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  1. The best! I have several of them. A couple of years ago I had only two, and one day I actually broke one of them in half somehow. Horror! I started watching for them at garage sales. (I don't keep kosher, so I figured it was OK as long as I washed them well. ) I still watch for them at garage sales. You can never have too many. Rats, I hate when that happens! I too have succumbed to many a funky garage sale find. Scrupulous washing and.. my mother always said you eat a peck of dirt before you die. Fortunately clean new ones can be bought at the restaurant supply house. Thank you so much. In that case, you already know that I'm all about, not only the butter, but also the lard, suet, eggs and cream. In fact, to borrow a line from a dear friend... my soul doth magnify the lard. ( :groan: ) And it in turn doth magnify me.... Yes, lard IS good and necessary. I toured Sicily a few years ago with a friend helping her research her book on Sicilian pastries, and lard(and sugar) became main ingredients in my diet. Oh well. It's like Deneuve said - "after 40 it's your face or your ass". My face looks fabulous. Sounds wonderful. I have to admit that the preparation shown above is just about the only one I ever use, unless I'm doing somethign highly specific that calls for a different treatment. As I said, I'm sometimes tempted to try something different, but ultimately... well, I'm kind of like Uncle Matthew in Nancy Mitford's The Pursuit of Love: "My dear Lady Kroesig, I have only read one book in my life, and that is White Fang. It's so frightfully good, I've never wanted to read another." I Understand Completely!!!
  2. monkeymay

    Dandelion Greens

    One of my favorites! Just make sure that where you pick them is not near a dog traffic site... I saute mine in olive oil with garlic, lemon, anchovies, a little chile pepper. Throw in a handful of linguine and dust with pecorino or fried bread crumbs and it's divine! Or instead of pasta, stir them in while you brown a good pork sausage. Slice some tomatoes in the pan, add a little red wine vinegar, cover, and braise till the sausage is done. All you need is some sturdy toasted bread rubbed with garlic and a glass of red wine... My local farmer's market has had them for weeks. Between the favas, artichokes, and dandelions, all I've been eating is green. I'm so happy it's spring!
  3. I've always let my batter rest for 2-3 hours. It gives the bubbles in the beer a chance to flatten out. I sure there are deeper scientific reasonings, but I tend to suck at explaining things in technical terms. I cut up my onions and soak them for a couple of hours in buttermilk and a spice mix of cumin, cayenne, chili powder and tumeric. My beer batter is similar to yours but made with wheat flour. Mix it up, let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours, drain the onions, dip them in the batter and deep fry at 375 degrees till golden. It works every time. If you're cutting carbs why not forgo the beer, and use water and egg whites for your batter. Soy flour might work easier within that structure. You also wouldn't have to let it rest and could have immediate gratification as soon as you've beaten your egg white to stiff peaks . (I know that sounds wrong ) All told the crushed pork rinds sound divine. Hope this helps. Monica
  4. Right on Balmagowry! I'm all about the butter and especially the wooden spatula - I also have one that is well loved . Isn't it amazing how good it feels in your hand? Your pics and blog are beautiful. Hubby is a huge O'Brian fan and turned me on to your book. It's truly wonderful. As for your artichokes - do you ever clean them first then braise them? I cook mine with some stock, a little wine, olive oil, some mint, bay and garlic. Sometimes I throw an orange in for good measure from the tree outside. The artichokes, the broth, some good bread -I could eat this for days. And often do! Thank you for your yummy food pics. I really need to eat NOW. Monica
  5. Did you let the batter rest after you added the beer? Was your beer at room temp when you added it? I find both things to be important. Out of curiosity, why the soy flour? It might be a bit heavy for your purposes. I have been making crepes for a wheat intolerant client that are a combination of rice and soy flour. For the 3/4 cup of AP flour my batter calls for, I use 1/2 cup rice flour to 1/4 cup soy. It seems to make for a nicer mouth feel when cooked.
  6. Yes, Miss Maybelline, I am sucking the devil's teat big time. When does one stop whoring? And if he ever does eat bacon, I want to be there for the mouth sores and throat swelling that he says he gets from all the foods he supposedly can't eat... Suzanne - I knoowww - I have been craving NYC so much lately - think there's still room for an old hooker like me?
  7. Favas, yes,yes, yes!!! And well worth the labor... First artichokes of the season - especially from my Dad's yard Babcock peaches and Gordon apples from the trees in my yard And maters, maters, maters!!!!
  8. What? He didn't state Greek or Bulgarian? some people will eat anything Actually, I've been using Valbreso feta from France. It's creamier and more versatile for me, as I use it in sauces and to pump up the one soy cheese he will eat. But I can't tell you how fucking bored I am with feta...
  9. Thank you for posting about difficult customers...I have been cooking for a client with a two page list of food issues and restrictions.He's a nice enough guy but his concerns and compulsions are at times overwhelming. I now know how to reinvent the wheel There are too many things to list but here are a few... No wheat (celiac issues) no salt, pepper or dairy (except sea salt and feta cheese-must be imported, not domestic) no fruit of any kind including citric acid no corn/nuts/ seeds/tomatoes no alcohol except sake and potato vodka no chocolate, coffee, or tea (except licorice root) no red meat no juice except carrot no maple syrup no bread no beans - except black, string or soy the only grain or starch he can have is rice, oats or potato the only oil is olive,canola, soy the only vinegar he can have is rice or balsamic (I know, it doesn't make sense - he can also eat onions but no garlic - go figure) He can have organic cane sugar He has decided he can have half and half and sweet butter, so that has improved the repetoire. (I can now make flan -about the only dessert he can eat- without soy milk - yeah!) He has also been a vegetarian for years and is starting to eat turkey and fish but it can't look like it comes from the animal so no skin or bones. He has to have at least four meals a day and a dessert. According to his helpful hints - "variety and flavor are key. Creative sauces are welcomed and generous portions are a must." Each time it's trial and error, and I've learned to accept his criticism, because he's paying for it. (Or at least his producer is). And then I make and eat a bacon tomato roasted garlic sandwich, followed by a piece of chocolate cake, and feel much better.
  10. Wassa matta, chew no like my hood? We could always go to Taco Bell. I hear they have real good mesican food.
  11. So I've been told It's too bad so many of the funky places are being replaced or abandoned. Recent disappearances - Sunset Grill and rockn'roll Denny's on Sunset. Not that they were great, but definitely character driven. So speaking of Sunset for your tour, how about El Compadre with cheap Mexican eats and flaming margaritas? Or Moun of Tunis tucked away across the street? Much further west is Book Soup with their sweet little cafe and of course Duke's coffee shop next to the Whiskey (Duke's originally was attached to the Tropicana Motel on Santa Monica, also gone). And what about the 3rd St. house with the collection of David statues mounted around the driveway? Definitely worth a drive-by, perhaps on your way to El Taurino, my favorite bullfighter themed restaurant on Hoover south of Olympic. The truck out back has tacos to die for.
  12. Really great, bad, drunk food. The one on Fairfax was moved from it's original spot on the corner of Santa Monica and Gardner. (Where FatBurger is now). And the last place Darby Crash of the Germs hung out before he OD.
  13. Are you sure he didn't say Newport Meat? They are based in Irvine, and one of the largest meat distributors on the West Coast, specializing in certified Angus and Kobe style beef. Although it would be lovely to think of beer fed cattle grazing and being massaged on the beaches of Newport. Probably wouldn't be that much different from what it looks like there now.
  14. Ohhh, I knew Kevyn and used to cook for him at when i worked at Smashbox Studios. He was lovely, sweet and charming with a good appetite. I was so sorry when he passed. A good dinner guest choice indeed!
  15. Just came across this and had to play. I love great storytellers and good eaters so for me it would be John Huston Orson Welles Marcello Mastroianni Luis Bunuel (Fellini would have to be there too) And one of the courses would have to be oysters while we watched slides of naked demi mondes just like in Le Grande Bouffe... Or for a solid girls/alcohol nite out Lillian Hellman Dottie Parker Tallulah Bankhead (even though she and LH fought terribly) Truman Capote ( just to really stir things up) Maybe not a lot of food at this party but definitely a lot of chewing and spitting
  16. monkeymay

