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  1. Never went to Jack's although we used to go to POP as kids for studio picnics... I had heard that YeeMeeLoo's bar had found a home, but didn't know it was Cinnabar - have you gone there? Did you grow up here? What do you miss? My folks grew up in Hollywood and ran all over this town - jazz clubs, bars and restaurants - during college my Dad was a bouncer and parked cars at Ciro's niteclub on the Strip.He used to tell some pretty wild stories. According to him, things back then were really jumping. So what's left?
  2. That's okay, no love lost there. Al's was always a dump.
  3. Now I know - near Traction Ave, and Al's Bar. That's a great funky little area. Who runs the place - do you know? My first loft was at Citizen's Warehouse, 1001 E. First - right under the bridge - I miss living down there!
  4. The thread on dive bars prompted me to think of old LA haunts that have disappeared. Topping my list would be Nickodells, the old steak house on Melrose next to Paramount. Good steaks, tableside service for Caesar salad complete with coddled egg, great martinis and you could eat in the bar area in comfy booths while viewing the 3 big gorgeous naked lady paintings that hung over the bar - affectionately known as 'breakfast, lunch and dinner'. Plus there were telephones next to each table with a direct line to the switchboard at Paramount just in case you needed to make that important phone call to your agent. South Town - a 24hr. soul food restaurant on Wilcox and Sunset, around the corner from Club Lingerie, which was then a black club called Soul'd Out at the time. South Town had catfish ordered to size, great cornbread, red beans and rice, and steak n'eggs with grits any time of the day. They also had the best jukebox in town (the original Fatburger on La Cienega notwithstanding) and a girl who would take your picture with an old box Polaroid and place it in a souvenir frame as a memento of your meal. The place was always swinging. YeeMeeLoo's in Chinatown - terrible MSG laden food, but an incredible carved wood bar, lethal tropical drinks and a juke devoted to Sinatra. A very LA Confidential/Wambaugh type hangout. Other places I remember as kid and wished I could go back- Brown Derby Perinos Scandia Maybe none of them were great by major food standards, but they had an emotional resonance that I don't find very much anymore. There's few good haunts (outside of Mussos) left in the City of Angels, just a lot of minimalls. Anyone else?
  5. where is R-23? Little Tokyo? Heard of it but can't place it.
  6. I went to Sushi Nozawa the other nite - a dissapointing and irritating experience. The fish was okay, but the whole attitude was terrible.I like eating a sushi meal dictated by a chef, but I don't think Nozawa cares very much any more. We were started on a plate of toro sahimi with ponzu and scallions, which was fine, but just as soon as we finished, 2 more pieces of sushi were slapped down. And another 2 and another 2. Absolutely no pacing or finesse in presentation or preparation.The rice was poorly made - trying to pick up a piece of sushi, the entire rice ball would collapse and break apart. "No soy sauce" was the only thing out of Nozawa's mouth, other than "you finished?" I know the guy needs to turn seats, (we were sitting at the bar and it wasn't that busy for an early Friday eve.), but we were given a check for 100 bucks after 40 minutes (with only 2 lrg. beers on the ticket) and pretty much shown the door. I don't think Sushi Nazi applies - hubby called him Crotchety Old Man Sushi.Maybe it's serving his fish in flourescent lite on plastic Melamite plates to Valley gaijin that's made him so cranky. Completely uncool vibe and I won't be going there again. As for the Oki-Dog, I like mine with the pastrami. At Pink's it's always a chili/kraut dog.
