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  1. I love to smoke on my BBQ. I have a coal/butane BBQ. I use the Smoke and Spice cook books, they have alot of diff cuts of meats, fish and poultry(amoungst other foods and side dishes). My fave chicken to smoke on the BBQ is smoked with brown sugar. I simply salt the bird over night, rinse and boil it, then in a disposiable pan, which I have been know to make out of foil, I add alot of brown sugar and place that directly on the coals. Then place the bird on the grill, close cover and wait till it's a dark sunset orange. remove and cool. You can eat it hot, but I find the flavor mellows and isn't as bitter the next day after it's cooled. I have tried it with a turkey, and works just as good, however, leaving the skin ON is a nessesity, as it tends to be too dry and the flavor isn,t the same. Good luck to any one who trys it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Now I'm craving it! LOL think I would like to try it with a pork too.......ya never know!
  2. Here in WPG, we hunt for porchini and chantrelles,in the Sandy Land area. I have heard that you can get morels where birch grow.............havn't checked it out though,sorry. Good luck!
  3. I just can't drink flavored teas and coffees for the most part. I only really drink PG tips and Twinnings Earl gray, for something diff, but not too often. That Straw-kiwi , I don't think so..couldn't belive they were doing that now.....but this Vanilla one has peek my intrest! If you can find it online, leave a link.I'd like to look! THX
  4. Where would you find this?
  5. Well, I guess it's up to the " experiment" stage! LOL I'll just try both before the "puplic" get thier chance at it !
  6. The new show doesn't sound as though it's off to a great start?! Some of us have been waiting patiently.....I hope it'll be worth it. :)
  7. You mean rose water or rose syrup? Rose water (unless it's overused) can add nice, subtle rose flavors and aromas to whatever you add it to. But in my experience, rose syrup is a thick, red, overly sweet and flowery liquid that my relatives used to mix with water to drink. It tasted just like eating a bar of rose-scented soap. Which are you planning to use? ← Well, I have both at my disposal, and was thinking , because of the vibrant color, I would use just 2 drops of th syrup? But from hearing you cringe at the other end, I think I should use a couple of drops of the water and add some red coloring?!
  8. Well, on my first attempt, I made a carrot soup, cooked with whole star anise, and served it with a couple of small drops of orangeblossom water as a garnish. The votes were split. Some just arn't used to the flowery sents and taste, others loved the change. Next try,an almond soup drizzled with a rose syrup.
  9. Wow! great ideas , thx, keep them coming!
  10. Any one have any good idea's or recipes for savory uses? The only one 's I can think of would be an almond soup drizled with rose water as a garnish or with lamb/fish some how? anyone else?
  11. OH , I'm so thankful my "new" thread got redirected to here! I was able to read all the past goings on with the place! We , here in Canuakian Ville, (Canada) Have just started to watch the new show on TV. I lived in Lyme Regis along time ago, cook by trade, and would love to visit France...this would explain my fondness of Burton-Race. Glad to here his rest is still going strong! What's this copy of "French Leave"? Is it a book? I'll have to look for it on Amazon. It'll be the first Rest I go to when I go back to Devon...hopefully soon! LOL, Thx for the link Postcode! Got lots of info there!
  12. debler

    Rose Water

    I would love some recipes, ideas, or info on ways to use and cook with rose water. All we really use it for at work is in pastries, I would like to use it in new ways. I had thought of making an almond soup and garnishing it with rose syrup. or adding it to whipped cream for ontop of a chocolate mouse. Please add any ideas you like..no mattter howout ther they may seem! lol Also, how about orange blossom water too?
  13. I think that's how his name is spelled! lol Well, far , far , away...I've been following this British Chef on TV. Do you or have you had this show as well? His first show was called "French Leave". He's a chef from London, went to France for a year, came back, bought a rest( in Dorchester? Dartmouth?) Anyway...I enjoy this show, and was looking though my cookbooks, and mags for a recipe, and low and behold, in one of my fave mags (from when I lived over there in the Uk ,many years ago) was an articule of the old rest....The Angel! So my question is, is he still the owner of this rest? I would love to also know if he wrote any cookbooks?
  14. WOW! I never would have belived it! We havn't gotten any at work just yet, but ya never know! We do try to promote Canadiana and regional foods.....Manitoba Lobster.....King of the Prairies! Wierd.....just wierd!
  15. Swiss_Chef....have you concidered using a diff colored pasta? Perhaps a squid ink pasta? or a spinach one?
  16. I'm a she! LOL And I've been cooking profesionally for 23 years..so I think I look at food as more then just my/ their dinner plate. I take alot of different things into consideration. colors, tastes, size, temperature, chemistry, enviroment, semitry, practicality and "wow" factor. I like the use of antique plates, in context. If you have a plate with alot of disign, use it for a simple food, if your food is dark ,use a light plate, if your food is ornate, use a simple design. Try to incorpeart your food into part of the design as a collor accent. Play with it. I work at ...www.innforks.com
  17. Perhaps if some of you are having probs with plating of "family style" plating, in stead of looking to the plate and the arragment of the foods on the plates or platters...... some may want to look at the way the food is initially cut? For Example, instaed of just roasting potatos that were randomly and obviously unevenly cut, try using a cut that would present them as uniform as possiable, like with a melon baller? they would present better, cook more evenly and add that extra touch! Don't worry about the waste...save all the extra bits in water in the fridge , then fine chop for hash browns. I'm sorry if I butted in, but some times it's the little touches, the simple things, before you start to cook that can make or break a presentation.
  18. I was amazzed to see you all discussing Red Velvet Cake! I was brought up to belive it was indiginous to Canada! If any of you know of the old Eaton's stores up here, then you would remember it (many, many) years ago , it was one of their signature pastries. I do have thier origional recipe, it's simulare to the one writen out in this thread. If you'd like it, just PM me.
  19. I wish I had seen this thread a bit earlier....I would have put my 2 cents in..lol...oh well...if anyone is on their way here now...pm me, and I'll sugest a few good eats that wern't mentioned..ex VJ's on main..big sloppy burgers....best we got next to Mr.Mikes! And so on.....take care all.....
  20. debler

    Making Bacon

    Wow! sounds great! But why did you take the bone out? personal preference or a different reason? I make my own corned beef.I don't boil it, I have a dry rub mix , it also has saltpeter in it, let the well wrapped brisket sit in the fridge for a week, turning after 3 days and then baked. I love smoked foods! I would love to do more then I do now. I swear by my caol BBQ, it's very versitile. I have seen a smoker I would love to get my hands on....but I'm afraid my wooden storage out in the back yard would very quickly be turned into "the smoke house" !!
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