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  1. Jamie, Thank you for answering my questions, providing information, and sharing your family recipes. Thank you for the most delightful read, a visual feast for the eyes and mind. Beautiful thoughts and memories, amusing and informative at the same time. A real treat for all of us, a perfect lead into this special time of year. Wishing you, Eva and all your family and friends a most joyful Christmas and a New Year filled with everything wonderful.
  2. Richmond Sushi is on Akroyd Road - when you're on No. 3 Road (assuming you're coming in from Vancouver), turn left when you see Canadian Tire (it's the first traffic light you come to on No. 3 Road). Past Canadian Tire you'll see Gar Lok - that's the Richmond Sushi mall. There's a Meloty tea house there (Western-style tea house operated by Taiwanese people), a supermarket (Supermarket 2000, or something, is the name - I like Yaohan better, which, by the way, you can get to from behind Canadian Tire - it's the first street on the right when you're on Akroyd) which is almost next to Richmond Sushi, ← That's not Akroyd Road, it's Capstan Way. Richmond Sushi is off Captsan Way, backing onto the cross street of Sexsmith (rd? or way?) which runs parallel between Garden City Road and 3 Road. There is another street running between the Richmond Sushi mall, and the Canadian Tire, Yoahan complex (parallel to 3 Road, the name of which escapes me, but it continues on south, cross Cambie and there will be Aberdeen Centre, then Parker Place, on and on, till the area with all the asian restaurants, which if you turned left, you'd end up in the parking lot of the mall where the South Ocean restaurant and the other one upstairs of ill repute. Akroyd Road is the left turn further south on No 3 Road, that runs between the Save On Foods mall which includes Bo Kong Vegetarian, White Spot, Boston Pizza; opposite on the north side of Akroyd is Neptune Seafood chinese restaurant, a sushi place beside Starbucks and I believe there is also the City something or other Asian grocery food market (where the theatres used to be long ago), and Chapters is also in that same square.
  3. Those are beautiful animals! The bacon, to purchase at their shop on G.I., what exactly should I ask for? And the garlic, it looks awesome, do they sell that there too (smoked)? I really appreciate the van der Lieks' message in the press notice, I heartily agree with their statement. Great to read that something good is being done in this respect locally. Where are the “Pata Negras” located? Do the van der Lieks' have a website, last time I tried to access what was supposed to be Oyama's awhile ago, no luck was to be had, somehow it seemed it wasn't under their control. TIA
  4. Sounds excellent. Any hints for those of us who unfortunately are unable to understand non english signage, as how to recognize the place? TIA
  5. Even with the possibility of dirty china awaiting your talents?
  6. Thank you so much! ps. I corrected my post, that was much too good of a name to have messed up, just perfect! Perfect! And, just what I was thinking too, because I saw Mary Trentadue, the owner of 32 Books in North Vancouver recommend it as one of her picks on Fanny Kiefer's Studio 4 show yesterday! Thanks again.
  7. Excellent, thanks so much!!! I'm interested in your Cheesier Than Mariah Carey potatoes, they looked quite yummy to me. Any special recipe you might share for them, and also the lamb? Thanks for the salmon one, I'm saving that one to try. And, may I say, your blog is a most beautiful and enjoyable collection of written work and visual delights, you could publish it. Just wonderful! ETC my brain disconnection from the operation of fingers That was too good of a recipe name to have screwed up.
  8. Thank you for posting the recipe. Where did you end up sourcing your graham flour, I don't recognize that brand?
  9. Well, China World is actually more at Garden City and Cambie, being well past Alderbridge Way on the north-west side. If you had turned left on Cambie from G.C., and continued to the next street on the right, you would have seen another mall with a TD Bank at the corner of Sexsmith and Cambie. Within that mall I think you would have found Vogue. Basically just about 3 or so blocks away from Rice/China World. That is an interesting store, reminds me of an Asian themed Costco.
  10. Isn't the one on Main called Wing Nuts? Well, considering the educational program on the boob tube right now, where many of the representatives of some secret Victorian establishment are wearing wings, that might not be a bad name for a remade Hooters.
  11. After rereading your post of the November event, our curiousity is peaked indeed. All kidding aside, thanks for the reminder.
  12. Had to laugh, that's exactly what happened to us! My gosh that was frustrating, ended up going past Marmalade, then up and around again. We just didn't expect it to be a sort of non-descript location, being below the Stone Grill. Definitely not easy to find, but hey, if you live in the general area, Nu or C are lovely places to walk to.
  13. With all due respect to Julia, she probably wasn't an addict. Try telling a junkie that. Karen ← I'm so thrilled to see your response. Everything you wrote makes absolute sense. I just pray that you can get your message out to the greater public arena. I have a feeling that economic and cultural issues are one of the strong effects on how the children ultimately consume their foods, and might be one of the difficult areas to address in general, location wise and accessibility to those responsible (through meetings and forums) wise. How long term do you see this process needing to be effective? I'm guessing in reality every year that it is not in effect is exponentially increasing the diabetes and obesity concerns. Plus, any increased incomes to the providers of the Cokes and Pepsi's and fried foods....... I think the battle that you and others who care have is with the industry that promotes it through commercials (producing a profitable commercial garners huge money) as well at certain major food corporations. It's pretty obvious to us in a certain age group how the general childhood obesity and health in general has changed; we used to mention, -- gosh look at the "ones" to the south; ..... now look at us and even the fairly new arrivals to the country. I guess if the smokes don't get them, the companies have to have another way of getting the revenue.
