted? Funny how they've gone down to one, they used to be so big, but I guess that was awhile ago, there are so many new entries into the market now. Thanks for the review, very helpful.
  18. Here is the review for this week.
  19. Save-On Foods has these also, mind you, they are prepacked in a styro bowl, overwrapped with saran.
  20. I saw fiddleheads about a week ago. Can't remember if it was at Kin's or Marketplace I.G.A., probably was Kin's. Maybe give either of them a call. Did you check any of the produce markets on Commercial or Broadway?
  21. Weird huh? Seems the same thing happened in Richmond, close to Kwantlen College. They were always packed, open late, that original decor but it worked. They closed down foooooorever to reno, finally opened in that horrid cold new style, now they are no more. Presumably the same will happen to the one in South Surrey/White Rock, if it hasn't happened yet (closing), the decor is gawd awful. ← The Bread Garden in South Surrey is now no more. ← Ah, well, not surprised, but thanks for letting us know. Slightly curious what might end up there in it's place, if you happen by that area in the future.
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