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  1. Containers? No. Heck, I'm lucky to remember my one re-usable bag.
  2. Yup. For me, this is great. When you think about it, its almost the exact opposite what "buy in bulk" means to a lot of people. To many, bulk is that giant 5 pound container of cumin you get at Costo. It's NOT getting a a couple of table spoons for 30 cents.
  3. A martini. It's gotta be made with gin. And there must really be some vermouth in there. Not vapors of vermouth. Not a minute amount that clings to the side of the glass. But an actual measurable amount.
  4. Del Friscos has that many locations now? Wow. I remember when it was just a singular local steakhouse here in Dallas. Ate there once. Then had dinner there again after it opened a second location in Dallas.
  5. Maybe it because I frequently don't empty my dishwasher until a day or two after I run it.
  6. Ooohhhh... nice blue fire!!
  7. What kind of plastic? I put those gladware containers in mine. Gets dry. I put in Cambro stuff too. (the clear type). It gets dry.
  8. Wow, Jeff, Never? Not even on a long road trip? I'm in awe of you and others on this topic who can be so disciplined -- seriously. I don't really take long road trips. The most recent road trips I have taken have been to Austin. It's only 3.5 to 4 hours down there. Also, on those trips, I was a passenger and not a driver. I WILL admit that I did a little snacking on a nice kolache we picked up on the way down. And I sipped on some OJ. But if I was driving? The eating would not have happened. On a longer road trip, I would eat in a resturant, even if it was just Dairy Queen or McDonalds. I like to sit and eat off of a table. Wha?! Isn't the whole point to eat them while they are hot and still crispy? Do you reheat? No re-heat. I buy my drive through meals that have something "perishable" like fries as close to home as possible. Like within a block or two.
  9. Your yardstick and my yardstick for what is or isn't expensive seem to be quite different. RC is quite expensive in my world of finances. The first time I ever ate at an RC (as someone else's guest), I was floored to see everything was a la carte, something I had never encountered before in a restaurant. It was certainly an education for me ("I'll take a glass of water with the chicken, please" ). The next tier down from an RC (financially speaking for me, at least) would be an Outback, Claim Jumper or Stuart Anderson's/Black Angus. The bottom tier below them all would be a Sizzler or Bonanza, of course. And that there's some steak place yet even more expensive than RC's is astounding to me and my wallet. that pricing model is pretty standard in higher end steakhouses.
  10. The burners are fine for anything with a diameter of about 6" or more, however there is also a ring you can set in for really, really small stuff: Ahhh... OK.. That would do the trick.
  11. I think most of my sauce pans would fall through those burners on the stove. How do you use a small sauce pan on that thing?
  12. I love Whole Foods. I shop there frequently. But I still use the "Whole Paycheck" moniker because I find that it IS expensive compared other places in the area. I think the specific area you live in plays a major role. Maybe in New York City, in Manhattan, it's competitive. But in suburban middle America in fly over states (Dallas, TX for me), it's on the high end. We have regional/national grocery stores. We have lots of Walmart Supercenters. We have Super Targets. There is A LOT of competition and options in this market. This is a good thing if you live here. But WF is certainly at the high end. The CHEAPEST options at WF for things like milk, eggs, butter, are a lot more than the cheapest option at say, Tom Thumb (a regional chain with many, many locations in Dallas). Same thing goes with something like a chicken. Produce? I recently bought some flat leaf parsley at WF for $1.49. Other stores in the area sell it for $.99
  13. The stuff at McDonalds is more edible than the local coffee shop? Wow. The stuff there must be really terrible!
  14. I don't eat in my car. I don't even sneak a fry if/when I get them at a drive through. I rarely even drink a beverage in the car, either.
  15. The swimming in butter on a sizzling platter is their "signature". You can ask for it not to be served that way if you don't like it. Some people don't. Others love it.
  16. But the question in this topic is specifically about Ruth's Chris and steakhouses, not Olive Garden or Cheesecake Factory. But Ruth's Chris is still a national chain. I think that right there is a major reason is gets a "bad rap". Dallas has LOTS of steakhouses. Lots of local ones or ones that are part of small chains, in addition to all the familiar national chains. Would I take an out of towner to Ruth's Chris? Of course not. Would I select it for a group of locals that wanted to go to a steakhouse? Nope. There are better choices out there.
  17. In the first two seasons, didn't they award stars to chefs?
  18. Any time I foolishly get a burger at McDonalds, I regret it.
  19. Do you actually LIKE tea? If you do, I don't think you really need a whole program. Just find one or two teas you really lile. Good quality teas. And just keep buying that.
  20. All marketing. Really, I think even the UDSA grades are basically used for marketing, too. As was stated previously, that type of grading is optional. And I'm sure a lot of us realize that not all "Prime" or "Choice" or whatever is equal.
  21. I get the impression that no matter who wins, the concept will be hijacked by the "investors" and transformed dramatically from what was originally presented. If Spice Coast wins, I suspect it will turn into some riff on a taco joint. Probably with plenty of beef on the menu.
  22. that sounds good. Either in an omelette or just mixed into scrambled eggs.
  23. Down to the three finalists. Harvest Sol finally got the boot. I don't think she really ever understood what she was doing. We finally got more details on where exactly the restaurants would be. Looking at it, they mostly are all in locations that cater to tourists. Do local New Yorkers really go to South Street Seaport to have a meal? Maybe just office workers in the financial district? Hollywood and Highland is very tourisity. Mall of America is a big tourist draw, but it still draws plenty of local people. But it's STILL in a giant shopping mall. I wonder if it will be in a food court, or more of a "free standing" place with it's own seating and decor and everything.
  24. Thanks. I had a whole topic dedicated to this project. Adapated a recipe from 'Dessert Fourplay'. The recipe is for making individual tarts. But I didn't want to do that here. I had some concerns about the curd and not making a clean slice. In the end, it turned out really well. The ice cream is strawberry and vanilla. My quenelle tehcnique needs some work.
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