  7. We sound like we may have run around the Firefly at the same time Priscilla. I always liked the bartender there because he had a standing gag with running lighter fluid around the well of the bar top and lighting it on fire (hence the Firefly) usually to stir the drunks sitting down at the end . I liked drinking there in the middle of the afternoon and this was one of the places my friends and I could count on being served. Other lost lamented dive bars given over to hipster hell - Boardner's-a great dump, now a hipster dump The Formosa- I loved that bar -my boyfriend and I would go in and drink Brandy Alexanders (again in the afternoon) and have long discussions with the old studio guys from Warner Bros. next door. Casblanca - a great Mexican transvestite bar on the corner of Hollywood and Western. They had these cheesy floor shows on this tarted up little stripper stage and we would go in, watch the show and I would have deep conversations with some of the 'girls' at the bar about how to put on eyeliner...it's been torn down to make way for a giant urban renewl mall... The really all time Bukowski bar I used to drink at was the Blacklite, on Western and Santa Monica. A classic rummy bar- opened at 6am closed at 2am. Not only was their juke filled with tons of Sinatra and one hit wonders, but they had a tabletop soccer game that was the source of a few brawls. The old drunks were okay, but after a while the place got too transient and scary. I keep meaning to go back and see if it's been gentrified. The last remaining dive bar in the middle of Hollywood is the Spotlight on Selma and Cahuenga. At 5:45 am there's always a good sized creepy crowd lined up for the place to open. I don't think that place will ever turn into a yuppie bar. The Valley is now the last bastion for cheap drinks, bad music and lowlifes And there's usually a 24 hr. taco stand/roach coach nearby. What more can you ask for?
  8. You could try making birria, a spicy mexican stew that's made with a combination of toasted chiles, garlic and spices, and slow cooked til the meat's falling off the bone. It's served with a vinegar based salsa, chopped onions/cilantro and fresh warm tortillas.There's a recipe for it in Diana Kennedy's Cuisines of Mexico I eat birria every Sunday morning at a little stand at the farmer's mrkt. in Hollywood - it always cures whatever misbehavior I have indulged in on Saturday nite.
  9. I agree with you on the superior quality of San Gabriel Chinese food, but who's into driving to Monterey Park at midnite?
  10. I know that pho spot - I always eat there after shoppping at the 99 Ranch market (right next door), which is great for Asian foodstuffs without having to go downtown. I've also been partial to the 24 hr. pho places on Western Ave. in Koreatown, which are pretty solid for 2-3am eating and are filled with the coolest collection of Asian club kids - it's really quite the scene.
  11. monkeymay


    I buy those at TJ's all the time - they're great. You can braise them as Suzanne has suggested ( I add basil, mint, garlic, diced peeled tomato and chili pepper to mine) or try them raw. Clean, peel and julienne, and toss them with with a lemon/basil vinaigrette over your choice of greens with lots of shaved reggiano. Instead of the greens, I've also served them over beef or tuna, carpaccio style, garnished with the vinaigrette, parmesan and capers. The contrast between the crunchy bitterness of the chokes v.s. the buttery quality of the meat is quite wonderful.
  12. monkeymay


    I buy those at TJ's all the time - they're great. You can braise them as Suzanne has suggested ( I add basil, mint, garlic, diced peeled tomato and chili pepper to mine) or try them raw. Clean, peel and julienne, and toss them with with a lemon/basil vinaigrette over your choice of greens with lots of shaved reggiano. Instead of the greens, I've also served them over beef or tuna, carpaccio style, garnished with the vinaigrette, parmesan and capers. The contrast between the crunchy bitterness of the chokes v.s. the buttery quality of the meat is quite wonderful.
  13. monkeymay

    Sloppy Joes

    Sloppy Joe's... At my old restaurant I ran it as kind of a joke special one night (my standing comment about the place was 'good food to soak up the alcohol' ). It ended up taking off (we sold 15 the first nite it ran) and remains a staple and a favorite on the menu. Ours was made with: coarse ground chuck brown onions garlic crushed tomatoes ketchup beef stock worcestshire cayenne pepper We served it on a sturdy toasted hamburger bun topped with shredded pepperjack cheese over a mess of buttermilk battered onion straws.
  14. Acck! Have not been around to post in ages, and this is the first one that pops up! Just survived a truly nasty hangover from innumerable Knob Creek Manhattans (the 9/11 drink of choice). My ass was saved by carnitas tacos w/ tons of muy picante salsa, a rootbeer float and vicodin. Cheers! Monkey
  15. what if you can't tell cuz you combine them all? And keep shoving caviar up your nose? It's all bound to hurt after that...
