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    Making gravlax

    I would have to say that buying costco salmon is a mistake.... I was there today, looking to buy some to make gravlax, but the most important thing to me when serving salmon, is wild vs farmed. All of their salmon is farmed, with no skin in tact, so to me, that broke the deal.. Went to a local fish supplier, and for $5 more per lb I was able to attain some fresh wild pacific salmon.
  2. Well, my GF came back from Mexico... She was in Porto Vayarta (excuse my hack of the spelling) and apparently the liquor store there was sold out of the Reserva. She picked up these 2 bottles for me instead. Tequila Corralejo - Reposado Tequila Con Orgullo - Anejo Both very nice and smooth...
  3. I dont know why you would want to go and order chicken livers out, when you can make them at home so easily and for a fraction of the price... Recently I've been enjoying some caramalized spanish onions, with chicken livers deglazed with balsamic on some nice crusty bread.
  4. They do deliver... I dont know if I can say NCT is a better winery, but I would put it on par with Lailey, and as good as stratus, from the wines I tried. I would suggest ordering a few Pinot's and the 2004 Barrel aged chardonnay, which I for one am not a fan of whites, but this wine was fantastic. Let me know what you end up doing. Cheers
  5. Are the Niagara wineries you mentioned available through stores in Toronto? Perhaps next summer I'll get a chance to visit. I did visit Stratus this past summer (just before their official opening, so they weren't totally set up for tours, especially in the production area). The wines were great - I loved their Chardonnay. I was very impressed with their environmental responsibility. All their heating and a/c is geothermal. I believe they said they do not use pesticides, but I could be wrong. The tour started at the top of the building where the grapes are brought in. I asked where the washing station was and they said there wasn't one. It seems that grapes for wine are not washed. What if there's fungicide or pesticide residue? Sorry - that's the food QC police in me showing. Anyway, after the first couple of glasses I totally forgot about it. ← Neither of the vineyards I went to are available through stores, thats one of the ways they keep their prices down. I had some of the stratus wines, but in my opinion, they are not worth the money they charge for them. At least, not compared to the two wineries I visited.
  6. Nope, however...I would suggest taking a trip out to Niagra... My GF and I went to visit a few wineries a few weeks ago, went to NCT (Niagra college teaching winery) they have an AMAZING Pinot there for $22 and a few other nice wines... Also went to Lailey, regardless of the pretencious woman at the counter, their cab/merlot blend was great, as was their pinot.
  7. I dont know how you can spend over $50 let alone $100 on a bottle of white wine....but then again, thats just my opinion. Get a bottle of Cloudy Bay, around $30 and very good.
  8. Where is this smokeless joes you speak of?
  9. I have used Viking and Thermador at my old house and uncles house...when we moved to our new place, there was this large 6 burner range called Wolf. Definetly my favorite of the 3.
  10. So my girlfriend is in Mexico, and she asked me if I wanted anything there, so my first thought was a good bottle of tequila. I had this one Jose Cuervo Riserva de la famila once which was very good, but shes not sure if she can find that on there, I was wondering what suggestions you folks could give for a wicked tequila to be enjoyed on its own. Apparently prices there are insanely cheap, so, I am looking for input from the enlightened folks of egullet. Cheers
  11. My dad loves beer bistro... For a wicked selection of beers in a fun atmosphere, I would suggest Bier Market, I believe thats what its called....I always end up 'sampling' too many fine beers there
  12. If you like Dim Sum - I would suggest Lei Wah Heen - Not exactly cheap, but its rated as some of the best Dim Sum on the east coast....In the metropolitan hotel.
  13. That is a pretty serious lineup of wines, even if I only recognize a few of the names... What was the price for this event?
  14. We used to mix Beer and Coke...not bad really.
  15. sadistick

    Ontario Wines

    Just took a trip with my girlfriend for a day to visit a couple of wineries in the Niagra Falls region. Only had time for 2. Visited one of the best kept secrets Niagra College Teaching winery and tasted a range of their 2003's and 2004's. Their '04 Pinot was really amazing for such a young wine and according to the lady at the wine shop, just took second place at a blind tasting...reminded me of a $60+ Burgundy, at a third of the price! Second winery we went to was Lailey, I was contemplating going to Stratus, but after consideration and asking a few locals, they said its too overpriced for what you get, and just head on over to lailey, so we did. Although the lady there who was pouring samples was a bit pretencious, their wines were amazing. Their Cab/Merlot blend was outstanding ($20), as was their Pinot. All in all a great trip, love to see that the canadian reds are making good progress! PS - Picked up some tastey ice wines and late harvest ice wine's...cant help it when you are in that area! Cheers
  16. I cant believe noone as mentioned the Shack!!! Burger Shack - Been there over 30 years, always rated in the top 5 in TO...On eglington between ave and yonge.
  17. sadistick

    Dinner! 2005

    Grilled Porcini cream sauce with leeks, shallots, garlic, white wine and mush stock with fresh egg noodles.
  18. I don't know exactly where you were yesterday, but it couldn't have been a Price Club, as they succumbed to Costco 10 years ago. But you're in good company: Shelagh Rogers makes the same mistake on CBC-1 The Staub features an indented lid, to force steam droplets back down on the food, evenly. There are Chinese knock-offs of LC at much lower prices, at the Bay and elsewhere and the ones I have (La Campagne) are pretty good. But I would expect to pay more for the French product, and there is a certain mystique about them. ← I still call them Price Club's to this day, partially out of habit as well as I like that name a lot better than Costco
  19. Go to Mistura on Davenport. Massimo is probably the best authentic Italian chef in Toronto. ← Ide have to disagree, although mistura is good, it doesnt compare to Romania Mia(SP?) for Italian fare.
  20. I was at Price Club yesterday, and saw the aformentioned pots, can someone enlighten me...whats the big deal with these? Besides the fact that they weigh a ton.... Thanks
  21. sadistick

    Dinner! 2005

    Those potstickers look SOOO good! Recipe please! PS - Did you boil them before frying?
  22. If memory serves me right (and it may not), I remember hearing that the next show he is working on centers around his new restaurant opening in Toronto. Does anyone know for sure? Unfortunately I can't remember where I heard this. It might have been from a TV interview with him or even here on eGullet. ← He's opening a place in TO?! You must be kidding me! He was on of the reasons I wanted to come visit BC! More info please!
  23. Might I suggest buying your own ancho chili's and making your own powder...much fresher, much tastier!
  24. Just a heads up, I was just at Lady York, and they have some amazing San Danielle Mortadella on sale like $1.20 off, and its gooooood, almost finished the 200g i bought! Oh, and they have Persimmons at $8/case!!!
  25. sadistick


    There is this recipe my uncle learned somewhere in europe...its for venison loin (I believe) but its basically searing the meat (this meat should be eaten rare to medium rare at most) as there isnt much fat in it. We always deglazed the pan for searing with shallots, a tiny bit of garlic, then port...about 2 cups or more (something that you would actually drink though) and finally, what makes the sauce, is a lot of fresh chopped sage, seasoning to taste. Put the sauce through a mixer after, and reduce further if desired...add a bit if butter at the end if you are in a good mood
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