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  1. You're welcome. I hope they have what you need - they also carry an extensive line of pig too - all parts. A little different from Whole Foods, which tends to ignore the more 'obvious' parts of the animal in favor of the higher end, pricier cut loin and chops. Be sure to check out Jon's selection of packaged spices and grains - you can pick up zatar, sumac, fennel seeds, wheat berries, etc. inexpensively as well. Good hunting!
  2. Don't know where one is in WLA, but Jon's markets carry a lot of lamb product. One of the ones I shop at (La Brea and Fountain) has a large Russian/Armenian/Latin community, so they tend to carry everything from shanks to whole legs, shoulder chops, tongues, neck bones and testicles. Occasionally I've purchased a sheep's head there. It might be worth a visit if you're cruising that side of town. Also check out their selection of olives, feta cheeses and cured meats, along with their produce. They usually carry great eggplant, persian cucumbers, peppers and copious amounts of fresh mint and d
  3. Yea Russ, excellent suggestions! A number of my favorite places are on your list. If I can include two more... DAIKOKUYA 327 E. First St. LA 90012 323-626-1680 Recent fav over Mr. Ramen, I am currently addicted to their very intense pork flavored broth. The vibe is Tokyo hipster from the staff to the clientele. ( Think Lost in Translation.) You can get a bowl of ramen with a side dish of fish and rice that's a great deal. Highly recommended. KOKEKOKKO 203 S. CENTRAL AVE. LA 90012 213-687-0690 Yakitori restaurant just south of the corner of 2nd and Central. All chicken all the time - when you
  4. It's funny you say that about pot. A few years back I was a private chef to a very well known actor who smoked pot constantly. He used to hang out in the kitchen and get high while I cooked, always offering me a hit of this intense, mind blowing dope. Now, I am not a big pot smoker - everything else I can do till the cows come home, but pot makes me nuts. And I used to jokingly say to him all the time - "I would love to be able to get high with you. But I can't - because then I don't know if the food tastes good because it tastes good, or it's just that I'm stoned." And eve
  5. I think Ecstasy along with a couple of hits of Viagra replaced the dear old acid test these days, I'm afraid to tell ya... although I have a certain nostalgia for old school. Hence I would do it Stones style, a la Marianne Faithfull - a bottle of Jack and a Mars Bar
  6. I just heard the news driving in my car and burst into tears. I feel like my grandmother died. Thank you Julia, for teaching me so much. Dinner will be good tonite in heaven.
  7. There all ALL SORTS of superstitions regarding women baking and cooking during their periods. Everything done during "this time of the month" is supposed to go HORRIBLY wrong. Bread will not rise. Don't even try it!! And if you like shark....jump in the ocean!! You'll attract, and catch a tasty one during your menses!!
  8. "Enjoy Life, Eat Out More Often" and my personal fav: "Let's Eat and Be Forever Happy" ( courtesy of the Madonna Inn)
  9. This is how it works for me... I know that gin makes me mean and tequila turns me into Kali, the multi-armed , sword wielding goddess of destruction. But I can drink whiskey till the cows come home and I'm fine. This conclusion has come from years of hard learning along with some sage advice from my acupuncturist. When I first went to see him, he ran a number of tests determining my system's strengths and weakness, and I had to confess all the bad things I do to my body. He concluded I have a lot of heat and energy, so that when I drink gin, vodka and tequila, for me it was like throw
  10. I never had a problem with people bringing in cakes, so long as we knew about it and they knew they would be charged a cutting fee (similar to what Steve Klc suggested above as to a corkage fee for outside wine). What I resented was people's attempts to get the fee waived - one party brought in their own paper plates and plastic forks! Another insisted I just give them a big knife and they would do it themselves... people are fucking clueless... btw I live in L.A., not that it's any excuse, just it's own messed up mindset..
  11. Also from Annie Hall, and used constantly in our household: " How am I a paranoid-? Well, I pick up on those kind o' things. You know, I was having lunch with some guys from NBC, so I said ... uh, "Did you eat yet or what?" and Tom Christie said, "No, didchoo?" Not, did you, didchoo eat? Jew? No, not did you eat, but Jew eat? Jew. You get it? Jew eat?" And I thought I'd add one more... J.J. Hunseker to Sidney Falco in "Sweet Smell of Success" - "I'd hate to take a bite outta you. You're a cookie filled with arsenic."
  12. And then the other great lines... Paul Cicero: You know anything about this fucking restaurant business? [Talking to Henry] Sonny Bunz: He knows everything about it. I mean he's in the joint 24 hours a day. I mean another fucking few minutes he could be a stool that's how often he's in there. "Dinner was always a very big thing. We had a pasta course and then a meat or a fish. Paulie did the prep work. He was doing a year for contempt and he had a system for doing the garlic. He used a razor and he sliced it so thin it used to liquify in the oil. Vinnie was in charge of the tomato sauce.
  13. From one of my favorites... "I was cooking dinner that night. I had to start braising the beef, pork butt and veal shanks for the tomato sauce. It's Michael's favorite. I was making ziti with the meat gravy, and I'm planning to roast some peppers over the flames, and I was putting on some string beans with the olive oil and garlic, and I had some beautiful cutlets, cut just right, that I was going to fry up before dinner just as an appetizer. I was home for about an hour. My plan was to start dinner early, so Karen and I could unload the guns that Jimmy didn't want, and get the package for Ju
  14. Wrapping made out of hundred dollar bills please
  15. monkeymay


    I love eating at Teresa's whenever I'm in New York - it always feels like coming home. When my kids were babies, and you had to step over the broken needles and crack pipes in Tompkins Square to get to the swings, Teresa's was the favorite for pierogis and pancakes, which was perfect little kid food, and endless cups of black coffee for me. When Veselka opened my MIL always insisted on going there, and denigrated my fondness for Teresa's as some romantic shiksa notion of what Polish food should be - what did I know? I just liked the food, they were nice to my kids and the vibe was better. Have
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