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  1. Although I completely agree regarding the sustainability issue, is Jamie responsible for the advertising in the magazine? Even if he is not however, better communication between front end and back end staff would be appropriate. Also, is all tuna out of question? Sorry, I know this has been discussed before, but I can't remember off hand which type or if any type of tuna is deemed acceptable to consume.
  2. Please be sure to let us know where you set up your shop, we are definitely looking forward to it! The suggestions of Cambie, Main, Commercial or anywhere in the near perimeter would be awesome! I would be thrilled at the opportunity to purchase meat of good quality; although I rarely purchase it now, it's because I detest spending money on inferior, mass produced product, produced by national corporations, that couldn't care less what I really thought of their product. Good grief, the huge chain store that I have no choice but to frequent, I have serious doubts as to their effectiveness of their chilling system holding the meats, but surely I'm not the only one to doubt it. I'd love the opportunity to buy awesome quality meat products, in the family income neighbourhood, east of City Hall. I remember as a young'n seeing the "master butcher", or close to it, in the area behind the meat department, don't ever see that anymore! Heck, I remember seeing the half cows hanging in the window at the store on Renfrew, I believe plus other places. Don't see any of that anymore. No, definitely, no over saturation, and if you are good, I'd locate in an area that may not be as expensive for overhead. Folks will come and shop on basis of good recommendation. Looking forward to seeing where you set up shop!
  3. Ah, yes, gotta love Fergie, probably he would have fostered a more relaxed informative discussion, I'd guess. Kimmel, a little more wacky, would've been a little more hard core, probably less foody? I definitely thought Dave could or should have drawn more out of him. I prefer Letterman rather than Leno, not quite as corny. All in all, was a treat to see Anthony, I really miss seeing his show.
  4. I find that it seems so many Asian (Chinese) restaurants have signs posted "Cash only". I'm guessing that most wouldn't consider them high end establishments such as the Kirin or Sun Sui Wah type, but more so the average dinner or dim sum place. Makes it difficult for someone who rarely carries cash. Usually when I tip, I include it on the credit card receipt, probably that makes it more difficult to dole out though?
  5. Anthony Bourdainn was a guest on the David Letterman show on Tuesday night. I was mildly surprised at his demeanor, not quite what I expected. I don't get a chance to see his show anymore, is it available to us humble Shaw cable customers (not pay TV)?.
  6. Yes, you're absolutely correct, there was! It's something different now, although I haven't had the courage to check out any of the venues in that location. I really think if one had the money and energy to clean that little location up, they could establish a nice little restaurant of some sort there, the location is actually quite good for possibilities. Something along the lines of a Sebs or a Stellas ...... the neighbourhood, especially the newer folks, possibly families etc. would be interested, I'd think.
  7. Could you share the name of the S.S. bakery? Unfortunately people I know there seem to think they are lucky to have a Cobbs now in the area. Would be nice to know of a better alternative, hopefully that won't be overtaken by Cobbs.
  8. I've bought buffalo at the Marketplace I.G.A. in Garden City Mall (corner of Blundell and Garden City), in the past. Perhaps phone them first to check? ← Thanks for the tip cayenne. Welcome to eGullet! A. ← Thanks Daddy-A!
  9. Haha! I love the way you write Keith, you've got wicked humour! When I went by it was packed and as I was toting the wee one, there was no way I'd have been able to get in. The lady who answered my query as to the availability of menu's answered very well in my mother tongue, so I didn't feel as alienated as I have at some of the other prolific establishments in Richmond, which still doesn't deter me from wandering through the many, many Asian malls and stores! Maybe I should go to S.W. in the late afternoon, before dinner rush? Are they open all day or do they close in the afternoon like some Asian restaurants? As far as the MSG reaction, I have still to read up on Jeffery's comments. I agree it may not necessarily be an allergen, but there definitely is some sort of effect, possibily a type of stimulant, in some people? Maybe those who consume it more frequently develop some sort of immunity to it over time...just musing .
  10. Those B.G. sandwiches are a really expensive disappointment, nothing like they used to be when made fresh years ago. And, how do they expect one to eat an over mayo'd egg salad on the run (no pun intended) in that type of bread? Messy indeed!
  11. It is a great little place, it's been the same for a few years now I think. The Rare Slices Beef Beef Noodle Soup is really good too, with jalapeno's if you want (yes!), thai basil, bean sprouts and lime wedge. The curry chicken or spicy chicken rice dishes (or bread with the curry) are also good for a quick cheap meal. I've even phoned her last minute before she closes at 8:00 to order take-out soup (with the noodles and beef and garnishes packed separate from the broth, and the basil in a little plastic bag to keep it fresh) and sandwiches. It seems to be a very popular place, lots of regulars, and she has takeout menu's in a little holder outside the door.
  12. For me, much the same, definite sharp pains in my lower neck and upper back, and down my upper arms, probably about 15 to 30 minutes after eating food with M.S.G., especially strong with prepackaged Asian type snacks. Does anyone know if it's a reasonable or acceptable request to ask for no M.S.G. at some of these favoured restaurants mentioned here, and do they use it at Shanghai Wind? (ps., do they have take out menu's at S.W. yet, went there a week or so ago, and they had run out, must be really popular, perhaps because of the recommendations here? (haven't checked yet, does S.W. have a website per chance?)
  13. I've bought buffalo at the Marketplace I.G.A. in Garden City Mall (corner of Blundell and Garden City), in the past. Perhaps phone them first to check?
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