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  1. I believe they are closed. Sandy tried to go a few weeks ago and it looks totally and utterly closed. This is a real shame since it (IMHO) bettered Nyala by a long shot and the owner "Gerba" or was it "Germa" was an amazing host who really gave you the homestyle treatment. I really hope he just moved instead of closed down... ← Dialed their number, the Telus lady voice said the number is not in service. ETA Probably got a hefty rent increase, so had to move out?
  2. Which lounge? Lobby Lounge? ← Looked into it, found this: Restaurants The Carvery Presenting our Executive Sandwich in 900 West Lounge Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday only from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Dress Code: Smart Casual Reservations: Reservations are not required. Slow-Roasted 'Pride of Alberta' Prime Rib Sandwich, Carved to Order - $14.00 served with traditional condiments served and a Classic Caesar Salad. Please see our Chef Carver for your Lunch Order! 900 West Lounge 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Sunday to Thursday clickable link below Fairmont Hotel Vancouver - Carvery
  3. BEST NIGHT SPOT: Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar / afterglow 1079 Mainland St.; 604-602-0835. A trailblazer for trendy lounges, Afterglow is a sexy appendage to edgy Glowbal Grill and Satay Bar. Celebs like Avril Lavigne, Kevin Spacey and Robin Williams (and likely Sarah McLachlan), come as much for the discreet treatment as the sultry atmosphere and stylin’ cocktails. On the menu: small tastes like tequila lamb with lime-mint satay, and yam frites with sun-dried tomato aioli. Memorable Meal Tidbit: Late night smooch: over fondues of smoked applewood cheese with short ribs and prosciutto grissini, or creamy milk chocolate with house-made biscotti, shortbread, banana bread and fresh fruit. Honourable Mentions: Celebrities Night Club; Bin 941. Hmmm, I had no idea there were edibles at Celebrities, just cocktails! Stepho's, honourable mention for best European??
  4. It would depend upon the venue, and knowing exactly what type of tea I was getting, much like wine or premium liquor. Also, the presentation and the condiments (dairy, sweetners (raw sugar crystals, honey, unpackaged white sugar, lemons, etc.). And, presentation includes the water prep and pour part of the production, quite important in good quality final tea enjoyment. If that was all the best of quality, and provided for more than one cup of excellent tea, I'd pay around $4.50 to $5.75.
  5. Another option could be Wazubeez, just across 1st Avenue, east side of Commercial Drive. Will have music, not live mind you, good beverage choices and food too.
  6. Noticed a sign indicating a property to be built on a newly excavated site, on Broadway, across from Cru, Memphis Blues, Fortune Garden, Red Pepper, etc., just east of Granville. Seems it probably is http://www.joeysmedgrill.com/home.html (sorry, but the linky thing wouldn't work for me). Sign said: "Joeys, opening when we're ready." Are we?
  7. From the Spanish food site Lareira.net - here's a photo/info about the fresh Pimientos de Padrón. Also from Spain - a tasty-looking pic of the flash-fried product. Memo ← Yeah, baby! That's the stuff. Thanks. I placed a call to my local Thriftys to see if they can order in a case. ← Fresh ones available here. I wonder if Normand's on Commercial Drive would have them?
  8. This reminds me of the potables column in the Vancouver Courier last Sunday, did you see it? It was in reference to Middle Mountain Mead of Hornby Island. I found it quite intriguing. Apparently they have a web site Hornby Island Winery (Mead)which I haven't checked out yet, but your post reminded me. I'm guessing the Courier review is online; the lavender and fresh fruits sounded quite wonderful.
  9. ? (just curious) Oh how times have changed, I remember when they did that at the Four Seasons.
  10. Just saw they are on the list for the "Taste of the City" event tomorrow, with three interesting offerings. Funny, one of them was a dish that included crab and watermelon, which reminded me of a dish Rob Feenie was presenting on City Cooks the other day (yesterday?) which also included those two ingredients.
  11. Do a google search....... "fish on rice" "burnaby" A lot of stuff will come up. Looks popular from what I saw there, guessing a lot of posts might be from the uni/college student crowd.
  12. ← I think that an underlying reason for this is simply a lack of a large latino population in Vancouver. For many chinese people - going out to eat is by default means going to a chinese restaurant. This keeps turnover and standards high. You know - I've seen Whole Foods selling all sorts of dried chiles and even cactus. I wish someone like Shelora could do a demo in their store as to how to use south of the border ingredients (hint hint) ← While at the El Salvadorian restaurant on Commercial, I read through a small phone book sized directory of Latino owned or themed businesses/services etc., (covered the GVA), it seemed that there is likely quite a large population. However, it seems that they are not as obvious for lack of a better word as the Chinese, which although I know is now all the same thing, I would probably describe it more so as the "Hong Kong" culture that is more obvious and has fostered the huge amount of Chinese restaurants. The Latino culture seems to me more like the Greek culture used to be, or even the South East Asian (traditionally called Indian) culture/cuisine which certainly has exploded beyond belief over the last few years. I saw a little Mexican place on Hastings, around Slocan?, is it new, any good? Haven't been to the one further up in Burnaby yet. I guess we need a Latino / Mexican / .... "Vij", to jumpstart the trend of better places to eat, as opposed to what we have. I vaguely remember Chi Chi's, yikes!
