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  1. is it possible to take the train/rail from the hotel to the Tremont area, then back when we are done? Some of us stating out there were contemplating that.
  2. I realize a lot of people want to get home... But I may need to be able to sleep in a bit.
  3. I have a late flight, so it doesn't matter to me. Plus, it's an easy to get there from where I will be. Though I don't want it to be TOO breakfasty..
  4. Speaking of packing and bags and bringing stuff from home... Are there any specific dress code requirements we need to be aware of? I've been to VTR before, and recall them having some "rules". It's a nice place. Not some dive bar. I believe up thread nancy did mention people would have time to go from day time wear to evening wear on Friday.. Maybe that is the only night of conern? Nothing is scheduled on thursday before the Tremont crawl. And I am guessing Saturday is going to be pretty casual since it is a private affair?
  5. That's for carry on. I think DR is checking a bag.
  6. I guess I will go to whichever market is best to get bologna. I really don't know. I don't need produce for my course. But if some locals have a better idea/source for bologna, I'm open.. I'll need some cheese. And some mustard. And maybe some pickles.
  7. jsmeeker


    I finally got around to getting some Lilet. Made this tonight. (Plymouth instead of Beefeater). Freaking great. Really great. It hits the spot in this wicked heat wave we are having.
  8. Summer Negroni Equal parts of the following Aperol Gin Lillet (blanc) Served on the rocks. This is great.
  9. I could do mine either. I don't really know the exact timing of stuff for Saturday. When does the shopping end and the noshing begin??
  10. I've seen this done with a cheese plate.
  11. I was planning for 40! It's an easy dish so the biggest task will go to Hennes-frying the rice stick noodles, and Jeff-plating. I wonder if I can plate with a cocktail in my hand?
  12. Tom Collins? You could riff on that. How about an Intro to Aperol? That Jungle Bird sounds pretty tasty. I wonder how it would be with Aperol?
  13. Another advantage to drinking alone at home is you can make and drink stuff you wouldn't order out in public. Like a Cosmopolitan. I'll make them at home for me. But order in a bar? No.
  14. You can't sous vide us some main course?
  15. I'm more than happy to lend my services to those making cocktails.
  16. If I didn't have a cocktail at home while alone, I would be a half a step away from being a teetotaler. At home, most of my drinks tend to be made from something that comes in a bottle I buy at the store, with the addition of juice from real lemons or limes. I'll make simple syrup, and occasionally I'll make a ginger infused syrup. But making other syrups or infusions or whatever for one can be a bit much. Also, I rarely garnish a drink, beyond a cherry for my Manhttan or some olives for a martini.
  17. A menu that isn't 90% vodka based drinks.
  18. I was toying around with the idea of doing a fried bologna sandwich in some form. I know they are sorta famous in that part of the country. I had my first taste of one last time I was in Ohio. It was really tasty. I thought they could be easily made into some sort of appetizer/small bite. Like a "slider". Maybe even do it open face style. I figure sourcing bologna of proper quality should be easy to do on our shopping excursion. Look for some good pickles and the right kind of cheese, too. Maybe make mustard? I think Hennes has some recipe from "Modernist Cuisine" that could work. Possibly use bread by Tino?
  19. is that like asking if a dish can have too much bacon?
  20. Wow. Don't get me wrong, I like In-n-Out as much as the next person. We lived in Southern California for a couple of years and that was our family's "I-don't-want-to-cook-tonight" burger go-to. And it's still our favorite fast-food burger, for sure. But that line is just crazy. There's got to be some other motivation for waiting that long, especially if your car is using up $4 a gallon gasoline the entire time. Maybe a status thing? So when somebody says, "I heard that In-n-Out just opened in Dallas." one can say, "Oh, I know. I already went." While the initial huge crowds have died down, things are still going strong. The first location located within th city of Dallas opened a few weeks ago. I drive by it over the weekend and they had police directing traffic and had cones marking off the driving through lane out onto the US-75 frontage/access road. Parking lot full. Line of people out the door for inside dining. Also drove past the Allen location on Sunday. Busy, but nothing backed up onto the streeet. Looked like a typical busy day at a SoCal store that had been in operation for a long time. Progress is being made on the location nearest to me.(LBJ at Coit) Large crew of workers toling away in the heat. Dunno when it will open, but it's not *TOO* far off.
  21. Hooray! Wining and dining in the C-Town with marky mark and his wife. It's been a while.
  22. i don't eat bagels too often, but when I do I prefer them toasted with butter.
  23. I wish I recall what beer I had there. I am prtty sure it was a local Las Vegas beer. Didn't know you had your stuff there too. I knew you had it at Craftsteak.
  24. I haven't been to a a buffet in Vegas in a few years. Last time I went was to Wynn. It was a weekend brunch. Pretty good. You may want to check out the newest buffet in town at The Cosmopolitan.
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