  14. The reasons that it seems many major projects; RAV, Waterfront Convention Centre, Olympic Ice Centre in Richmond and gawd knows what else, besides the rest of us trying to do home reno's/buy a home/establish or improve a business are almost seemingly doomed to fail, or are predicted to..... and if a restaurant is to fail, it is partly because those of us potential customers, although we would like to go, can't justify affording to ....... frustrating indeed.
  15. Umm.... which London Drugs ........ inquiring minds need to know....... to plan our burg.....
  16. Why not? Seems the rest of us; parents and caregivers are not fulfilling the task! She has made a tremendous improvemet in her health.......
  17. ← My apologies Matt, please don't take this personal.... Ack! Cripes, do you have a S.C. there now too? By the way did you see the query about the "Snug", is it or going to be gone? I adored that place. Surely there have to be better choices out there in one of the fastest growing areas in the greater lower mainland. If there is not, heck, I'd love to get together with another and create one. Jamie offered up an excellent suggestion, and I searched out a thread that might offer some options. However, if I may be so humble to offer an opinion, choose an alternative, unless an American chain themed restaurant (why the heck did "they" choose that?) is your thang..... ack, ack........
  18. Looks like a new place has opened in Richmond: Hue Cafe 6620 3 Road 778 895 1757 10:00 - 18:00 hours The banh mi were priced between $3 - $3.50 Also on the menu, salad rolls, french coffee, and quite a few other things. Specials too. It's located right beside Shanghai Wind (across from Richmond Centre). Decor is nice. Wonder if and how it might affect New Asia which is one block away. (I have no idea as to the quality, as I spied it after hours.)
  19. Triple C (as opposed to the Triple O). Whole wheat bun sounds great, do you remember when they didn't use buns long ago, was some kind of bread (it's been so long since, but that still sticks in my mind ) Haven't been to CC for quite awhile now, but used to frequent it on quite the regular basis. Was getting a bit weary of their menu though, so I must check it out now; are there any new items of Julian's available at all locations yet? I imagine the two establishments are partaking of a head to head combat of sorts, which is a good thing for the customers. How long has Michael been at Earl's? Oh, and how much is the new Triple C going for? Any hints on other menu changes, such as the pasta's and mains? How about the soup, I remember the two choices (B&C and the Chicken) being on there for foooooooorever) ! Also, I found it interesting, if I heard it correctly on one of the Global features of dining, I believe it was the really interesting one about menu development, IIRC the guy was discussing Saltlik, mentioned owning both some CC & E locations? Any idea who the creative mind is behind MS and how the competition affects them?
  20. ^ Thank you for posting this Jamie, very informative.
  21. Great to see your post! I was trying to search their site, figuring that they should have them, but had problems with my I.P. I'm guessing you mean the store in Vancouver? What is the price, if you know? TIA
  22. I asked why they didn't have the G.S. and was advised that they had a new manager who didn't allow anything but BCLD printed materials to be placed in the racks in the store. I didn't realize that maybe that meant all of B.C. That means no CityFood over here. ← It's not a particular manager that is pulling ALL non-LDB prints. It is head office's new mandate. The Lower Mainland area manager, Tim Tolmey is the person to vent your frustration. "Signature" stores will eventually replace all current LDB stores (notice the exact same decorations they have for this year's Christmas.) I think this is ridiculous as Eat and CityFood has ads related to alcohol. The LDB own magazines (which they have two) is not that great. Other place I've seen Eat is the West 16th Choices Market. ← Please don't think I was venting when I asked about the G.S., all I did was ask, and then when told, I said, well, that's too bad as the G.S. often recommended great wines and other purchases available at the B.C.L.D.B. I have noticed though of late, that many stores are disappearing, and saw an ad in a local paper on behalf of the BC employees union regarding their disapproval of that. No mention of any of that here though, until your post. I have to wonder what restaurant owners/managers think of the aforementioned B.C.L.D.B. changes. The smaller operations seem to purchase their products directly from the local stores, will the change affect their operation or costs? Please enlighten us, what are "Signature" stores, and will there still be "Specialty" stores? Sounds like there is a major upheaval happening, how come nothing has really come up in the media about it. And the news last night about the raises, shi.te....... The "Flavours" magazine is quite nice, but I have a hunch that it is based on the Ontario LDB magazine of the same nature..... any forums that I peruse that include Ontario based posters, they are thrilled and excited when a new issue is available. Well, off to look for Eat and any hints about CityFood....... besides Granville Island, where we can find both IIRC?
  23. I asked why they didn't have the G.S. and was advised that they had a new manager who didn't allow anything but BCLD printed materials to be placed in the racks in the store. I didn't realize that maybe that meant all of B.C. That means no CityFood over here.
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