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  1. there is Organza on confusion corner, I got some fiddle heads there this last summer.... never forget the viriety of veggies that can be pickled, like Veitnamiese eggplant, they are white and small, round, crunchy, really nice....
  2. i remember that place , I lived in Lyme many, many years ago! It's still there? LOL
  3. I though his ethic lay with quality food? a moment of silence..........
  4. Again, I am a professoinal cook...many of my colleges prefer a mix of knives, some good quality, ex , global, wustof, henckel, with a mix of the cheeper (hacker) knives. I do love the older wood handle henckels, diff to find these days..but I do run into the odd knife made from the more modern plastics...... I do belive what you like and is comfortable with depends on so many variables, hand size, strength, tasks, etc.... the Celeb chefs can afford alot nicer, more expencive knives then the reg chef, so they get what they want and like. In everyday, all day cooking at work, and I mean all day usage I use a large , cheeper knife, with a wood handle, cause I like the weight and I really don't give a toss about it's condition, it cuts well, and sharpens quickly. I have been using and abusing it for about 13 years and it is still around! (in good shape too) it is a victorinox. I do own henckels, wustofs and other lesser known brands. Who really cares what the celeb chef has! can he/she get the job done? Great, cudos to them! (do they even cook anymore? LOL)
  5. ya wouldn't think they would have ANYTHING on them to eat at all! poor little guys.........
  6. thank you all, my daughter and her friend went with the brownies, simple, yet effective!
  7. I had a real cake for my wedding, a friend, pastry chef make it. I didn't want that fake fondant crap either! It was three tiers, chocolate marbled cake , with butter cream (the good stuff) and Grand Marnier. The icing was also flavored slightly with orange. I asked him to freeze the whole thing, as it was put out to thaw for the duration of the reception, was thawed completly , yet slightly cool when it came time to serve it. Fresh flowers adorned the cake. It is a cake, to be eaten, and there for should be not only pretty to look at , but tasty ! I think most people have fogoten the reason for the food being there in the first place!
  8. Thank you , they are all fab sujestions, I will prob make some brownies! yum! and I like the idea of shaving a bit on top, for that intense, bitter chocolate, not too much mind! LOL
  9. Hi, I have enjoyed reading all the diff threads on chcolate, making, uses, etc...... But my daughter , 12 years old, bought me a 85% cocoa bar for my birthday , knowing how much I like , dark, bitter chocolate. However, YUK! Does anyone have any recipies I can use it in so as I don't dissapoint her, and perhaps we can all enjoy it! There has to be something out there to make it better! I really liked the thread on making your own chocolate at home, unfortunitly, not only do I not have the $ for the equiptment, the time might be a issue.....but it was lovely reading about it..........if you want to sell it..........my addy is.......... LOL Recipies please! ANYONE!!!!
  10. Go to the Forks, or a big park like St.vital........
  11. how bout "chit"? means bill or recipt
  12. Am I missing something? There are good rye breads available all over Canada, but many are similar to those in the U.S. or Europe. I have heard of Boor St W. stores importing true rye dough from the Baltic countries, but I am at a loss to think of distinctive Canadian rye bread. ← Well, here in Manitoba, we have two bakerys that sell it , Guns and City bread. If you came here, or visited, you would know what I am talking about. It is very simulare to a cracked wheat with caraway, it's a whole rye flour, rather then a dark rye bread. Tastes diff, looks diff, and is only from here.
  13. Nope...sorry, they arn't.
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