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  1. Interesting, but seems over priced, even for the location. If not priced in that manner, the cuisine choice would probably entice a wider range of clientale, thus ensuring a greater recommendation. RESTRICTED MENU (over 16? Nope….) “Cocas” Pizzetas with Arugula, Tomato and Fresh Prawns $ 16 Pairing “Horchata” Almond Milkshake ”Prego Pequeno” Grilled Beef Tenderloin Patty with Pommes Frites $ 15 Pairing “Henry the Navigator” Lemon Grass Tea Really over priced pizza or burger, except of course maybe for the Kerrisdale crowd. But, if you are anywhere near the age of 16 and raised in the manner suggested by the menu, would you not expect a far more interesting menu than a shrimp, tomato and spinach pizza with a glass of milk spiked w/ almond extract or a burger and fries with herbal tea? We share much more interesting and delicious cuisine with our young one, but not at that price. I'd be more impressed if they had posted mini portions of the regular menu's for the younger crowds. JMHO. oh, and because of executing an internet search of Senova Manny's, I wonder, isn't there anybody who researches these sort of things before the name and relative information of a business is established?
  2. Oh, I remember that from when it was Delilah's. It wasn't a karaoke bar then, just very plush and decadent. Loved going there with FB and friends. I think I mentioned Bacchus as having a smoke friendly lounge possibly before, however, it seems that room may have changed to a private room. Don't know for sure, but I'm sure other's here may know how to advise accordingly.
  3. Ah, as usual, I probably haven't explained my thoughts sufficiently. Of course it is not a meal for all, but the definition of short of pocket is most likely defined by the ratio of our income versus our expenses. Short of pocket, as mentioned, means that most of us couldn't possibly afford a tenth of the price, and usually that includes more than just one of us. For a couple, which is at least the norm, that would be two G's!! There are many of us who appreciate great cuisine, and dream of returning to places that they could frequent before the family expenses. Those of us who appreciate what good cuisine is, as opposed to pre-fab, marketed, pretty much guaranteed specification perfect. However. do you really think those that can afford this event truely think it is worth it, in a culinary appreciation sense (not including wine, which if that was the intention, should have been described as such), or is it an event at which to prove that one can pay, to be seen and hopefully have their pic published in various publications. Actually, in retrospect, I guess for other reasons than culinary, it might be worth it, for those who want to see and be seen. It just seems kind of, IDK, ostentatious, unless there is a viable contribution to some sort of worthy cause, whatever that might be, as long as it is worthy. Hopefully one of us regular folk, will attend, and supply all the details.
  4. pretty harmless, and then... Please discuss. ← A few comments, unprofessional as they may be: - Extremely expensive - I tried very hard to search out any info on this event in days prior to this, could not find anything. One of the bigger questions of mine, why is Lumiere's site so out of date? Not good for PR. Even trying to access it through the Relais site was not effective, no information on the event was posted there. Being the posted price, one would think it could be an international attraction? - although we understand the history between R.F. and C.T., is the expense truely justified? Especially wondering after trying to find info, reading the latest and for never really knowing much of C.T. exploits in the last few years except for the glam mags and O., it's other chef's that would interest me. Their names don't come to mind right now, perhaps because they weren't highly published/advertised, but there are others that have expertise more in tune to today, are there not? - of course the wines should be excellent, but, honestly, does wine define the cuisine? Cuisine should hold it's own, and be priced accordingly as far as the chef's offerings go. Not everyone can partake of the alcoholic beverages or want to, but many enjoy and are interested in fine cuisine. Lets hope that the event is described for what it is and what it is worth. To sum it all up, I'm not quite sure if it's worth the cost, or even if it would be the best experience for the up and coming chefs. Sure, it would be a thrill, but is C.T. the one they would really admire and wish to emaluate? idk.... just musing.
  5. Very inventive - read lines: Tojo - Tsunami - Fish Market; laughable, well, yes especially for aspiring sushi editor in waiting. You are The One, right? May the tobiko be with you! Chef Suave PS- do you sign your >critique< or you just write whatever and hide in the park? Best of all Chef Suave ← feeling out of the loop here. O.G. is special to me, we had our after wedding vows meal there on a lovely sunny evening. Passed by the Robson one millions of times. Tojo's, still saving up for.
  6. Hmmm... well I hope I haven't spoken out of turn; I haven't been there in a while, but I've always had the waffles in the AM. I sure hope they still have them!!! ← No problem, you haven't. Great to read recommendations for E.V., and I'll have the juice anyway, if I'm too late for the waffles. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!
  7. Do you know what they are offering? They used to do an excellent Japanese-style breakfast, with salmon, rice and miso soup, but last year it had been taken off the menu. I like to keep the theme Asian aboard JAL for the endless hot sake pour. God, I hope they still offer hot sake. ← They offer pretty much the norm as far as off-site eaten catering goes now, from my inquiries, as opposed to their past more interesting choices. Items that wouldn't spoil if not contained in the appropriate temperature, etc. No sushi, and I didn't hear salmon as one of the lunch or breakfast choices; the items I heard were the typical choices for safe cuisine if you know what I mean. Being that they are packed in a bag for you to carry on, no cooling packs involved, etc., and the state of lawsuits these days, I can understand why. However, I'm sure they are of the best quality. I obtained the direct phone number that you may dial to get the details yourself: (604) 248 - 3278 (I must say, everyone I talked to were very professional, friendly and helpful, kudo's to the Fairmont staff (nope, I don't work there. )
  8. Glad you posted, the waffles sound great(as does the juice!). Usually go by there later in the day, but haven't necessarily eaten yet. Do you know if they discontinue serving the waffles at a certain time?