  13. Are they moving from their other location on Broadway (which I enjoyed a meal at a couple of weeks ago), or would it be an additional location?
  14. You're right, yes they do. But if one wants to drive there from the general locale that she describes, and pay the price they demand, one may as well drive to Famous Foods or Granville Island or Commercial Drive, well, you know what I mean. Hey, what about Choices (light just went on in brain!), new store on King George Highway, South Surrey/White Rock? I'm guessing that the Thrifty's location is why Choices chose to establish their newest store, rather than locating in Richmond or........
  15. Go Fish was excellent, had the halibut (1) and chips and the hot & sour fish soup late last Friday. Fish was superb, batter not what I would describe as tempura but not thick, was fully cooked through (ie, not gooey on the inside), not greasy. Fish was cooked perfectly inside, chunks flaked just right. Chips were pretty good, the raw product I'm sure was good, cooking and provisioning of consistent product could be improved upon a bit, but I'm no expert, and I was there for the fish. The chips were generous enough in amount, more so than appears in the pic above it seems. The "tartar" sauce was awesome, I detest the traditional tartar sauce that frequents usual fish and chip places, this was nothing like it, more like an aioli I would guess. The coleslaw is quite wonderful, I'd had it before with the tacones. I was happy that they had malt vinegar in a squirt bottle as a condiment, I added that to the coleslaw as it was slightly too sesame oily for my taste, but that's just me and was easily converted into a delicious side to my liking. I wonder if one could order the fish without the fries? Or substitute something for the fries? The hot & sour fish soup was very delicious! Loved it! ps........ closing time now 18:30 hours (6:30 p.m.) I think I heard (Wed-Sun)
  16. Wow, thanks so much for posting about Ch'i, I really wondered if we should check it out, as it's in our territory (kind of "in between land").
  17. K & M Farms 604 857-8916 JD Farms Specialty Turkey Store 604 756-2431 Woodfield Farm Organics 604 539-8614 Capella Farm Market 604 576-2465 I copied the above from the Farm Fresh Reference Guide which also shows the web address of BC Farm Fresh on the cover. I know someone who purchases products frequently from the JD Farms store and loves it, the others I don't know about, but thought you might like to check them out. Let us know if you like any of them. I bought lovely jumbo free range eggs from the free range poultry store on Commercial Drive, what a great little place for those of us in the city!
  18. Here's a link to check out, they have the day of the week listed http://www.bcfarmersmarket.org/directory/index.htm As far as I know Coquitlam, White Rock, Ambleside and Richmond have markets on Sunday and the Nat Bailey Market on Wednesday. At any rate check out the links. ← I read in a paper that the East Richmond Farmers Market has unfortunately been discontinued, due to poor turnout if IRC.
  19. For those by a television, Rob Clark is on City Cooks right now!!!
  20. .....and fresh non-farmed salmon ...... so much farm raised atlantic salmon, and farmed trout at Costco, I'm sort of surprised there's such a market for it (the salmon that is). I guess it's really inexpensive (I didn't even check the prices)? Thanks for the comment regarding the olive oil, I always wondered about it, whether it was reasonably good quality or not.
  21. Sort of within this topic (I hope)...... What's with Red in a few fairly new or reinvented restaurant names? Red Door Red Fort Red Star Red Pepper Just found it sort of interesting.
  22. If you interested, I bought some beautiful garlic grown in the Okanogan, the guy who grows it brings it in and sells it from a stand on the south west end of the market, beside the seafood place bordering within the outside wall. I'm guessing pea shoots are now out of season I think? Hopefully you can make time for a bite to eat at Go Fish, a little ways to the west of the market, along the seawall. Fabulous place, very casual, very delicious.
  23. Excellent quote transfattyacid, so very true! Thanks for posting
  24. Are you serious? $15??? Sheesh, I was looking forward to it, but now, not so sure. Wanted to see the Super Dog guy for the last time before he retired and have some pakoras and a salmon dog from Johnny's. Free ticket? How? ← Free tickets came as a perk from volunteer work. However, I understand you can get discounted tickets at Safeway and a few other businesses. This info is in the pamphlet in this Saturday's Sun newspaper. Plus, you can use your Safeway air miles to buy these tickets I understand. ← you can get tickets from 7-11 for $10! ← Thank you maxmillan and makanmakan for your replies.
  25. Are you serious? $15??? Sheesh, I was looking forward to it, but now, not so sure. Wanted to see the Super Dog guy for the last time before he retired and have some pakoras and a salmon dog from Johnny's. Free ticket? How?
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