    Film Noir

    What about chili, candy bars and maryjane cigarettes?
  17. Coffee Mormon style - lotta milk, lotta sugar, no caffeine
  18. Hey, my kid's younger than yours. As for tables, I can't even afford a table dance. But hope springs eternal. And those dancers are out there, waiting patiently.
  19. Wow, man, I'd always heard about La Prive, but that's the serious lowdown! As for me? I guess I've done a few cars till late night, but now I've got to get my kids to school in the morning. And you? Bought any tables lately?
  20. As a late nite habitue who fondly remembers the Atomic and Gorky's, I second the 3am pho shops on Western Ave. After a serious night of drinking lemon soju at the Prince, I usually end up at one of these places, if only cuz the taco truck behind El Taurino is closed by that time!
  21. Thanks for the tip Beans! I epecially like the Piedra Putamadre - tequila, anisette and Fernet Branca(!) - who knew? Gotta try that one soon. Cheers, Monica
  22. I just attended a series of dinners in Park City called "ChefDance". Chris Behre of Cinch was one of the guest chefs for the event, which was a sit down dinner for 200 people. His menu included an appetizer of tapenade with sourdough crips, and a baked white crab cake with sweet corn sauce. Entrees included a fillet of NZ John Dory with and soy sesame braised beef shortribs. Dessert was a chocolate pudding with chocolate meringue and poached pears. This menu is probably delicious at the restaurant, but within the context of the event, didn't come off so well. The entrees came out cold, missing items, or in the case of the short ribs, so dry as to be almost inedible.They were a meatier version of the Korean style cut, and served with a carrot puree that was so heavily spiked with fresh ginger it was overwhelming. Given the chaotic nature of these type of dinners, I can't really fault him. With his own kitchen and waitstaff I'm sure he does a much better job and I'd be willing to take a chance that his food could really shine.
  23. I am a big fan of the Brancas - Fernet Branca and Brancameta. Served over ice or sometimes with a splash of soda, they always make my tummy feel better, especially after excess. The Brancamenta is also good with a shot of brandy- served up in a pony glass I feel very much like I'm having cocktails in Left Bank Paris with Tyrone Power in "The Sun also Rises."
  24. I agree completely. Maybe you should stick to vending machines. Or see "Supersize Me" when it comes out, about the guy who ate McDonalds for a month, gained 24 lbs. and pretty much ruined his health - but made a very funny movie.
  25. What's wrong with that? You could say the same of about 75% of the directors in Hollywood at the moment - they're all references of someone who's come before them. Imitation has always been the sincerest form of flattery in this town.
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