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  1. I was wondering if anyone has any recipes for this that they are loving right now. I am craving this and I'm going to make one this week.
  2. I greatly enjoyed reading this excerpt while eating a tuna fish sandwich.
  3. I do not think it is the same as yours, but I cannot stand the smell of milk or raw meat. I have learned not to smell meat in particular because I will have serious trouble eating it. I have never noticed a smell with eggs nor do I have the tendency to wash egg covered things in really hot water. Then again I wash everything in the dishwasher. I find your ability to pick up the smell on silverware at plates fascinating. My bil works offshore for an oil company. He has been working overseas for years. They work with a local crew. In the primarily lamb eating countries he says there is a definate lamb-eating smell with some cultures. Its interesting that we probably have this butter odor that we can't detect. Very interesting.
  4. I have always thought that certain foods taste better if eaten with your hands. I never could figure out a reason for it though. I freely admit that at home I will probably eat pork chops or steaks with my fingers. I am always a little embarrassed but much happier. I have a lefthanded daughter. I never realized how important right handedness was in some other cultures. Would you mind elaborating please.
  5. "As a side, James McNair's powdered sugar frosting (all butter) at least altered the process to include beating the frosting over a double boiler setup, so at least the frosting would be smooth and creamy." I am very intrigued by this. I still have family that insist they do not like true buttercreams. Would someone be able to post this? I would love to see it.
  6. Becca Porter

    ground pork

    Actually Boston butt cuts are shoulder. They are called butts because the barrels they used to be shipped in were called butts. Interesting fact.
  7. Debby, you can get Lyles Golden syrup at Central market. Also, possibly in Whole Foods. I just picked some up in Austin last week. Then you can also make Anzac biscuits, yum!
  8. My mil and two sils went to a nice restaurant for Mothers Day. We had a great meal with great service. We were treating my mil. One of my sils surprised me by paying the check. So I assumed my other sil and I would leave the tip. I added what would be a generous 20% if my sil left any. Well she did not. I then had to very obviously put more money out to leave an adequate tip. I couldn't believe she just ignored the whole situation. Oh well, great meal regardless.
  9. The VERY BEST recipe I know of is from Cooks Illustrated. It is their Multi-grain Bread that came out a few issues ago. They use seven-grain hot cereal (Like Bobs Red Mill), Graham flour, sunflower seeds. It is fantastic. It is light and delicious. (Yes, a light multigrain bread recipe.) There is a really long thread on CIs forum discussing this recipe.
  10. Today I am making a Chocolate Malted Pie from Ken Haedrichs PIE. I highly recommend this cookbook. I have just kicked off my pie baking season. This pie has an oreo crust, a malt, chocolate, cream filling. Then is topped with a layer of crushed whoppers and chocolate whipped cream. It sounds really good.
  11. My favorite cookie recipe is Martha Stewarts. Also pictured here are CIs Chocolate butter cookies. After they age a day or so they are fantastic. Really addictive. We decorated these with food colored egg yolks. This method is just amazing. The colors are so vivid. You just paint it on before you bake the cookies. They do not fade in the oven. They also do not have the bad taste and texture associated with royal icing. My sister and I did these on the spur of the moment. They turned out pretty cute though. The kids really enjoyed helping as well.
  12. While I am posting pictures I thought I would add my Jello mold. I made it for my inlaws at Easter. They were all really surprised and impressed when I unmolded it. The kids and adults really love these things. Thanks so much for the inspiration Rachel.
  13. I thought I would finally post my latest pound cake. It was delicious.
  14. "Fonda San Miguel - I'm sure this has already been mentioned, but I think it's great - especially the cochinita a pibil - slow-roasted pork with achiote." This sounds so good. I have been craving achiote. I have some beautiful annato seeds from Penzeys. I will definately try this place when I get back to Austin. Until then, Rick Bayless will have to do.
  15. Blacks or Smittys. I just do not like Kreuz. Blacks ribs were the best I have ever had. Make sure you check out the 80,000 sq. feet Whole Foods Flagship store. Also DO NOT miss the Central Markets. I know this isn't what you asked for, but you will be glad you did. If you happen to have a costco membership, stop by and grab a few bags of their in-store roasted house blend. It hasn't been quite the same since the tsunami, but it is still amazing for the price. Have fun, it is my favorite city.
  16. Okay, could I use a springform with a flower nail in the middle? ETA- Never mind I found my tube pan. Isn't this an odd choice for a layered, frosted carrot cake? I'm ok with it though .
  17. I need some quick help. I want to make this today, but it calls for a 10" tube cake pan. What do they mean? A tube pan like an angel food cake pan or what? Thank you!!
  18. I think we both just replaced about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of heavy cream with the coconut cream. It is an absolutely delicious cake. Report back if you make it.
  19. You are right I was forgetting you halved the recipe. . I am really not sure then. I'm Sorry. Btw, Welcome to the board!!
  20. Well Jobean, I think the main problem is that you didn't use my recipe . The eggs are a major source of leavening, among other things. While it is possible to increase the eggs, decreasing them that much will greatly affect the recipe, as you noticed. When I increase the eggs I like to use only yolks so that the added egg whites do not curdle the batter. I also do not find it necessary to use cake flour in this cake. The triple sifting really lightens the AP and I like the taste better. Unbleached AP tastes more pure to me. I hope this helps!
  21. I tasted the CI cake with the frosting. Truthfully I don't think I would notice or care about the chocolate flavor not being as strong because the frosting provided such enjoyable/true chocolate flavor. I am sure in other applications that would be a problem though. I am curious if you all tried the frosting? It is really amazing.
  22. I am so glad everyone is having luck with it. I just ordered 4 pounds of butter from Smith Creamery in Mt. Hermon, LA. They won the national butter tasting in the Rosengarten Report. I am excited about trying this recipe with it. I will let you all know how it turns out!
  23. I love the effect you got with that food coloring. That would be such a great take-home gift for a childrens birthday party. I will have to try it. Thank you!
  24. Eggs age 5 days at room temp for every one day they age in the fridge.
  25. The current Cooks Illustrated has the most amazing chocolate cake and frosting recipes. The cake is high, firm, and moist. Strong chocolate flavor. The frosting has the light melt in your mouth consistency of whipped cream, with the strong chocolate flavor of ganache. I didn't know that was possible. It is a little harder to make than normal frostings. However, it is worth the effort!! It is a chocolate cake that you can actually eat an entire slice of. It is really good. no complaints.
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