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  1. Back when I worked at Jov the second man down under Owen was this awesome guy from Sri Lanka named 'Arool' (excuse me if i butchered the spelling) - - he would always joke and ask if we wanted "Soopara" for staff meal, apparently it meant something completely different in sri lankan
  2. Thanks Jim, since I am going to sear on the stove I will take your recommendation and stick to this Pinot. Cheers
  3. Just wondering what would be a good wine to go with some seared duck breasts I am doing tonight...going to sear them then make a blueberry reduction sauce, acompanies by a potato galette... I was thinking Pinot...but I also have this Cab/Merlot blend thats supposed to be good...What would you folks suggest? Cheers
  4. Fresh Mozerella, as I said previously in this thread....Grande Cheese!
  5. Where is Dianas? Only problem is I have never shucked an oyster...wonder if they will tach me. I dont think they have as good of a selection as Global, btw its the one in Kensington.
  6. Well Grande cheese is mostly italian, but they have tons of other cheeses as well, I think its cheaper than both alex farms and cheese boutique...I dont care for Alex farms actually, the only other cheese store other than Grande Ill shop at is Global. Also, Grande has some of the best proscuitto around, and fresh mozerella
  7. Tomatoe paste and all things italian can also be found at Grande Cheese, off of Dufferin on Orfis Road...AMAZING selection... I actually got these Italian Cherry tomatoes in cans there for .89 each! WICKEd deal, amazing quality! I am always ont he lookout for King Fish, for ceviche, if anyone sees it, shout! =)
  8. Yup, Banditos it was! Cesar is the husband of the lady who was so nice who helped us out...Guess ill have to try the chile rellenos next time! I also REALLY want to try their Cactus pear margharitta...Used to have them when we had our place in Scottsdale, never seen one since!
  9. Ok, so excuse my memory here, because I had a few too many margharitas at this place, but its a mexican joint on King St just east of spadina...opposite mountain equipment co-op...my gf and I were looking at it, deciding whether or not to go to our trusty 'Princess Thai' instead, but there was this lady sitting outside having a smoke, with an apron on...I wondered out loud about seeing a menu, and she pointed me in the right direction, decided to give it a try... Came in, found out she was one of the co-owners with her husband who we found out was from mexico...She urged me to have a margharita saying it was well known, and boy am I glad I did...they have all sorts made daily with FRESH fruit, I had this lime and rasberry one which was amazing... My gf had Steak Tacos which was very good, I had the Mole and Chicken enchiladas which was very tastey as well! Not the cheapest, came out to $50 for both of us after tax, I figured for mexican it would be cheaper...but VERY good... Ill get back with the name when it comes to me =)
  10. Well most proportions seem right here... My family also does about 2 cups of rice for 11 people...Couldnt help you on the measured amount of liquid though, thats always been done by eye... Please dont add cream though! The whole point of risotto is it's natural creaminess, adding cream would go against the whole concept...cheese and butter for sure though! =)
  11. The topic says it all...I have found one decent place in Kensington market...I heard theres one on King St East of Spadina...not sure the name... I am on a quest for good mexican food in TO...need a little help here!
  12. I dont get the obsession with Fried Fries....I think the flavour and texture of a good oven baked fry is better than anything fried, not to mention exponentially healthier... Made some the other night, cut em up, slathered with good evoo, added some garlic, sea salt, pepper, thyme, and some onions...baked in a 350 oven turning all the while... Crispy, Crunchy, soft on the inside...yummmm
  13. sadistick

    Need Help!

    I apologize RR - No photos...but it turned out great... I decided to make some home made Fries...cut em up in to your typical fry shape, then slathered on some good EVOO, some sea salt, garlic, thyme, pepper, and some onions for good measure... All in all my GF loved it, and I was pretty satisfied as well
  14. sadistick

    Need Help!

    Thanks for all the replies... It is a "California Coast" 2002 Pinot... Went and picked up a nicely marbled Rib Eye, gonna pan sear it, slice it thin, and serve with some Sauteed King Mushrooms, and some type of Herb Potatoes...not sure whether to bake them or maybe mash...we'll see!
  15. sadistick

    Need Help!

    Sorry for the lack of info... The bottle is a 2002 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Hope this helps...Oh, and one more thing, one of the only foods I dislike, is cooked salmon Cheers
  16. sadistick

    Need Help!

    Hey folks, A friend of mine gave me a nice bottle of Cali. Pinot yesterday, and I wanted to pick your brains on what food would do this nice bottle justice... So please, can you help me? Cheers
  17. I must say, its a tough call...When I go out, I have been ordering a Sidecar lately, love that...but at home, been mixing Campari with OJ and Soda... PS - Whats in an Aviation? Cheers
  18. sadistick

    Dinner! 2005

    Only on eGullet! I love it! ← This is TOOOO funny....could be right out of that Seinfeld episode where George decides to eat his candy bar's with a knife and fork...I guess all he was missing was some Fleur de Sel...
  19. Heh, funny you ask... I started at Jov as a Co-Op student about 5 years ago actually, first co-op Owen ever did, but I guess he liked me, and thought I had potential... Was really fortunate, got to setup my lil station right up front next to Owen's, helped with odd jobs, occaisionally got to grill and sautee, learned a lot, that guy really knows how to cook. He was always cool, his sister on the other hand was a bit strange though...
  20. Thats so sad...When I used to work at Jov we had some amazing food (under the previous owners, Owen Steinberg) and had a strong, loyal customer base...I was contemplating trying it out under the new management/chef, but this post definetly persueded me otherwise.
  21. Do what we do with all our green tomatoes - Fry 'em! Cut them in half, fair bit of evoo - good number of garlic cloves, some onion, and do it at a medium - medium low heat so the natural sugars caramalize the tomatoes... Oh, and save that EVOO!!!
  22. This was one of my favourite places while I was in Philly...absoluty awesome food, in a relaxed atmosphere...sad news, as I would of come back for SURE!
  23. I absolutely love it when restaurants go out of their way to do something nice for you...the beers are a perfect example of something small, but memorable which may make a great meal/evening even better. Reminds me of a few years back when I was in New york at this place called 'Fresh' that had the most amazing sea food I've had on this side of the ocean...later on I joked with the manager that since their entire menu was mostly fish/seafood, he must have some type of fishy desserts as well...10 minutes later they came out with a really ammusing plate of a chocolate fish piped out on to a plate, with fresh fruits and sorbets decorating it...not even on the menu... It's definetly the small stuff....
  24. Wow, looks amazing...TONS of food...almost too much!? Curious what that cost and how you were able to sway him to send out so many different dishes instead of the regular 7!
  25. sadistick

    the tuna melt

    Mmmm Tuna salad how I love thee... Theres a great place in town (toronto) called Grano's that makes an awesome tuna sandwich...their key is good tuna, home made mayo, blanched red onion, celery, and a bit of dill and parsley...so good!
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