  16. Good to know -I'll look for it. Thanks Jim. Monkey
  17. Don't forget the hot sauce - lot of it too! And try Emer'gen-C fizzing vitamin drink mix. Contains lots of potassium and vitamin C - that and three Advil can at least get to me work the morning after. Monkey
  18. Since I hanker for sushi all the time I totally understand! I guess that was the main focus of my question - all the cream and butter- after awhile it just killed me - I would taste it to make sure I understood the dish but couldn't eat more than a mouthfull. As I have not had the misfortune of impaling myself with a knife (only attempting to slice my finger off with one), I don't know about the twisting before removing. Probably to release the suction of flesh from the blade? As to the crazy glue - when the doctor was looking at my finger (which was sliced lengthwise with bone exposed) he said he could give me nice Frankentein stitches to sew me up or use essentially 'crazy glue'; he popped open a vial and neatly glued my skin back in place - it fused immediately and I now have a rather beautiful hairline scar that runs the length of my forefinger. So if you find yourself in this situation and they offer you the crazy glue - go for it! Peace - Monkey
  19. Malawry, I am really enjoying your postings from school. The eloquence and honesty with which you write are really superb. I'm reminded of my early days in the kitchen, both in school and as new girl in the galley, trying to reconcile intellectually what I knew versus skills I was trying to aquire.The hardest thing for me to learn was (and still is) patience and process, especially with knife skills. Cutting yourself is so frustrating, AND it hurts like hell. I rarely cut myself these days (mostly it's all the stupid little burns that are annoying), but when I do, it's generally because I'm not paying attention or I'm tired or angry. (Of course I always realize this in retrospect. ) My last hospital trip was due to a serrated knife, a whinning owner, and trying to finish up prep that was supposed to have been finished 3 hours earlier by someone else who forgot...I didn't know Crazy Glue worked really well putting skin back to where it was supposed to be I'm glad you found "the zone" - it makes it all worthwhile, the rhythm of that dance - all those booboos seem to disappear, right? I have a question regarding the food you make for lunch - it seems so heavy, especially for a hot D.C. summer. Do you find you're able to look at it, much less eat it by the time you're done? (This was a big problem for me when I was in school). Best of luck - stay strong. Monkey
  20. CC - You're the best! A thirsty Monkey
  21. Yeah! Another bourbon gal... In regards to reaction from ordering bourbon - funny isn't it? I think because as it's somehow construed as a 'ballsy' drink and I tend to drink it straight I get a look of either shining admiration or complete horror and fear The same goes when I order tequila (which I also only drink chilled and straight) (Of course none of this has to do with my behavior after I've been drinking ) Peach jam with bourbon? YUM! I use a puff pastry crust brushed with a little cream for the top of the pot pies. Curious to know what you think of the Booker's... Monkey
  22. Have just made a new batch of limoncello and mandarinetto with jasmine flowers for summer drinking, that are cooling in the freezer as I write. Bourbon always. I love chilled tequila.Not margaritas (too much stuff in them and I hate all that sweet n'sour), but silver Herradura or Chinaco with a fresh lime squeeze.Followed by a cold Negro Modelo or Tecate (with more lime). Campari (Campari sorbet is also fabulous) Lots and lots of iced black coffee with sugar. I take my leftover morning coffee and freeze it into ice cubes so my drink dosen't get watered down. And of course bitters and soda when my body just can't take it anymore...
  23. I love bourbon - it's the one alcohol I can drink any season, anytime, anywhere. Though I've tried a number of them, I always head back to Makers Mark. I like my Makers cool - I always order it with three rocks and a lemon twist. At the restaurant where I worked, the liquor rep knew my fondness for the stuff and gave me a bottle of Makers Gold with my name printed on it. Unfortunately the bottle didn't last that long it was sooo good... Basil Hayden definitely for Manhattans, although I don't like it for just sipping. Bookers I too find a little hot, although it does seem the one the boys I hang with like to drink when everyone starts throwing back shots - they like the idea of a woman going round for round with them with a high proof bourbon (another one of those silly macho things I guess) I have two dishes at the restaurant with bourbon. One is a bread pudding with pears, walnuts and a wicked bourbon sauce The other is a Wild Turkey pot pie - Turkey, wild mushrooms, and a good slug of Wild Turkey in the cream sauce - it's pretty godam good. See ya at the bar. Monkey
  24. Any of you ever been to Hollywood? Try working in the film industry. My time in kitchens been good compared to THAT shit... Monkey
  25. Yeah, I know about that restaurant that David's doing. Hubby was supposed to be designer, they had a parting of ways. It's the old Red on Beverly Blvd. I'll be curious to see hoe long it takes them to get open. Monkey
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