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  1. When it comes to cocktails, I typically wont follow any recipe, but just go with what looks appealing, and alter as needed. Last night was a perfect example of a drink that came out great on first go! It consisted of: 1 part Campari 1 part Alize (Mango/passion fruit) 2 parts Soda Water splash of grapefruit juice and about 1/3 oz of simple syrup Really tastey, not too sweet, not too bitter! Feel free to post some of your inventions
  2. Yah, really sucks that the selection in Ontario for Rum is so limited... Still waiting to hear from any Canadians on their suggestions for high end rums which can be acquired in Ontario. Cheers
  3. If you are staying downtown and want an amazing deli sandwich, my go to place would be 'Zupas' I believe its on king street couple blocks east of spadina...Not sure exact location off hand, look it up to make sure as I could be mistaken... If you want to splurge one night, you still may be able to get a reservation at Splendido if you call now, thats one of my fav high end places to go to in the city atm.
  4. Obviously depends on budget, but there are definetly better places to eat at then the ones listed.
  5. sadistick

    Crab Cakes

    Cant believe that noone has mentioned this yet... Personally I am not a fan of anything Mayo, let alone with seafood (uck) so I tend to make some type of salsa... Usually Mango/Lime/chili/cilantro/roasted peppers or something of that nature... You can substitute the mango for pinapple as well.
  6. Sad to say, I dont think most (if any) other than the Havana Club are available in Ontario...
  7. I have always enjoyed Rum, but was wondering if people actually drink it straight. I wouldnt doubt that many do this, however I am curious as to what would be a good quality rum (available in Ontario, Canada) that you folks would suggest as a nice drink on its own. Cheers
  8. Yah i always find it very hard to get consistant levels of 'done ness' with chicken livers as they are always different shapes and sizes...Lately I have been cooking then with a caramalized onion/balsamic reduction with some crispy bread.
  9. Rinse it. Less Starch = Fluffier Fried Rice
  10. Not necessarily Dim Sum, but regarding the "downtown" chinese deterioration, I would say that although it is possible, there are still a few which are SOLID choices. I'm surprised noone has mentioned Lee Garden...Still one of the best places down there IMO, and quality has never faltered.
  11. What exactly is Winterlicious 2006?
  12. Well, the best place for Dim Sum (IMO) is Lei Wah Heen, and thats downtown...so lets not get TOO general
  13. they are the small(ish) sized cans...not sure the exact weight...but enough for a pasta sauce for 2. They are on display right when you walk in the door, to your right.
  14. I dont know if anyone ventured to Grande Cheese on my last rec.'s however, I was there gathering some items for making risotto and found these fantastic italian canned cherry tomatoes on sale for $.89 each...really sweet, very nice for a quick sauce, or as I used 3 or 4 cames, for a tomatoe risotto
  15. I would definetly second the Swatow suggestion - Which is on Spadina 2 or 3 blocks north of Dundas on the east side...Their Shrimp Dumpling soup is amazing, as are most of their noodle dishes, and fairly reasonable prices to boot.
  16. I still think Lei Wah Heen has the best dim sum in the city, however, hearing Ambassador mentioned a few times in this post, and considering my GF lives just south of there, I may have to give it a try... Any specific recommendations?
  17. I'm a little puzzled - the way you've spoken negatively about Perigee in the past gave me the impression that you've actually eaten there ← You are mistaken and are thinking of Susur. ← This quote in particular from the "One Evening in Toronto thread... ← Could of been my dad posting, as we both use this account, him rarely, me mostly...but I can tell you I have never posted about Perigee, and surely not negatively. If its only the one instance where "I" mentioned it, it was probably him. Good to know you are keeping track Gordon, maybe you have a calling as an 'e-private eye'
  18. I'm a little puzzled - the way you've spoken negatively about Perigee in the past gave me the impression that you've actually eaten there ← You are mistaken and are thinking of Susur.
  19. I am quite unfamiliar with Perigee, where is it, and what is the price like?
  20. Scaramouche is always a solid choice as well! Love their Goat Cheese App.
  21. sadistick

    Detox Foods?

    I never did get how people could drink alchohol after new years...I look at a bottle of wine or champagne the day after and cringe!
  22. Although many rave about Susur, his price does not justify his cuisine. I would have to second the recommendation of Splendido.
  23. sadistick

    Making gravlax

    Sounds good Jay, thanks for the heads up. I might add, I would suggest that you head over to City Fish (not sure if you have been there) and grab some of their smoked salmon...probably the best I have ever had, its a vodka smoked by a local guy from Ontario, the boss man there gave me a sample the other day and it was out of this world.
  24. sadistick

    Making gravlax

    This is not actually accurate. Costco in Ontario sets up seafood kiosks on the weekends, with fresh mussels, frozen shellfish (rock lobster tails, large shrimp large scallops, and their 'seafood mix') PLUS, wild B.C. salmon. The last one I got was $4/lb., gutted, and bright and gleaming. They can't tellyou much about their fish, but it was fresh and the price was unbeatable, As for their farmed salmon fillets, in trays, these are well trimmed with no fat belly , or fatty skin which might have contaminants. In a previous post it was noted that these fillets are firm enough for a decent gravlax. ← That is a good price, however, the guy I spoke to said that they havent had fresh wild salmon in a few months, apparently there wasnt enough interest level, according to a recent email he recieved. Regardless, if they do have fresh wild salmon...i would hate to go to a Costco on the weekend!
  25. sadistick

    Making gravlax

    Highly unlikely your Pacific salmon was fresh this time of year. There is excellent quality previously frozen salmon which, when carefully thawed, is a a superb fish. ← I can guarantee you that it was fresh, as this supplier (City Fish for those of you from Toronto) is a supplier to some of the city's top end restaraunts, including sushi joints, getting an amazing selection of fresh fish daily. Regardless of that point, he had various types of salmon, fresh, frozen, wild, farmed, for my choosing... He would not lie about this.
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