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  1. I hate to say it, but I learned from my mil that you can in fact wash plastic disposable dishes and utensils in the top rack of the dishwasher. I know, because she reused all the plastic plates and forks from her daughters wedding several times. (I'd get in trouble for throwing them away...)
  2. I have lived in Northeast Louisiana my whole life. I have visited Nola about 7-8 times, I have always loved it. I really haven't been though since I really cared about food. I have never ate at any of the great places. Here's the deal. I may be having major surgery in Nola next year. I would be staying there for over three weeks. During most of that time I will either be in the hospital or in a suite recovering (bedridden). I am hoping to have my husband bring some great local food to me. Before that time though, I will be going with my husband for the consultation. I am hoping to spend a night or two there. (We are thinking of staying at the Monteleone. Unless, you all tell me it is a bit run-down and you would stay ___.) I would really like to go out to eat someplace nice one night. Where ever has the best food. I know that could be a number of places, but I need direction. I would also love a good brunch, and a few local casual places with good eats. Please help me, it will also be our 10 year anniversary celebration.
  3. I have been reading about matcha. I am definitely buying some so I can make the ice cream in The Perfect Scoop. I would like to get the proper spoon and whisk to try it prepared correctly. Thank you for the links. My first tea order arrived yesterday. I just bought a few to last me until I get to Texas.
  4. I have been staring at the picture of sweet berry fougasse on page 170 for a couple years now. Finally a couple days ago I made the focaccia dough. I refrigerated it for 36 hours like the recipe says. This morning I made the berry version, as well as one with sliced granny smiths. They were wonderful. I do think I would cut the salt a bit for the sweet version, though I may have just over-measured. I believe the photo in the book shows them sprinkled with powdered sugar. I will definitely eat one with some next. The berries stay a bit tart (which I love) so they can tolerate a little extra sugar on top. I thought they were beautiful.
  5. Speaking of filtering...my dad let me have his French press after he read that the unfiltered coffee raises your blood pressure if drank regularly. He uses a stove top espresso pot now and always filters it. I use the same stainless steel Moka pot, I do not filter it because I am worried that you are trapping the oils that give it so much flavor. Any thoughts on this?
  6. I love to cook a mixture of southern greens with pork, beer, and a touch of molasses. Emeril has some great recipes with those ingredients. I can't eat greens without a stack of hot water cornbread. Good Eats.
  7. Baroness, I went and looked at the Bee House teapots at TeaSource. I really like them. The price is much better than the cast iron ones too. I plan on getting all the right supplies in Texas. However, I just drank a lovely cup of Twinings Earl Grey with a butter/strawberry jam biscuit. I feel revived already...
  8. This week I read Rebecca and watched the Goods Eats episode on tea. Between the two, I am seriously wanting to begin a daily tea ritual. I find the idea of 'afternoon tea' very smart. I am generally a coffee drinker. I need the pick me up 3-4 times a day. I am a little sensitive to caffeine though. I find that my very strong cups in the afternoon make me too jittery. I also get very hungry around 3-4. This makes it difficult to do all my cooking for supper. So...I would love the slow gentle lift of tea that Alton discussed. As well as a scone or cake to pick me up everyday. I would love suggestions on tea pots, water kettles, as well as online sites to buy good loose leaf tea. Are cast iron pots like Staub the best? I am headed to the Austin/San Marcos area in a couple of weeks. I plan to go to the high tea at Keria Teas in Round Rock. I can't wait. Thank you for any help.
  9. Sorry, its from the lemon meringue pie I referenced from Cuisine at Home...
  10. Okay, I haven't had supper yet, AND I am positively craving chocolate right now. This was actually painful to see/hear. I will be making these within the week...
  11. I do not eat lemon meringue pie, so I do not bake it often. The latest Cuisine at Home inspired me to make their limoncello spiked version for my sister and husband. I was pretty proud of it. It uses an Italian meringue, so no weeping! I also made the shaker pie out of the latest Cook's Country. It was a bit too bitter for me, and I love bitter. It was very nearly delicious though... Btw, these crusts are from the LMP recipe. It is perfect!
  12. Mixed Berry Streusel Pie from the April/May 2008 issue of Cook's Country. It uses an interesting graham cracker/pastry/cream cheese pat in crust.
  13. Last night I had a sundae out of David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop. This is tin roof ice cream with marshmallow hot fudge sauce topped with salt roasted peanuts and candied cherries. It didn't photograph well but it was yummy. Today I made Vienna bread with Dutch Crunch topping from BBA.
  14. Today I made the Vienna bread with the Dutch crunch topping. They are lovely and I cannot wait to cut into them. That buttered slice in the book kills me...
  15. I wanted to post my picture of the pugliese I made yesterday. I used half fancy durum flour to half bread flour. I did use the mashed potatoes as well. I was very happy with the way this bread turned out. I didn't have as many holes as the picture in the book but it is a start... I have been trying really hard not to deflate the dough much while shaping it. I also thought you all might like to read my account of the bread class I took with Reinhart in Dallas. It was very helpful. He is wonderful. http://porterhouse.typepad.com/porter_hous...s-texas--d.html
  16. Miniature Pavlova (Unfortunately my focus was on the plate.) Pugliese from BBA CI's dark chocolate cupcakes with easy coffee buttercream.
  17. Cold Creamy Truffles from Bittersweet Delicious Lemon Pound Cake from Cook's Illustrated Dark Chocolate Mousse from CI Cardamom Apple Pie with Sour Cherries from Apple Pie Perfect
  18. I finally bought this book for myself at Christmas. I have been using it nearly everyday. I have loved everything I have made except the French bread. It was the strangest thing, it went into the oven looking great. It did not have any visible flour on the surface at all. It turned stark white in the oven. Eventually the bottom started to burn, the internal temp. was right, but the upper surface was still super white. It was almost like some kind of weird reaction. Any ideas? It seems I was so ashamed I didn't take a picture... I have never had it happen before. I have been posting a few pictures and reviews on my blog if anyone is interested.
  19. I believe this is exactly what you are looking for. I have used it for years out of the magazine. The cake is pretty awesome too. It is really the best. You'll love it. The chocolate cupcakes in this post are made from this recipe. Let me know if you try it!
  20. White Chocolate Cheesecake with Strawberry Swirl from the June 2003 issue of Cuisine at Home. It was really fantastic.
  21. The best peanut butter rice Krispie treats. The recipe is on my blog.
  22. Hey, I made Rachel's rainbow mold last night and posted a demo about it on my blog. Have a look if you'd like.
  23. It's funny, the reason I like walnuts so much is their bitterness. I grew up with pecans, I find them too sweet most times. Basically though I use both interchangeably. Btw, I have made several caramel walnut tarts, and I think it's a great combination.
  24. What size pan did you use? She uses a sheet pan, but there's no way I could fit a sheet pan in my oven. Did you downsize the recipe at all? It does look delicious, though I probably won't be making anything like that till the fall. It's too hot, and I won't be in my own kitchen all summer! ← Actually her recipe uses a half-sheet pan, which fits comfortably in a standard oven. Is your oven smaller? If you do make it please use salted butter like she says. I missed that part, so mine was saltless. I sprinkled some on top though and actually sort of liked it.
  25. Yes, that is the way I have tried it. I preheat it at about 500-550 degrees for an hour, that let the temp. drop back a little. It just never seems to work as well with it as without. andiesenji, I love the caramelized sugar idea! Cook's Illustrated has a tomato tart that melts parm reg on the puff pastry first to seal it. Your way reminds me of that. It sounds delicious too.
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