  9. Nice to read your post, welcome. They've done that for years, from when they were at the location now occupied by Parkside, one of their unique aspects.
  10. I had this vision of the helicopter hovering down over the restaurant, then you and Mr. Cat jump out and run into the restaurant.
  11. Malheureusement, cayenne, I'll have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. The omelettes that I've tried at Paul's Place were rather uninspired and greasy relative to others I've had in the city. Come to think of it, the coffee there was especially bad and I wasn't really that fond of the vibe. Who knows, perhaps my visits were on off days, perhaps chalk it up to personal preference. But I'd rather breakfast/brunch elsewhere. On a more positive note, have you tried Aurora Bistro? ← No problem Mooshmouse, I respect your opinion. As well, it has been over a year and half since we were there. I thought it might be worth mentioning though because of Paul Van Werkhoven, ex Gladys, and the OP had mentioned Gladys. It was always super busy there then too (on weekends), was Seb's open then yet? (we had a late breakfast at Seb's about a month or so ago). The crowd at Pauls was quite varied on the weekend, I could see it and the possible vibe being quite different on weekdays. Then again, we also ate at Locus in the past, but it's been a very long time too since we've been. It certainly had character, and the food was pretty good, in it's off beat way. Hey, there's always Bons on Broadway, can't beat the price! No, we haven't had the pleasure of trying Aurora Bistro yet, it certainly is on my wish list. ETA Mooshmouse, I meant to ask, did you ever have the opportunity to try the first Gladys?
  12. list Ah, I loved that place. and I loved this place too! unfortunately true.How about this: Paul's Place Restaurant and Omelettery 2211 Granville Street - (604) 737-2857 ...... This is the place for all day breakfast. Paul Van Werkhoven, ex Gladys, is inventive, his menu is eclectic and innovative and you can do lots of things with it.... I haven't been for awhile, but have really enjoyed it in the past. You'll find it included on this list as well as some other ideas, not only breakfast. I personally do like Wazubeez Cafe on Commercial Drive, just off of 1st Avenue as well, for breakfast/brunch and other meals.
  13. Good to know, thanks. Ristra idea sounds great, let us know how it works out.
  14. Oh yes! How could I forget about Octopus Garden. 1995 Cornwall Avenue - (604) 734-8971 <br> Dragon roll is one of my favorite <br> ← What a great presentation, so cute!
  15. What type of fresh chile was the greengrocer selling? There are so many varieties (in the world) with nuances in flavor and complexity - with just as many different uses. Memo ← Most likely were these ones? I saw them at Donald's Market on Commercial Drive, a couple of days ago, but didn't buy them. Next time. I'd love to hear what SS thought of them after eating them (if they were the same as the link). OT, that market is great! Oh, and, at the Asian stores (Rice World, T&T, etc., they have styro plates (3.5" x 6"???) of Thai chili's, gosh there must be about 25 each? approx. on the plate, for around $1.00 ... seemed like the amount/price ratio was more than fair. At Drive Organics they had organic chili peppers, grown in BC IIRC, for .19 each.
  16. this might be a possiblity? or at least they may be able to guide you in the right direction.
  17. Such a well written review, beautifully worded. Sounds very professional, column worthy. Looking forward to the opportunity to check this new place out.
  18. Whaaa? ← Take a look back on page 12, makanmakan first posted in a string of four, on October 18th. (and, it didn't appear to be physcially in the Quay.)
  19. I'd venture a guess that the reason is called a union, most likely Local 40 to be exact. Pretty good job security and wages at a nice job site, certainly wouldn't encourage a high turnover rate or burnout. I remember seeing much the same at the Delta hotel by the river at YVR, at the Pier restaurant, before they changed it to the Elephant & Castle,
  20. They recently reopened after doing some very lovely renovations. Very nice indeed. They never seem to have much mention here, and they are definitely not high end dining, but they are deserving of some praise. Good, reasonably (very reasonably) priced food, and not just pizza; very fair priced beverages, including microbrews on tap and great staff. And now, it looks great too.
  21. Thanks so much Yummy! And, thanks for the heads up re cash too!! Thank you privatejet as well.
  22. Since Andrew mentioned they don't have a website, could I impose on you to post the street address and possibly the hours/days of operation if you know? TIA
  23. Aw shucks, thanks for letting me know! P.C. froze, so I clicked on A.R. again, should've checked. I'll plead with Daddy-A to delete one I guess. Thanks for posting the phone number.
  24. I think they must have just opened very very recently, I can't find a phone number even on line (haven't tried the verbal 411 version), let alone a website. However, it is just down the road, about a block or so and around the corner from his fave dim sum place, so perhaps he might give it a look see and let you know what he thinks.
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