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  1. Yeah, I know about that restaurant that David's doing. Hubby was supposed to be designer, they had a parting of ways. It's the old Red on Beverly Blvd. I'll be curious to see hoe long it takes them to get open. Monkey
  2. Lizziee - did you eat at the one that was tucked waaay in the corner of the mini mall (next to the 7/11) or the one that actually was on the corner of Wilshire/Wilton? Just curious. I know his second mini mall was quite a formal experience (shades of things to come) but the first place was really an unassuming local sushi bar. He always had interesing cilentele - I remember the Japanese baseball team eating there during the '84 Olympics as well as Marlon Brando lurking around... We actually became friends for awhile - I remember going out to a few clubs with him, and he and hubby used to get drunk and get out their knives and chisels, shave the hair off their arms to show how sharp they were... We lost contact with him after our first child was born. Seems he wasn't into dragging out the high chair at the new place like he was at the other. (Couldn't afford both a sitter and sushi at the time) Oh well... I like Rockenwagner too - had a great white asparagus tasting there couple of seasons ago - my problem is I'm a Hollywood snob and hate driving to the Westside. (I've got friends who say the same thing about driving east of La Brea) Thanks for the welcome - I look forward to more posts Monkey
  3. I have not been -hubby went. Being a designer I'm sure he noticed those things. Me - my face is usually stuck in my plate. Monkey
  4. Really ? (can you whisper it in my ear?)
  5. Glad to finally make someone happy...
  6. Hi everyone, newbie here and a chef in LA. Interesting to hear about a need for fine dining - I never seem to have the time or the disposable income to gratify such a high end need. I agree with Hollywood - the more interesting places are off the beaten track without all the hype. Maybe it's easier for me to say that as I am a 4th generation local girl...It also seems to me (as a former private chef) that people here tend to spend their money in a more insular fashion, lots of private dinners with whatever their heart desires... I like Luques, I think Suzanne does a great job, Diaghelev is good for an over the top experience, Pinot Bistro always yummy...went to JAR, couldn't stand the noise factor or decoration, place reminded me of the old City...have you been to Chadwick's? Ben Ford's doing good things with food and Govind is a friend, although I have to admit that at the end of the 6 course tasting we had I was bombed and woke up in the middle of the night starving (should have gone to Pink's afterward ) Have you been downtown to Zucca? Hubby went first few days it was open, said at the time food needed work but room was beautiful (mucho decoration $$$ )I've heard it's improved.. Did not know Masa was moving to NYC- where? Hubby and I used to eat at his first place in LA, Saba Ya located in a minimall on the corner of Wilshire and Wilton, a million years ago. He used to tell us about the big plans he had, seems he's managed to attain them. Glad to meet you guys. Monkey
  7. Hey Hollywood - how'd you find that place? You grow up in the Valley or something? Monkeymay
  8. I have also had them at JAR - they were okay nothing special. I remember as a kid, the neighbors would go out claming locally (I think San Pedro) and bring back buckets full, deep fry and serve with homemade tartar sauce. Maybe down there in that area you might still find them. There's a couple of fish places on PCH heading out towards Malibu -although I haven't been out that way in awhile. If I see 'em anywhere I'll post. Monkey
  9. I have traveled through Sicily quite a bit - it's one of the most amazing places I've ever visited. The island has really distinct personalities, depending which city you visit. Taromina of course is fantastic, very beautiful and international, and a good base point to visit that side of the island. Nearby is Castelmola - go to Bar Turrisi for a sandwich and a drink, the entire place is decorated in penises. (I kid you not.) From there you can travel to Siracusa, a very Greek city, with the island of Ortigia a bridge crossing away.- there's an incredible piazza with a Baroque cathedral built on top of a 5th century B.C Greek Temple. It's very over the top. Guiseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso)shot "Malena" there. Go to Bar Paticceria Maricante on Ortigia - the brothers Marciante make great cassatas and cannolis. Also restaurant Gattospardo (also on Ortigia) is a great funky local hangout with good food. Noto and Modica are two 17th century Spanish Baroque cities. If you go to Modica go to Antica Dolceria Bonauto - as much a museum as a pastry shop. The most incredible chocolate made the same way it was when the Spanish brought it back from the Aztecs...Agrigento is another beautiful place - at the convent of the Santo Spirito church you can put lire in a turnstyle and the little nun on the other side will sell you the pastries the convent makes. Trapani - go see the salt flats and eat the cous cous that has a very North African feel. Nearby is the mountain town of Erice - go see Maria Grammatico at Pasticceria Maria. She makes the frutta di Martoranna, and has had books (Bitter Almonds) and magazine articles written on her. And then of course there is Palmero - the wildest and most intense of cities. Everything about Palermo is in your face - you'll either love it or hate, side by side squalid poverty and fabulous Mafia wealth. If you drive it be prepared -it makes a demolition derby look tame and organized!!! But go to the Vucciria -the open market in the old part of the city. Fanastic fish displays, produce that's unreal...eat at the Sant'Andrea, a great trattoria located in a little piazza in the middle of the market. It was featured in 'Midnight in Sicily' by Peter Robb, a must read book if you are going to visit for any length of time- it covers the Sicilian Mafia (which is seriously no joke in Palermo), the politics and ethics of the country. Also read "Pomp and Sustenance - Twenty five centuries of Sicilian food" by Mary Taylor Simeti. It covers the conquering cultures that have influenced and contributed to Sicilian cusine and will give you a better understanding of WHY you are eating what you're eating. There's so much more... the Aeolian Islands, Lipari, Marsala, too much to be covered here. I hope this start helps. Monkey
  10. Aawww - thought you'd like a place like that. As an old Hollywood girl Oki Dog was my home in the early LA punk rock years.It's the last place Darby Crash from the Germs hung before he died - from the needle, not an Oki Dog. Now it's an even bigger dump than it was at it's original location (Sta. Monica Blvd.) But Fred 62 - please!!! Who's food publicist thought up your little trip anyway? So lame, except fot the S.M.market and maybe Pink's. Next time you come look up some locals - we'll show you the real LA (I know you think there's no 'there' there) I can defintely promise a good time. Your fan, Monkeymay
  11. I have always enjoyed your sublime sensibilities when it comes to musical stylings in the kitchen.Had the cool fortune to have cooked for Bowie, NIN, Stones, Iggy...Best part was playing their music REALLY LOUD while we were cooking for them- seemed to make the food taste better. R.I.P. Dee Dee - we'll miss you... And don't you think a raft of B.J. fans is too good? How about turning them into charcoal for use in BBQing a big ole pig... Your Fan, Monkeymay
  12. Why aren't these godam icons working for me? GGGGRRRR
  13. I didn't know your looks WERE the case in point CC As far as Hendrix goes I've always been partial to Vodoo Child and Manic Depression. Saw Hendrix play when I was 12, can truly say the man changed my life... Monkey
  14. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!! (shudder) A visibly shaken Monkey
  15. Hey CCsmile It's nice to see you here. I'll be right over - I've been looking for an excuse to visit CT - I'll bring my old Stones and Hendrix albums. Maybe we can slam some new shit together. ps what did you think of my menu? Monkey
  16. I've made them from tampon tubes and the foil from gum wrappers... pariah - you can come to my house - my parents aren't home my kitchen's got X, Germs, Ramones, Buzzcocks, Gang of Four... play your cards right and I'll even get out my Throbbing Gristle (and it's all on vinyl) As for B.J. -I thought that honor would fall to Bobby Flay- pedantic, obnoxious, irritating, and never seems to go away...
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