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  1. If we are really talking about actual "how to" cooking shows, I guess I will say "Semi-Homemade with Sandara Lee"
  2. Am I the only person that isn't a big fan of the cedar plank preperation? Seems to be very, very popular. To me, it seems like I'm gnawing on a pencil.
  3. Dave Arnold weighs in on "Meat Glue" over at the Cooking Issues blog http://www.cookingissues.com/2011/05/20/the-trials-of-transglutaminase—the-misunderstood-magic-of-meat-glue/
  4. That looks fantastic, David! Nicely done. About how large of a piece did you cut off from the filet?
  5. I don't have the book. What is the nail brush for? I'm guessing "cleaning stuff". What what exactly?
  6. Got an email from a local fish market today touting they have the Copper River Salmon now. King - $45.99/lb Sockeye - $32.99/lb
  7. Things I hate about mine. It doesn't unload itself automatically It's loud. This is problematic in a small apartment. Makes me want to NOT run it when I am going to be watching TV or whatever. So, I frequently delay starting it until I go to bed. Or just before I leave for work or whatever. But then I forget. And the dishes don't get cleaned. then I have to wind up running it during the day when I am at home and awake.. Things I like about it. It works pretty well. And it's just a basic, apartment grade model.
  8. The first part of the season opened yesterday. Is the fish in your market yet? What are you paying for it?
  9. That's pretty recent. But it is the sort of thing I am looking for. Seems to confirm the ban. But how long has it been in effect?
  10. That's what made me start the topic. I KNOW for sure I have seen real stuff on menus in Las Vegas before. But now, I am NOT seeing it on menus. Looking at places like CUT and Craftsteak. I am wondering what is going on.
  11. Is Kobe beef (the real stuff from Japan, not "Kobe" or Wagyu from USA, currently available in the United States or anywhere outside of Japan? Some Google work suggests some sort of temporary ban was put in place last year. But I can't tell for sure who put it in in. Did Japan halt/ban exports? or did the USA ban imports? Seems like it has something to do with foot an mouth disease. But I am having troubles getting more information. Anyone know? Who has stronger Google-fu?
  12. I don't even like the idea of a BBQ place serving fried chicken. That's not BBQ. Heck, I'm suspicious of BBQ places and side dishes. Why bother?
  13. I get that that the show is simply a piece of TV entertainment. But surely they can come up with challenges that are challenging without being silly. At least, they should eb able to fo the "masters" version of Top Chef. It's like if they seem some interesting results with bizzare silly circumstances, every challenge has to be silly.
  14. So, Alex Stratta got the boot this week. And it was yet another episode that really hampered their ability to deliver in the elimination challege. I will say I was impressed with the quikfire in this episode. Lots of good looking stuff in that very short time frame.
  15. LOL.. I knew someone would bring up Sandra Lee and tablescapes. But seriouly, of you are hosting a full on dinner party, I don't think your responsibilities begin and end in the kitchen.
  16. In a restaurant environment, does a chef need to be able to have design flair outside the kitchen? But this show doesn't seem to be a restaurant type of "competition". Rather, it's a dinner party at home. So, in that context, yeah, I think the chef host ought to have some ability to deliver a complete package.
  17. I thought I was a "yes", but I might not have been a "100% definite" at that point because I had not booked anything yet (still haven't). But I think I feel pretty comfortable saying I am IN for this gathering.
  18. Ice baths to shock blanched veg. Or use it to chill down a stirred custard or panna cotta. When you have guests over for cocktails, don't be surprised if your supply seems less endless.
  19. People are going nuts for them. A friend of mine "camped out" overnight on Tuesday to be amongst the first in line when they opened Wednesday. He got there at about 6:00 PM. They were running a private "soft" opening/party for friends/family/VIP types. They actually invited the campers in, so by 7:00 PM or so, my friend had already had his double double animal style. But like a good trooper, he stuck it out overnight for the official public opening. They wound up opening at like 8:30 AM (10:30 AM is normal opening time). Friend and his wife were 7th and 8th in line for dine in (there was a separate line for drive thru). They got THAT meal comped, too. Reports were that the wait got up to 3 hours by lunch time and stayed that way through the night. Note that there was also heavy rain in the area yesterday late afternoon. Check out this video of the lineup of cars for the druve thru at one of the locations that opened. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=942969848915&saved
  20. People don't order hamburgers to temp, but they order tunaburger to temp? That was the servers logic?
  21. I like lo heat. Lots of stirring. Yields smaller, creamier curds. I've even done double boiler method. That yields really small curds. Takes longer, though. Would be a good method if you wanted to fill something (like an empty egg shell) with softly scrambled eggs.
  22. I think they will do GREAT here. The concept it SIMPLE. It's a basic fast food burger, done right. It's going to make everyone in the country that is NOT in In-n-Out's traditional far western states very, very jealous that Texas and Dallas became the place they chose to expand to first.
  23. They moved into Texas, too. It was nuts. But I suspect In-n-Out will be crazier. Also, I suspect it will be far more sustainable than a donut place.
  24. The In-n-Out madness in Dallas is approaching a full boil. The first two stores are set to open up tomorrow morning.
  25. Good question. I don't really know other than knowing they are just blends of black teas. In my limited experience, I think the Irish is "stronger".
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